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Mibus's Random Arduino Bits

Much (particularly the LCD & rotary-encoder code) was munged from the Pebble v2 example code from LCA2012.

Projects below are released under the GPLv3, unless otherwise noted.


A clock with a larger display, only settable via USB at this point. Can also drive the LEDs by serial command (eg. for load display)


A clock settable with the rotary encoder. Can be programmed with the time from a USB-connected computer.


Uses a 3-axis accelerometer and piezo; shows different colours on the RGB LED depending on which way is up, and 'screams' if you drop it :)


A simple LED chaser built for Mother's Day 2012 for my kids to give my lovely wife :)


Uses the Pebble v2's 20x4 LCD display and custom characters to display a "rain" effect (the LCD needs to be mounted sideways). Could readily be extended to have more rain based on CPU load or net traffic.

Licensed under: CC BY-SA 3.0.


An attempt at using the 3-axis accelerometer as a movement alarm. Doesn't work well on my battery-based setup, but could be a game (move it but not too fast!) on stable power (eg. USB).


A Twitter display for #lca2012, much like a tiny version of the big screens that were up around the place :-)


What it says on the box; a super-simplistic character-based version of Pong.

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