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<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<title>Mibbu test</title>
<body style="margin:0">
<script src="../mibbu.js"></script>
//create new game with 500x500 canvas size
var Game = new mibbu(500, 500);
//uncomment line below for disabling
Game.fps() //show FPS counter
.canvasOff() //comment this line for disabling canvas and swiching to DOM rendering
//.cssAnimationOff()//uncomment this in DOM mode to disable CSS3 Animations (only in webkit & Firefox Beta browsers)
.init() //now init all the elements - before calling
//init() funciton Mibbu didn't know if you want
//to render it on canvas or using DOM
//create two sprites using reptile.png image, with
//width & height of single frame equals to 200,
//reptile.png has 8 frames ('7' if we count from '0') and
//only 1 ('0') animation inside
var sprite = new Game.spr('img/reptile.png', 200, 200, 7, 0),
sprite2 = new Game.spr('img/reptile.png', 200, 200, 7, 0),
//create new background using bg.jpg file and set it's speed
//to 6, direction to SOUTH, and initial position to (0,0)
background = new'img/bg.jpg', 6, "S", {x:0,y:0});
//set position of 1st sprite to (100, 100) and
//it's x-index to 2
//then speed of redrwing the sprite frames
sprite.position(100, 100, 2).speed(4);
//extend sprite object with some additional
//variables fr control movement etc.
//it is up to you how you will achieve this -
//- it is not part of Mibbu
sprite.y = 100;
sprite.d = 1;
sprite.type = 0;
//the same here
//but we create variable for the speed of the animation
//we will use it later
var speed = 4;
sprite2.speed(4).position(100, 300, 2);
sprite2.y = 300;
sprite2.d = -1;
//resize second sprite and remember
//it's size in the file (functions like
//size(), frames(), etc. return
//their values when you call them
//without parameters, like sprite2.size();
//We use chaining in here, so to receive
//size we have to use that dirty hack with
//calling one function twice
var size = sprite2.size(100, 100).size();
//start moving background
//and setting random direction and speed
//start main game loop
//now we will create additional function
//to be called on each frame of main game loop
var additionalLoop = function(){
if (sprite.y < 0) sprite.d*=-1;
if (sprite2.y > 500-size.height) sprite2.d*=-1;
//we move the sprites by changing it's
sprite.position(100, sprite.y);
sprite2.position(100, sprite2.y);
//now add that function to the loop
//and start checking for the collisions
//if 'sprite' will collide with 'sprite2' then:
sprite.hit(sprite2, function(){
//change it's type
if (sprite.type === 0) {
sprite.type = 1;
sprite.change('img/reptile.png', 200, 200, 7, 0);
} else {
sprite.type = 0;
sprite.change('img/reptile2.png', 200, 200, 7, 0);
//resize it
sprite.size(150, 150);
//and change direction of it's movement
//also - it is not the part of Mibbu
//create callback for the second sprite
//it will change the speed of animation
//after every second full animation
//hope I explained it clearly:)
}, 2);