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Remove $this->in_anchor #125

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$this->in_anchor is used as a status flag to avoid invalid nesting in doAnchors(). The problem I see is this variable does nothing.


What do you mean by "this variable does nothing", you've just explained what it does.


Here is my understanding:

protected function doAnchors($text) {
    if ($this->in_anchor) return $text;
    $this->in_anchor = true;

    // code

    $this->in_anchor = false;
    return $text;

By default, $this->in_anchor is defined as protected and it's set to false, so this function will never change the value of $this->in_anchor.


But note that this function is called recursively when processing the textual content of the link. See the call to $this->runSpanGamut($link_text) in the two callbacks below it, which, in turn, will call doAnchor again.


Got it. Thanks a lot for the explanation. I had this question when I thought to change $in_anchor to a local variable. Now I'll put it back as a class property.


You're welcome.

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