Wagtail blog based on Bootstrap 4, support Markdown and Latex
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Build Status

This project is developed exclusively for Wagtail Tutorial Build Blog With Wagtail CMS, which shows people how to create a Wagtail blog using Bootstrap step by step. You can also import it into your Django project to quickly add professional blog function based on Wagtail.

Project Detail

  • Python 3
  • Django 2
  • Wagtail 2
  • Bootstrap 4

Run it in local env

git clone https://github.com/michael-yin/wagtail-bootstrap-blog.git
cd wagtail-bootstrap-blog
git checkout master

# setup virtualenv
pip install -r requirements.txt

./manage.py runserver
# username: admin  password: admin

If you have any problem with your Wagtail project you can contact me