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MiCADO - autoscaling framework for Docker services on Cloud

This software was developed as part of the now completed COLA project. The University of Westminster (U.K.) and MTA SZTAKI (Hungary) are continuing its open-source development as part of other research projects, like ASCLEPIOS, DIGITbrain, HARPOCRATES, and PITHIA-NRF.

MiCADO is an auto-scaling framework for OCI-containers in the cloud. It supports autoscaling at two levels. At virtual machine (VM) level, a built-in Kubernetes cluster is dynamically extended or reduced by adding/removing Nodes hosted on cloud virtual machines. At container level, the number of replicas is automatically increased/decreased. The application detailing the services, links and scaling rules must be specified by a TOSCA-based Application Description Template (ADT).

The MiCADO manual is hosted at .

Manuals for different MiCADO versions are below, and you can find a quick start guide here.