A password cracker for Portable PHP password hashes


| What is phpass_crack? |
phpass_crack is a password cracker for Portable PHP password hashes,
which are used by Wordpress and other web apps to hash passwords. See 
http://www.openwall.com/phpass/ for more information on Portable PHP

I used the python module by Alexander Chemeris, from
http://www.openwall.com/phpass/contrib/phpass-python-0.1.tar.gz. I
modified it slightly to use the hashlib python library instead of the
depreciated md5 one it was using.

| Features |
* Two verbose modes. Without verbosity, only passwords that get cracked
  will be displayed during cracking. With -v (verbose) each time the
  program calculates a hash it will display a single dot (.).
  With -vv (very verbose) each time the program calculates a hash it 
  will display the password that it's currently working on.
* Output results to a file with -o. Each time a password is cracked, the
  results get written to the file live so you can see which passwords
  have been cracked during a verbose cracking session without closing
  the program and ending it.
* Support for multithreading. Defaults to 20 threads. You can specify
  how many threads you want by using -t number.
* Ctrl-C will interrupt the program, cleanly close all active threads,
  and show you the results.
* Program will stop itself when all hashes in the supplied passwd have
  been cracked before the end of the wordlist is reached.
* Displays the total run time when the program finishes running.

| Requirements |
Python 2.x

| How do I use it? |
You need to pipe passwords into phpass_crack.py from another source, and
supply phpass_crack.py with a passwd file with the phpass hashes. If
your wordlist is wordlist.txt and your hashes are stored in hashes.txt,
then you would run this by doing something like:

cat wordlist.txt | python phpass_crack.py hashes.txt -vv -o cracked.txt

Or you can even use John the Ripper to generate your passwords for you,
if you don't have a good wordlist:

john --incremental --stdout | python phpass_crack.py hashes.txt -vv -o cracked.txt

| What format should my passwd file be in? |
Each line should contain a different user/hash combination. For example,
a passwd file with a single user named "test" with the password
"letmein" would look like this: