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(defproject com.novemberain/monger "3.6.0-SNAPSHOT"
:description "Monger is a Clojure MongoDB client for a more civilized age: friendly, flexible and with batteries included"
:url ""
:min-lein-version "2.5.1"
:license {:name "Eclipse Public License"
:url ""}
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.9.0"]
[org.mongodb/mongodb-driver "3.9.1"]
[clojurewerkz/support "1.1.0"]]
:test-selectors {:default (fn [m]
(and (not (:performance m))
(not (:edge-features m))
(not (:time-consuming m))))
:focus :focus
:authentication :authentication
:updating :updating
:indexing :indexing
:external :external
:cache :cache
:gridfs :gridfs
:command :command
:integration :integration
:performance :performance
;; as in, edge mongodb server
:edge-features :edge-features
:time-consuming :time-consuming
:all (constantly true)}
:source-paths ["src/clojure"]
:java-source-paths ["src/java"]
:javac-options ["-target" "1.8" "-source" "1.8"]
:mailing-list {:name "clojure-mongodb"
:archive ""
:post ""}
:profiles {:1.8 {:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0"]]}
:master {:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.10.0-master-SNAPSHOT"]]}
:dev {:resource-paths ["test/resources"]
:dependencies [[clj-time "0.15.1" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]
[cheshire "5.8.1" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]
[org.clojure/data.json "0.2.6" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]
[org.clojure/tools.cli "0.4.1" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]
[org.clojure/core.cache "0.7.1" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]
[ring/ring-core "1.7.1" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]
[com.novemberain/validateur "2.6.0" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]
[ch.qos.logback/logback-classic "1.2.3" :exclusions [org.slf4j/slf4j-api]]
[ragtime/core "0.7.2" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]]
:plugins [[lein-codox "0.10.5"]]
:codox {:source-paths ["src/clojure"]
:namespaces [#"^monger\.(?!internal)"]}}
;; only clj-time/JodaTime available, used to test monger.joda-time w/o
:dev2 {:resource-paths ["test/resources"]
:dependencies [[clj-time "0.15.1" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]]}}
:aliases {"all" ["with-profile" "dev:dev,1.8:dev,master"]}
:repositories {"sonatype" {:url ""
:snapshots false
:releases {:checksum :fail :update :always}}
"sonatype-snapshots" {:url ""
:snapshots true
:releases {:checksum :fail :update :always}}})
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