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Port of the OpenGL gears demo to kitty terminal graphics protocol.



glkitty is a nano framework for creating kitty terminal apps that send image data to kitty using the kitty terminal graphics protocol.

kitty_gears is a demo app for kitty_util.h and gl2_util.h which are designed to make using the OpenGL ES2 programmable shader pipeline tractible for small self-contained demos running with kitty.

Project Structure

  • src/gl1_gears.c - original GLFW port of the public domain gears demo.
  • src/gl2_gears.c - OpenGL 2.1 port of the public domain gears demo.
  • src/gl3_gears.c - OpenGL 3.2 port of the public domain gears demo.
  • src/gl4_gears.c - OpenGL 4.5 port of the public domain gears demo.
  • src/vk1_gears.c - Vulkan 1.1 port of the public domain gears demo.
  • src/linmath.h - public domain linear algebra header functions.
  • src/gl2_util.h - header functions for OpenGL ES2 buffers and shaders.
  • src/kitty_util.h - kitty and terminal request response and IO helpers.
  • src/kitty_gears.c - OS Mesa kitty port of the public domain gears demo.


The project includes several versions of gears ported to multiple APIs.


kitty_gears uses off-screen OpenGL to render images into a buffer and then send them to the kitty terminal using the terminal graphics protocol. The demo uses poll to capture keyboard input and kitty protocol responses while rendering and transmitting double buffered Base64 encoded images. ZLib compression is enabled with the the -z flag.


gl1_gears is the OpenGL 1.x port of gears using immediate mode vertices, call lists and the fixed function lighting model. This code is derived from the gears port included with GLFW.


gl2_gears is the OpenGL 2.x port of gears using GLSL shaders. It has been ported to use Wolfgang Draxinger's "linmath.h" mat4x4 for constructing the model, view and projection matrices. "gl2_util.h" contains shader loading and a simple vertex and index buffer implementation.


gl3_gears is mostly the same as gl2_gears with the addition of vertex array objects which were added in OpenGL 3.x.


gl4_gears is mostly the same as gl3_gears with the addition of uniform buffer objects and SPIR-V binary shaders which were added in OpenGL 4.x.


vk1_gears is a Vulkan port of gears which includes options for api dump, validation, variable swapchain images and variable sample buffers. This is a very early prototype.

Build Instructions

The project has been tested on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa).

Building dependencies

  • kitty version 0.15
  • libosmesa - Mesa Off-screen rendering extension
  • gcc, cmake, Ninja

Use the following command to install dependencies on Ubuntu 20.04:

sudo apt-get install -y cmake ninja-build libosmesa6-dev libopengl-dev libvulkan-dev xorg-dev

Building the demo

The following cmake variables control which examples are built:

  • -DOSMESA_EXAMPLES=ON - build the OSMesa examples: kitty_gears
  • -DOPENGL_EXAMPLES=ON - build the OpenGL examples: gl1_gears, gl2_gears
  • -DVULKAN_EXAMPLES=ON - build the Vulkan examples: vk1_gears
  • -DEXTERNAL_GLFW=ON - build using external GLFW library
  • -DEXTERNAL_GLAD=ON - build using external GLAD library

By default, the project will build kitty_gears as well as the OpenGL ports _gl1_gears, gl2_gears and the Vulkan port vk1_gears. This command will download required dependencoes such as GLFW and build all of the examples:

cmake -G Ninja -B build
cmake --build build

The host GLFW library can be used by overriding appropriate cmake options:

cmake --build build

Running the demo

./build/kitty_gears -s 512x512

Keyboard Navigation

  • q - quit
  • x - toggle animation on/off
  • C and c - zoom in or out
  • Z and z - rotate around Z-axis
  • w, a, s and d - rotate around X-axis and Y-axis

Licensing Information

  • Mesa gears is public domain software, Brian Paul et al.
  • gl2_util header is ISC license, Michael Clark.
  • kitty_util header is please license, Michael Clark.
  • base64_encode is public domain software, Jon Mayo.


port of the OpenGL gears demo to kitty terminal graphics protocol






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