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This wiki collects some Michalis Kamburelis thoughts about the X3D standard for 3D models. I'm the author of Castle Game Engine, a game engine using X3D intensively (both as internal scene graph, and as the primary format to interchange 3D models).

Important X3D missing features and bugs

This is a wish-list of larger things that I would like to see in the X3D standard. Some of these wishes have a solution in existing extensions (not just from Castle Game Engine). I emphasize that this is from the point of view of a game engine, biased by my own views.

High priority:

Lower priority:

  • I want to be able to express everything that can be expressed in glTF 2.0 using X3D nodes. glTF is quite great, it was designed by Khronos -- people who know what features a modern 3D format should have. It also already has much better Blender exporter (that supports animations) than X3D. I strongly believe it should be possible in the future to convert glTF -> X3D node graph without losing any information. This requires adding PBR materials (see above) to X3D, and binary meshes to X3D.

The "lower priority" doesn't necessarily mean that something is not important (e.g. shadows and binary meshes are very important for a modern game engine). But not everything urgently needs to be in X3D specification. E.g. Castle Game Engine has our own extensions to define shadows, and that's somewhat OK. Sure, it would be better to have cross-browser way to "talk" about shadows in X3D, but lack of it is not a big problem in practice.

Lowest priority:

No longer relevant:

Other X3D specification problems

Improve the way we can submit specification changes

Allow to propose the specification improvements publicly, using something like GitHub pull requests


Consider all the ideas and prose on this wiki under public domain, free to be included in X3D standard or anywhere else.

The X3D testcases in https://github.com/michaliskambi/x3d-tests are under permissive Apache 2.0 license. If needed, I can re-license them on public domain too -- let me know.

Any comments and suggestions (to this wiki or testcases) are welcome, you can submit them e.g. as issues to this GitHub project.

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