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European Dictionary Portal

This is the source code for the European Dictonary Portal developed by the European Network of e-Lexicography.

  • The website is an ASP.NET application and can be found in the Website folder.

  • The back-end database is an SQL Server database and can be found in the Database folder.

  • The list of dictionaries can be found in the Catalog folder, but this is only an occasional backup and is not necessarily up to date. The most recent version can always be downloaded from the portal itself.



If you are referring to the European Dictionary Portal from an academic publication, it is recommended that you cite this presentation.

  • Michal Boleslav Měchura (2017) ‘How (not) to build a European Dictionary Portal’, Final Conference of the European Network for e-Lexicography, Leiden, September 2017 (video recording).
  title = {How (not) to build a {European} {Dictionary} {Portal}},
  booktitle = {Final Conference of the {European} {Network} of {e-Lexicography}},
  author = {Měchura, Michal Boleslav},
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Other relevant publications

A vision paper for the future development of the portal:

A critique of the portal:

Publications on an inventory of European dictionaries from which the portal had emerged: