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Pre-2.0 Roadmap

Warning: these dates are only estimates. They're also probably a little optimistic, as I'll likely get distracted by the other open source projects I work on.

update: Dates pushed back a bit due to taking a break for MLOC.js. Also added some more goals to make sure 2.0 is really polished.

update again: Changed dates to time required to finish each feature, as I don't want to guarantee when I will work on it.

expected completion description
2 days extract optimiser
3 days update syntastic (#56)
1 week clean up horrendous auto-declaration code in compiler
1 week refactor src/
1 week upgrade to latest PEGjs
1 week upgrade to latest mozilla/source-map
2 days update all dependencies to latest versions
3 days binary exprs on new lines
2 weeks profile and improve performance
1 week super
2 weeks bugs (#65, #83, etc.)
2 days un-pend or delete any remaining pending tests
1 week more tests
- 2.0 RELEASE!

Post-2.0 Roadmap

CS in parser rules
literate style
splicing (#53)
finish up cscodegen
comment preservation

Kickstarter Roadmap

expected completion completion date description
Mon, 4 June Mon, 4 June define a reasonable subset of CoffeeScript
Wed, 6 June Wed, 6 June design the intermediate data representations
Thu, 7 June Fri, 8 June choose a platform for building the bootstrapping compiler (haskell? jashkenas/coffee-script?)
Fri, 8 June Fri, 8 June implement the AST constructors
Mon, 11 June Mon, 11 June choose a parsing strategy and library
Wed, 27 June Mon, 25 June define a parser that can parse my subset of CoffeeScript
Thu, 28 June on hold a simple code generator for CS ASTs, cscodegen
Fri, 6 Jul Fri, 6 Jul start writing the optimising transformations
Wed, 11 Jul Mon, 9 Jul get the optimiser working
Fri, 10 Aug Fri, 10 Aug start writing the transformations from CS ASTs to JS ASTs
... in progress start pulling in the test suite from jashkenas/coffee-script
Fri, 7 Sep Wed, 5 Sep use Mozilla’s source map generator to generate source maps
Fri, 14 Sep in progress expand the language and include all the features we initially left out
N/A in progress start using it to compile popular projects; see if they continue to pass their test suites
Tue, 18 Sep Mon, 17 Sep self-host
Fri, 21 Sep ... pass the current CS compiler's entire test suite
Fri, 21 Sep ... documentation