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Click or tap the button and a cavalcade of pre-loaded names will begin to cycle more and more slowly as it finally comes to a stop, and a single choice is made. That name will then be added to a results list below the Raffler, and will not be chosen again if re-run (until a reset, naturally).

Local Development

To develop locally, first git clone the project, change into that directory, install nodejs dependencies, and then run a local http server.

[~/Code]         $ git clone
[~/Code]         $ cd raffler
[~/Code/raffler] $ npm install
[~/Code/raffler] $ npm run serve

Check out http://localhost:3000 for your running instance!

Tech Specs

Raffler uses localStorage to keep data and options stateful, even in the event of a browser reload or crash.

Raffler's initial data set comes from /assets/json/raffler_data.json (filename can be changed in /assets/js/app/init.js), and it is structured as follows:

    "name": "Bavmorda",
    "affl": "Nockmaar"
    "name": "Elora Danan",
    "affl": "Tir Asleen"
    "name": "Madmartigan",
    "affl": "Crossroads"
    "name": "Sorsha",
    "affl": "Nockmaar"
    "name": "Willow Ufgood",
    "affl": "Newlyn"

You can optionally add additional items on the fly (this functionality is hidden by default, however) by using the admin menu (?admin=1 in querystring). The admin menu will also allow you to stop and start a raffler in-process, re-initialize all data, as well as toggle special effects.

User Options

There are three options that can be changed via flag and an additional config file.

  • userDataFile - json file of Raffler items
  • userLogoFile - logo for your thingy
  • userLogoLink - click logo and go somewhere

Here's how you make Raffler use your stuff

  • /assets/js/app/init.js - change the line Raffler.userOptionsMerge = false to true
  • /assets/js/app/raffler_user_options_disabled.json - remove the _disabled part and fill in the appropriate values
  "userDataFile": "/assets/json/floobidy-hoo.json",
  "userLogoFile": "/assets/images/jamma-mamma.png",
  "userLogoLink": "http://ohmanwhat.omg"

Third-Party Help