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Easy use of Microsoft DirectShow in Delphi for Win32 AND Win64
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DSPack-continued is a set of components and classes to write multimedia applications using Microsoft DirectShow.

The (original and discontinued DSPack by Henry Gourvest)[] was designed to work with DirectX 9 on Win9X, ME, 2000, and Windows XP operating systems. DSPack-continued does not claim support for these old windows versions anymore. It may work or not. It is currently used successfully in Windows 7.

The main packages, but not all of the examples, compile with Delphi starting from version 2010.

This version supports Win64, which the original DSPack and the many other imports/forks from Google code likely don't.


DSPack is distributed under the MPL 1.1.


  • Delphinus-Support

How to install?

  • Add "(DSPackDir)\src\DSPack" to your Delphi Library paths (for Win32 or/and Win64)
  • Locate and open group project file for your version of the Delphi IDE under packages
  • Install DSPack_D Package (Win32 only, as IDE is a Win32 program)
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