A place where I will collect useful re-usable Angular components that I make
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Angular Utilities

No longer maintained

(20/04/2017) - I am no longer actively maintaining this project. I no longer use AngularJS in my own projects and do not have the time to dedicate to maintiaining this project as well as my other active open source projects. Thank you for your understanding.

I am working on a large-scale AngularJS-based project and I'll be extracting any useful re-usable components that I make and putting them here.

I'm following the convention of the [Ng-Boilerplate] (https://github.com/ngbp/ngbp) project of bundling all relevant code together, so that you should be able to simply copy the directory of the component you want to use, and it will include unit tests and any other dependencies.

This code is made available under the MIT license, so feel free to use any of these is your projects. If you find any of them useful I'd be happy to get feedback!

Index of Utilities


  • ordinalDate : Works like the built-in date filter, but will add the English ordinal suffix to the day.
  • startsWith : Filter for strings which start with the search string.


  • Disqus : Embed a Disqus comments widget in your app
  • tagbox : A Twitter-style tag suggestion and auto-complete directive that can be added to any text input or textarea.
  • uiBreadcrumbs : Auto-generated breadcrumbs for angular-ui-router using nested views.
  • pagination : Magical automatic pagination for anything.
  • terminalType : Terminal-like typing effect for DOM nodes containing text.


  • noise : A simple 1D interpolated noise generator.