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Sample minimal ring/compojure app that you can start fro and deploy to cloudbees
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A good starting point for lein and ring powered clojure apps - for deployment to cloudbees.

You can also use for one that uses Jenkins to build/test.

If you don't have a CloudBees account - get one one:

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lein do clean, deps, ring server	

This will start the app - and open a browser. Hack away, press refresh, no need to restart unless you udpate dependencies etc. ('do' means do a list of things in lein terms)

To deploy to cloudbees:

  1. Open project.clj - give your project a cloudbees-app-id
  2. Then go to and get your credentials - punch them in (see project.clj).

From then on:

lein cloudbees deploy
lein cloudbees list-apps
lein cloudbees

Be happy.

The cloudbees plugin ( is used here for deployment (no runtime dependency, of course).


Copyright (C) 2011 Michael Neale


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