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Self-hosted open source media-tracker for tv shows and movies.

Status 🚧

The project is work in progress, right now you can:

  • Search tv shows and movies
  • Explore trending tv shows and movies
  • Explore seasons of a tv show
  • Explore related (similar, recommended) media of a tv show or movie
  • Track/untrack tv shows and movies
  • Mark/unmark tv shows and movies as watched
  • Mark/unmark individual seasons of tv shows as watched
  • Mark/unmark individual episodes of tv shows as watched
  • See all your tracked (to do) tv shows and movies on one page
  • See all your watched (done) tv shows and movies on one page

It comes with convenient features like the automatic selection of the latest season watched. However, I don’t consider this version as feature complete. In the long run, it should also cover other media like books and maybe games.

Styling is currently based on Semantic UI React, so that it can be easily picked-up by the community. There’s no theme, or much design optimization done at the moment, because it wasn’t a priority.

As it’s work in progress, there are no tests and error handling yet. Use at your own risk.


Video demonstration on YouTube.


Discover screen

Discover Screen

Season screen

Season Screen

More screenshots.

Usage and development

The project is split into client and server. Latter is a simple JSON Server at the moment.

Clone the repository and change into the client folder. Install dependencies:

npm install

Repeat for the server folder.

The project uses the TMDb API and requires an API key. After creating an account on TMDb, you can request an API key under Profile > Settings > API. Please add your key in ./client/src/config.js!

Afterwards open two separate terminal windows and run npm start in the client folder as well as the server folder.

The client (frontend) will run at http://localhost:3000 (opens automatically), and the server (backend) will run on port 3001.

Code guidelines

Used style guides (enforced with ESLint):

Available scripts

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App, so all its scripts are available in the client folder:

npm start
npm test
npm run build
npm run eject # be careful :)

In addition I added:

npm run lint


You can also run it with Docker:

  1. Add your TMDb API key as described above. (In the future you’ll be able to do this through the docker-compose.yml)
  2. In the root folder run: docker-compose up -d
  3. It will be available on http://localhost


Michael Xander