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2018-02-03 Michael Medin
* Updated documentation (#513)
* eventlog: Fixed issue where real-time eventlog message return duplicate results if same log with different case was added
* NSCA Client: Fixed #511 nsca status can be set with a number from command line
* filters: show-all will not change if the list is already present: fixes #528
* Added dockerfiles for debian #537
* Some linux build fixes
* Fixed 401 issue with Op5Client
* corrected spelling
2018-01-18 Michael Medin
* Fixed some Op5Client issues
2018-01-17 Philipp
* Fix syntax error for PowerShell wrapper
2018-01-15 Michael Medin
* Added hidden to check_tasksched to allow checking of hidden tasks
* Added tracing and fixed some issues to op5 client
* Fixed #525 json spirit should be an optional dependency (though a lot of things break without it)
2018-01-08 Michael Medin
* Possibly fixed #525 json-spirit should not be a required dependancy
* Fixed #527 infinite recursion with malformed config file
* Fixed #518 silent installer not applying cli values
* Fixed so OP5_SERVER are applied correctly to the installer
* Added new OP5Client
* optimized the markdown a bit
* started to fix debian builds
* Added http client for mongoose wrapper
* moved moongose impl behind the c++ wrappers
* add centreon plugins to docs: ref #512
2017-11-19 Michael Medin
* REST: Added crude settings API (needs more work before making official)
* Fixed #435 added support for overriding http verb with X-HTTP-Method-Override
* Improved error message for 404:s
* Fixed some issues with enumerating settings keys
* Removed query from settings protobuf api as it was never used
* CORE: Fixed listing unloaded modules by name
* REST: Added POST of modules to upload them
* REST: Fixed execute_nagios support for plain text putput and fixed return code
* REST: Fixed segv when parsing privileges
* WEBServer: Fixed output from nscp web install
* zip-modules: fixed loading zip-modules without extensions
* REST: GET ...queries/ actually lists scripts not queries
* REST: Added putting log messages via REST API.
* Spellchecked some docs a bit
2017-11-16 Michael Medin
* Added more python API documentation
* Fixed #499 Added details about adding performance data to documentation about checks
* Fixed #502 removed pointless log message about logger
* REST: Fixed #485 check_nscp_web is now supported again, sorry for the delay....
2017-11-15 Michael Medin
* Added command line commands to nscp web for adding users and roles: nscp web <add-user|add-role> --help
* REST: Added support for python runtime
2017-11-14 Michael Medin
* REST: Added support for loading zip modules
* REST: Fixed fetching single plugin and plugin load status updates
* REST: fixed segv when fetching log records
* REST: Added links to modules controller
* Fixed python script CLI for loading scripts
* Added some more python API docs
* Removed erroneous error message bout web password
* Added compatibility matrices to documentation (Fixing #482 )
2017-11-12 Michael Medin
* check_process: Fixed #494 empty status message
* Events: Added proper event names
* CheckEventLog added support for fetching xml
* REST: added privelages to query controller
* Fixed rendering issuein api docs
2017-11-11 Michael Medin
* Added skeleton docs for the Python API
* Improved the markdown docs for the plugin API
* Various minor rest api fixes (pagination, and links)
* Fixed python script issues
2017-11-09 Michael Medin
* Fixed accidental renaming of module in ext-scr install command
* Fixed so clients (test/web) can show multiple lines in output
2017-11-08 Michael Medin
* Added info API to get version
2017-11-06 Michael Medin
* Regression fixes for external scripts
* Fixed some python script refactoring regression issues
2017-11-05 Michael Medin
* check_eventlog: Added support for audit success/failure keyword filtering Fixed #488
* zip modules: added support for python script one-liners
* PythonScripts: Made python scripts compatible with external scripts cli as well as code refactoring
* check_pdh: Added ignore-errors to make counters return 0 instead of errors: #454
* Split external script up into chunks
2017-10-31 Michael Medin
* ZIP modules: Added modules and on_start to zip modules to load modules and run commands on start
2017-10-28 Michael Medin
* Implemented script support for zip plugins
2017-10-28 Michael Medin
* CheckExternalScripts added support for not writing the configuration when adding script (--no-config)
* Added ZIP plugins
2017-10-18 Thomas Rohlajz
* Remove duplicity in tutorial documentation
2017-10-25 Michael Medin
* REST: added log api
* core: Refactoring
2017-10-17 Michael Medin
* Fixed #472 Added sample exclude versus filter
* Fixed #471 added sample command with perf-config to check_memory
2017-10-16 Michael Medin
* Fixed #413 check_network returning the wrong values
* Added example real-time eventlog command to docs
2017-10-15 Michael Medin
* Major overhaul of the documentation making the generated bits easier to read...
2017-10-11 Michael Kraus
* Add link and information about check_nsc_web
2017-10-11 Michael Medin
* Added documentation for REST API and added privs and fixed some issues
2017-10-10 Michael Medin
* Updated the API documentation
* Added /api and /api/v1 endpoints to provide information about API
* Added API documentation for scripts
* Added configuration for grants and roles #448 #449
* Added privilege system for API #448 and #449
* Added support for basic auth (#448)
2017-10-05 Michael Medin
* Fixed installer issue
* Renamed the moongose lib so it wont clash with other thing on linux
2017-10-01 Michael Medin
* implemented DELETE for /api/v1/scripts/ext/scripts to delete commands and scripts.
* Added delete to CHeckExternalScritpts to delete scripts: nscp ext delete --script <alias> will delete the alias and nscp ext delete --script <script> will delete the script.
* Added scripts controller /api/v1/scripts/ext/scripts to add/remove(not yet) and update scripts.
* modules rest API now by default shows loaded modules not available modules.
* Future prooofed the mongoose wrapper a bit by adding an internal structure to userdata
* Added --import to import a script (copy) to the scripts folder
* Added new commandline show to show script in external scripts module: "nscp ext show --script <alias>" will show the actual command execute and "nscp ext show --script <script>" will show the content of the script.
2017-09-27 Michael Medin
* added text query and regular query to the new API
* Added new REST API https://localhost:8443/api/v1/modules and https://localhost:8443/api/v1/queries please note this is all a work in progress so use with care
2017-09-25 Michael Medin
* Brand new web server with multi thread support.
* Attached remnants of mongoose-cpp to the local code-base and heavily modified to support multiple threads and modern moongose effectively fixing #444 please note that since this is rather big changes please use with care as bugs might be remote exploitable if you enable the WebServer...
* Fixed external scripts not showing in command list
* Fixed #403 reduced cpuload on some servers by only collecting handle information every 10x instead of every iteration
* Reduced CPU load of checking handles for systems with large number of processes
* Added syntax=none to remove default values from various top/empty/* syntaxes
2017-09-05 Michael Medin
* Fixed name of Windows 2016 server
* check_os_version: Added %(suite) to show wich suite is installed.
2017-08-29 Michael Medin
* Added option to disable background checks in CheckSystem (this is not useful as it breaks things, so only use if you have issues)
2017-08-20 Michael Medin
* Fixed #455 documentation about msiexec was wrong
* Fixed test mode crash
* Fixed check_service missing descriptions (#456)
* Fixed potential logger crash
* Added option to configure maintenance threads as well as changed metrics interval to every 10 seconds
2017-08-17 Michael Medin
* Added script to build linux images with docker and fixed centos 7
* Added some more docker builds
* Fixed commandline invocations
* Added docker for building centos 7 (and removed unused vagrant builders)
2017-07-30 Michael Medin
* Fixed wrong unit test command for lua scripts
* (Re)added --case command line option to unit test command
* Removed arguments for unit test as they are not used.
* Disabled docs if python is missing (or less then 2.6)
* Switched to regular find python cmake module
* Added whats new for 0.5.1
2017-07-29 Michael Medin
* Fixed error handling when checks crash
* Added unit test for scheduler
* python unittest helper lib: Added assert_gt and asser_lt to check values
* Added --show-all to nscp unit to show all results of the testcase (not just failed ones)
* Fixed rare crash when logger shuts down
* Fixed rare crash when scheduler shuts down
* Fixed scheduler interval being off
* Added randomness to the scheduler to dictate how much randomness you want (default is 0)
* core: Fixed loading module with alias via API
* Fixed exclude parsing when converting CheckServiceState commands (much faster now)
2017-07-28 Michael Medin
* Added information about paths constants to the documentation
* Changed default module and script path to be relative of exe instead of shared (no impact currently since shared path is exe)
* Fixed unit testcase issues and added them to automatic build pipeline
2017-07-27 Maikuolan
* Fixes some typos (sensetive -> sensitive) and removes some excess space.
2017-07-26 Michael Medin
* Fixed crash when paths was not available
* NRPE: Improved NRPE server truncation of performance data
* check_process: Fixed #423 %(filename) variable should contain path
* Fixed unittest --language option not working
* CheckLogFile: Fixed crash in on linux
* Added workaround for boost 1.58 bug (Fixes #442 )
* Added docker files for building on linux
2017-07-14 Michael Medin
* Eventlog: Added command line for adding real time filter:
nscp eventlog add --alias foo --log application --target log
* eventlog: Fixed rendering large (more then 4k) eventlog messages
* Fixed #426 real time eventlog messages truncated at 512 characters
* Fixed #428 installer properties not working properly
* Fixed travis builds
* Moved docs into the main repository to get out of all the annoying submodule issues
* Applied #438: check_updates.vbs should return unknown if Windows Update service is disabled
* Michael now owes Michael Friedrich a beer for his awesome work!
2017-06-xx Michael Friedrich
* Added documentation for APIs
2017-06-28 Michael Medin
* installer: Change id of fw exception (but did not affect the guid)
* installer: Fixed installer command line switches, "op5 mode" and generated password
* removed pid option on windows
* installer: Added secondary installer
* installer: Changed title and added flag to override allow owerwrite
2017-06-12 Michael Friedrich
* Fix writing configuration key 'WEBServer'
2017-05-24 Michael Medin
* Fixed installer UI (and writing installer keys)
* New op5 logo
2017-05-16 Michael Medin
* filters: Fixed #412 show-all overwrites top-syntax
* pdh: Fixed #415 negative value
* registry: Fixed #414 invalid data at end of strings in registry
2017-05-14 Michael Medin
* WebServer: Possible fix for #411 memory leaks
* Fixed errorhandler in in filters so debug works better
* Fixed #403 installer issue
2017-04-09 Michael Medin
* check_drive_size: Addded letter filter keyword with is the drive letter #399.
* CheckLogFile: Added option "read entire file" to allow re-reading the file each time it has changed i.e. if a single line is written to a file. Fixes part 2 of #387
* CheckLogFile: Reworked the check logic a bit to make it more solid
* CheckLogFile: Added alias column-split to real-time check file filters to make it easier to use: #387
* SimpleCache: New command to list all keys in the cache: list_cache
2017-04-06 Michael Medin
* Webserver: Fixed password encoding #389
* return values should be optional
* Fixed command-line parser using the wrong options
2017-04-06 Michael Medin
* check_nt CPU load using invalid time (second instead of minute) Fixes #251 and #403
* PythonScript: Fixed so install commands works (i.e. nscp py install --add
* settings: Fixed internal API wrapper with multiple payloads
* Thank you Yannick Charton: New year in changelog: It's time to enter in 2017 ;-)
2017-04-04 Michael Medin
* filters: Fixed expression parsing (Possible fix for #396 )
* Thank you Marcel Hecko: Fix typos. comaseparated => comma separated
2017-03-19 Michael Medin
* Fixed url in reporter
* Fixed running external scripts as other users when running as local system
2017-02-07 Michael Medin
* eventlog: Fixed #348 eventlog insert not working...
* clients: Fixed #372 --source-host not working
* Linux: Some debian build issues
* Added sample debian package descriptors
2017-02-01 Michael Medin
* Added debian packages
2017-01-28 Michael Medin
* Fixed invalid error in installer
2017-01-24 Michael Medin
* Fixes tomake sure it builds properly on linux
* CheckHelpers: Added new mode minmax to xform_perf to add missing minimum and maximum performance data to % commands. (Fixes/Improves #334 and #363 )
* graphite: Added removal of more invalid graphite chars (% and () Fixes #358
* check_nscp_nrpe returns wrong status code (for unknown) fixes #359
* check_nrpe: added support for encoding to client
* Code cleanup: Organized includes
* Code cleanup: reorganized string helpers
* Code cleanup: Harmonized nscp_exception and nscapi_exception into nsclient_exception
* Code cleanup: Fixed accidentally replaced with wrong license before
* Code cleanup: removed dead code
* refactor-core: Moved registry and settings handler out of core
* Fixed accidental overwriting of section description in config
* Added support for default values in settings to generate better docs
* Fixed dependency order for installer
* Switched documentation to markdown, and improved it a lot
* Fixed issue with missing loaded plugins from cache
* Added mkdocs detection
* First prototype of debian packages
* check_drivesize: Added mediatype
* changed attributes on scripts
* Fixed a bunch of linux/boost compiler issues
2016-11-29 Michael Medin
* installer: Fixed some regression issues with related to settings fix
* installer: dumped all keys in log for simpler debug
* Installer: Improved key handling and removed "have to override keys on msiexec" bug
2016-11-27 Michael Medin
* Fixed crash if module failed to load
* Core: Removed mutex from event processing
* CheckSystem: Real time thread nove logs on TRACE instead of DEBUG
* PythonScript: Added event support
* Added functions to API helpers to emit events
* settings: Added unzip: to attachments to unzip a file of attachments
* https: Fixed SNI in settings and NRDP
* CheckSystem: Delayed background threads
* Improved the https client (doesnt use a double bufffer)
* Fixed https settings
* Added miniz as a submodule for unzipping attached file from settings
* Fixed event record data collection
2016-11-15 Michael Medin
* CheckSystem: Fixed #341 Crash in check_pagefile when there are no pagefiles
2016-11-13 Michael Medin
* CheckSystem: refactored various real time filters into separate parts and added check_process
* PythonScript: Added support for events
* filters: Added event as target to send result of filters as events
* Core: Added events
* system: Fixed regression issue with registry messages
* filter: refactoring: Added ability to fetch att variables from a filter factory
* filter: added copy cons to filter_object
* filter: Added to string methods for filters to provide vbetter error handling
* filters: Refactored the return data to be simpler (and removed no longer used is_done flag)
* Filters: Refactored the "template flag" into the function
2016-11-06 Michael Medin
* Removed attachments (as they are never used)
* CheckSystem: refactored check_process to a separate module
* CHeckLogFile: Fixed crash when tracelogging realtime monitoring
* reset version
2016-10-30 Michael Medin
* Fixed op5 scripts folder
2016-10-23 Michael Medin
* NRDP: Added parsing of NRDP server response
* NRDP: Fixed #331 token missing from NRDP
* Settings: Fixed #227 migration only saves the root scope
* Added aliases to settings for future use
* Improved settings esception to give error from correct line
* Moved settings and registry query to separate files to make the core more modular
* Removed "boot settings keys" as they are not really used
2016-10-17 Michael Medin
* Some more (post) cr-lf fixes
* Removed unused files
* Updated and harmonized header comments
* Changed cr/lf on all files locally
* Normalize all the line endings
* Added gitattributes (crlf fix)
* updated some docs maybe?
2016-10-16 Michael Medin
* Fixed crash on reload
* Improved error handling a bit
* Changed logger from static to factory and cleaned up the log classes
* removed log to file from service apis for windows (as there is no guarantee the logger is configured)
* moved replace to ::s namespace
2016-09-14 Michael Medin
* NRDPClient: Fixed #286 (for real this time), NRDP not working over https
* http client: changed error to reflect whats wrong (not config error)
* http client: added error if not compiled with ssl
2016-09-08 Michael Medin
* Fixed copying of file in centos build
* check_eventlog: Fixed time/date rendering
* Fixed missing return
2016-09-05 Michael Medin
* filters: fixed issue when no filter is specified in realtime checks
* real time filters: Added more debug messages when no filters match (to better show why)
* filters: Improved error handler when filters fail
2016-08-23 Michael Medin
* Linux: Fixed specfile version numbers
* TaskScheduler: Fixed folder support in tash scheduler
* CheckWMI: Improved error in check_wmi
* Fixed segv
* CHeckHelpers: Fixed missing return data in check_multi
* Linux: Fixed build issues with new http(s) client
2016-08-16 Michael Medin
* Added initial support for https to settings and NRDP (no certificate validation yet and similar things)
* check_uptime (and others) fixed date format
2016-08-11 Michael Medin
* SimpleFileWriter #316 added two new syntax strings to differentiate between host and service checks*
* SimpleFileWriter #316 added new keywords to syntax for epoch and time
2016-08-10 Michael Medin
* SimpleFileWriter: Fixed #316 missing host name
* SimpleFileWriter: Added support for status as number #316
* Fixed accidental bug in previous commit (nsca service was missing)
2016-08-08 Michael Medin
* Fixed #315 Fixed invalid host_check for NSCA
* Fixed #285 missing hostname for NRDP
* Fixed linux packages
* Fixed duplicate lua.dll libs
* pdh: Fixed #296 and #310 compatibility issue with checkCounter and type=double
* Fixed #288 lua dlls missing in installer
* Fixed #297 like not ignoring case when comparing strings in filters
* Fixed scheduler reload not resetting old schedules
* Change so scheduler logs actual file sinstead of wrapper.
* removed now defunct old icp protocol
* Added matches to settings api wrapper
* Added multiple filter/warn/crit expressions to allow using count separate from items thresholds
* Moved filter object handling inside filter engine
* Partial fix for #294: count not working properly when used together with a regular check
2016-05-30 Michael Medin
* Fixed scheduler reload not resetting old schedules
* Change so scheduler logs actual file sinstead of wrapper.
* removed now defunct old icp protocol
* Added matches to settings api wrapper
* removed some compiler warning from protobuf
* Fixed som linux compiler issues
* Pimplified some common classes
2016-05-30 Michael Medin
* filters: Fixed #292 Unicode support for filters
* NSCA: Fixed #300 alias not used when sending NSCP results
* check_nscp: Added SSl support and general fixes to check_nscp (check_remote_nscp)
* CheckHelpers: Fixed 301: check_multi does not parse qouted commands properly (possibly breaking change)
2016-04-14 Michael Medin
* NSCPClient: Added preliminary REST client
* Scheduler: added preliminary support for cron statements: schedule = 47 * * * *
* installer: Fixed installer version to prevent duplicate installs on upgrade Fixed "267
2016-04-11 Michael Medin
* scripts: Added option capture output to external script to disable output capture and handled inheritance (Fixes #232)
* WEBServer: Added support for allowed hosts to WEBServer
* WEBServer: Updated mongoose Fixing: Busy wait when socket failes
* all commands: Fixed #280 parsing filters with large numbers
* updated docs
2016-04-08 Michael Medin
* all commands: Fixed #280 parsing filters with large numbers
2016-04-07 Michael Medin
* All checks: Fixed #278 description fr show-all
* All checks: Fixed #279 top syntax and filter description in the help
2016-04-07 Michael Medin
* Breaking change: check_service: removed trigger detection from default service state Fixes #249
I think this causes more confusion then good so foe people who want this please do it manually instead... i.e. add "and is_trigger = 0"
* check_drivesize: Improved errors for drive size failures (#276)
2016-04-05 Michael Medin
* Fixed vagrant builds
* Changed so volume name errors ends up as volume names instead of in the log #230
* Improved #275 so next settings system is tried if the first one failes
* Fixed settings key issue
* Fixed various build issues
* Fixed #272 floating point performance data
* Fixed get_filter_syntax change for CheckUnixSystem module
Fixed bizarre gnu c++ issue with major() expanding to gnu_dev_major
2016-03-30 Michael Medin
! 0.5.0 RC1
* Updated docs
2016-03-30 Michael Medin
* Fixed compatibility issue when using both MaxWarn and MinWarn
* Fixed #132 round issue with performance data and %
* Fixed #140 check_ping syntax string
* Fixed #210 added total=all to have total object match all items regardless of if they match the filter or not.
* Fixed #130 missing perf data on check_service (intentionally no perf for "all services" as that is a long list)
* Fixed #268 ignore-unreadable and filter generating error
2016-03-29 Michael Medin
* Fixed #274 Added has_run to check_taskshed
* Changed so "post filters" will set warn/crit list
* Fixed #272 Added float support to check_pdh
* Improved float handling in filters (i.e. 0.1 will become float, 1.0 = 1 will be casted to float)
* Fixed compiler warnings
* updated docs
2016-03-20 Michael Medin
* Added new command check_nscp_version to CheckNSCP module Fixed #217
* Added ignore-unreadable which was apparently removed at some point, new behavior as it uses the drive flags to determine status
* Changed so default check only checks mounted drives
* Possible fix for #265 Added drive flags to filter and distinguish between drive characteristics
New flags for filters and syntax are: hotplug, removable, readable, writable and erasable
* Improved filter documentation
2016-03-16 Michael Medin
* Updated docs
* Improved error handling in filter framework
* Fixed invalid module description
* Improved connection errors when socket has been closed on remote side #255
* Fixed sample timeout script (check_60s.bat)
* Fixed #231 added filter on folder and file:
check_files path=c:/source/py "filter=type = 'file'" show-all "detail-syntax=%(path)/%(file): %(type)"
2016-03-12 Michael Medin
* Fix for #215 added new option to check_tasksched to force using the old api
check_tasksched force-old
* #215 Improved error reporting in check_taskshed
* #215 Fixed COM errors when com error is not set (so real error is returned not (error not set)
2016-03-12 Michael Medin
* Added new command check_and_forward to forward check results as passive data
check_and_forward command=check_cpu target=NSCA
* Added support for %count% in legacy checkEventLog
* Improved errors in check_eventlog
* Fixed indexes expansion for check_pdh
* Breaking change: Eventlog rendering failures are now returned as messages instead of nsclient++ log messages
* Fixed missing error for check_always_ok when command failed
* Fixed #261 Invalid return from check_nrpe
* Update
* Fixed realtime log file using wrong data
* Removed tools from non w32 builds (as the only tool is the crash uploader which is windows only)
* Removed breakpad for non windows builds (as it currently only works on windows)
* Added support for check_drivesize exclude=c and exclude=d: to make backwards compatiblity better
2016-03-09 Michael Medin
* Improved logging on network metrics (Possibly fixed 260 )
* Fixed error reporting encoding
2016-03-07 Michael Medin
* Fixed some error message localization issues
* #258 Fixed issue with check_nrpe and ssl=false option
* Fixed #259 parsing extra space on command line
* Fixed some issues with the postbuild python script
2016-03-03 Michael Medin
* First draft of check_network (not yet finished)
* #204 Fixed message rendering for eventlog messages
* Stopped fetching network metrics if fetching them failes on Older windows like 2003 where it is not available
* improved error handling for wmi queries
2016-02-27 Michael Medin
* #204 Added support for modern API to real time eventlogs
* Improved error log in real time threads
* #204 Fixed int to string conversion filter issue
* Added to_string methd for realtime data (to make errors better)
2016-02-09 Michael Medin
* Added network metrics
* #229 Improved error handling for service errors
* #238 Added killer so processes are killed when NSClient++ exits
* Added the collectd client
* Fixed sample python script
2015-12-09 Michael Medin
* Fixed #223 broken %ARGS% with the $ARGS$ fix
* Implemented #150 use_certificate_chain_file
* Added support for both g and G in size filters
* Added support for parsing floating point numbers in size units (i.e. "warn=free > 2.5G")
* Added so github upload is retried
* Fixed check_nrpe name in installer
* Fixed missing redist DLLs in zip file
* Added XP targeting to fetch deps builds
2015-12-06 Michael Medin
* updated docs
* Fixed 220: WebPage not loading in IE
2015-12-05 Michael Medin
* Fixed #221 typo in error message (pdh)
* Added documentation about filter expressions (#212)
* updated docs (added info about settings)
* Added appdata path keyword
* Added -noprofile to powershell script wrapper (#207)
* #207 Added support for %ARGS% as well as $ARGS$
* Added support for nrpe_query
2015-11-29 Michael Medin
! Release
* Improved eventlog error messages #177
* Fixed #209 Added CheckNet to installer
* Improved console interface for log messages
* Change the default eventlog command to set warnings for warning in eventlog and crit for errors (instead of using count)
* Added task, keywords GUID support for eventlog filters
Fixed #181 (use the task filter)
* Improved eventlog cli to support listing tasks and keywords
* Improved the low level eventlog API
* Fixed logging encoding on console
* Added support for setting default perf config
2015-11-25 Michael Medin
* Fixed #199 yet memory leak this time in check_eventlog
2015-11-22 Michael Medin
* bumed protobuf lib
* Fixed some jessie build issues (mainly boost 1.0.55 issues) as well as compiler warning essentially fixing #208
* Fixed #117 invalid perf syntax when specifying none
* Fixed some potential check_nt issues
* Fixed #202 check_nt not working in 0.5.x
* Fixed drive letters with single character
* Fixed #157 CDROM included in check_nt DISKUSAGE
2015-11-20 Michael Medin
! Release
* Fixed #185 extract_perf should now work as expected
* Fixed #154 Added escape-html flag to all check commands and escape html option to all real time filters.
* Added support for -a to check_nrpe command (Fixed #158 )
* Fixed issue when parsing commandline with first otion as short
* Fixed #201 negative perf data in checks
* Renamed status to task_status as it clashes with regular status (Fixed #170)
* Fixed issue with atomic functions missing in older boost
* Added unit test for scheduled tasks
* Added __file__ in python script
* Fixed so uninstalled is called for unit tests
* Fixed #207 Return error when powershell script not found
* Fixed #206 Added support for checking multiple times with check_pdh and rrd buffers
* Fixed a build with older versions of boost issue.
* Fixed #198 CheckLogFIle not working if files does not exist on startup
2015-11-19 Michael Medin
* Added metrics submission and fetching to python scripts
* Added ability to run visual processes in the UI session.
Two new keywords: display controls if the process is showed and session controls which process the session is run in.
* Added support for classifying service and filtering services based on classification
2015-11-18 Michael Medin
* Added test client command metrics to display all metrics
* Fixed option bug in WEBServer command line
* Fixed metrics in WebUI
* Added metrics to internal scheduler
* Fixed missing result in some command line execs
* Fixed services showing twice in service list
* Added showing location using nscp settings --show
* Fixed pressing ctrl+c on command line
2015-11-16 Michael Medin
* Fixed (back) formatting in graphite
* Fixed broken metrics ui
* Fixed default values in graphite
* Fixed reload of counters
* Fixed collection strategy value in web ui
* Fixed default syntax for eventlog as well as a possible API issue?
* Added support for space and strings in column split/line split
* Fixed CheckLogFIle realtime
* Fixed so clients cant override with no target
* Added post option to only post process build on cli
* Fixed support for old pelican
* added --port to nscp nrpe install
* Fixed regression issue in new harmonized scheduler
* Fixed segv in CLI builder
2015-11-15 Michael Medin
* Fixed check_nrpe in installer
* Moved overiden key to the end in the installer
* harmonized schedulers
* Updated some installer files (web/docs)
* Added ugly but working filter list for metrics
* Fixed caching setting random keys in webui
* Added restart to nscp service
* Fixed sample python script cli
* Fixed exec alias in python script cli
* Fixed graphite paths for metrics
* Added total to check_process
2015-11-14 Michael Medin
* Added build commandline options
* Added build command option to build script (to skip configure)
* Fixed issue with missing command help being target all modules
* Fixed issue with default not beeing set as template
* Fixed issue with python scripts and script arguments
* Fixed some socket bugs in web ui
* Added filtering to query and module
* Added templates to PythonScript
* Fixed metrics (with new py)
* Fixed issue where default was not marked as template
* Tried to improve error handling for ajax requests
* Fixed logout/login issue in webui
* Fixed disk graphs in WebUI
* Added thread count to scheduler metrics
* Added template for schedules
* Fixed some PDH issues and improved error reporting
* Fixed missing default section in settings
2015-11-13 Michael Medin
* Fixed some issues in setting dialog
* Added feedback to loading modules as well as proper save
* WebUI added help to settings dialog (about tabs)
* WEBUI: Changed to save menu is always shown and added auto save support
* Added metrics support to clients and added metrics sending to graphite client
2015-11-12 Michael Medin
! Release
* Merge branch 'master' of
* bumped versions
* Merge branch 'master' of
* bumped versions
* bumped version
* Fixed old boost compatibility in scheduler
* Added metrics to scheduler
* Fixed metrics fgetcher so multiple metrics bundles are in the same payload
* Improved error hadnling for channel failures
* Added noop as channel target to discard message
* Fixed memory and resource leaks #199
2015-11-10 Michael Medin
* Fixed check_uptime parsing dates wrong
* removed reading one line schedules
* (re)added CONF_SET installer key
* Added error when there is no data to send in graphite sender
* Added (optional) sending status to graphite
* Fixed sending graphite data so it works :)
* Added flag to disable sending perf data to graphite
* Fixed missing return data in check_uptime
* Fixed issue with reading invalid config values
* Fixed inheritance and path issue with settings objects
* Fixed so source host names is set in NSCA and Graphite client
* Fixed potential issue with time expressions which are empty
* removed debug log about hung processes
2015-11-08 Michael Medin
! Release
* FIxed #176 (updated docs with str() instead of s())
* Added test case for upper/lowercase commands and alias
* Fixed #196 alias not working in 0.5.0
* Fixed #196 missing version
* Fixed #196 uppercase aliases not working
2015-11-02 Michael Medin
* Set missing conf_can_change property
* removed unused property
* Moved feature selection to apply logic
* Fixed include issue for non op5 install
* swapped versions
* Added CA for managing MONITORING_TOOL to allow setting all properties from command line using a MONITORING_TOOL=op5 options
2015-10-27 Michael Medin
* Added support for setting arbitrary keys on command line
* Fixed password command line for the web client (i.e. nscp web password)
* Fixed command lines for password in WEB UI
* Service wont restart if it is not started when crashed (ie. running in test mode for instance)
* Fixed locale setting (and error logging for service related errors)
* Started to cleanuup "return codes" in the API which has been all over the place before. This will most likely fix all NSCA/Scheduler issues
* Removed encrypt from the API has it has not been implemented for some time
* Fixed issues and problems with unit tests
2015-10-25 Michael Medin
* Added exec from clients (i.e. web and test):
Usage: exec any help
exec mymodule mycommand
* Fixed python to string (will log better when it cant convert to string)
* Fixed so python script will unregister its commands on reload
* Added support for unregistring commands
* Fixed erratic segv in clients when socket is closed twice
* Started to implement trace logging
* Added target_mode flag to exec to diverge between targeted commands and generic ones.
* Tweked some build issues
2015-10-19 Ola Sandström
* updated comments [in op5 config]
... Need to add in all missing commits here...
2015-05-02 Michael Medin
* Updated some libs to work on centos 6.x
2015-04-29 Michael Medin
* Improved handling around connection failures
* #142 Improved security when external scripts fails
command lines which may contain password are no longer returned
2015-04-27 Michael Medin
* Improved the logging around connection failures
* Improved the reporter syntax:
reporter.exe send b1438ab2-20a3-4b2d-bc30-7c3033c084e1.dmp
2015-04-08 Michael Medin
* #139 Added support for showing file dates in local time (not just UTC)
* Added check_ping command and CheckNet module
* Fixed a few potential crashes with check_nt
2015-03-24 Michael Medin
* #123 fixed CheckAllOthers
* #124 Fixed problem count variable
* #131 Added support for service=<service description> to check_service
* A lot of infrastructure changes and build fixes
2015-02-23 Michael Medin
* Fixed check_files empty message to say files not drives.
* #114 Fixed issue with empty-state which was ignored
* A lot of infrastructure changes and build fixes
2015-02-14 Michael Medin
* Fix incorrect variable in check_page_filter()
* Add pct to check_pagefile
This is basically a clone of f90ab0bf which added pct to check_memory.
2015-02-14 Michael Medin
* #110 Added support for using units in check_cpu
* added error handling for invalid states on checkservice
* Fixed compiler warning
* #103 Improved error messages and logging related to settings
2015-02-11 Michael Medin
* #105 Fixed issue with parsing legacy style checkservice comamnds
* improved error handling is service check parsing failes
2015-02-06 Michael Medin
* #102 fixed check_os_version default filter
2015-02-04 Michael Medin
* Tweaked build a bit to resuse some code
* added postbuild.bat to work around using the wrong python.exe
* Fixed so specified python is found before path python (i.e 32-bit python on 64 bit machines)
* #100 Fixed check_pdh not picking up warn short hand options.
* Added option to rebuild without bumping version
* Changed symbol paths
* bumped versions and updated docs
* Fixed crash upload properties to work with new collector
* Fixed crash upload configuration
* Added support for creating github releases
* Added documentation for chiper strings
* Fixed some issues with crash reporter
* Fixed crashdump folder
2015-01-31 Michael Medin
* Fixed check_process issues
* Fixed all check_always_xxx commands so they work again...
* Added support for arrays and rendering invalid columns
* #81 Fixed so check_wmi will work without warn/crit and changed so default formatting displayes all rows
* #98 Fixed so ok syntax is not used if you have customized the regular output to contain all data
2015-01-30 Michael Medin
* tried to fix floating point plattforma independent issues a but ugly...
* Fixed some inconsistencies with the installer NRPE configurator
* Fixed some issues with nrpe installer and ssl options
2015-01-29 Michael Medin
* #91 Added new command xform_perf which can transform performance data (currently only supports extracting maximum/minimum from int/float values)
* #96 Fixed pagefile size block conversion using the actual architecture value
2015-01-28 Michael Medin
* #49 Fixed issue with rounding performance data (take 2)
* #94 Fixed so log file is reverted to real default is the wrong one is used.
2015-01-27 Michael Medin
* #94 Fixed default log file location
* #49 Fixed issue with rounding performance data
* Added test cases for rounding performance data
* #83 Fixed issue with invalid packet type (the default for extended response is now disabled in "insecure mode")
* Improved error message for ssl errors (which are now likely due to the insecure option)
2015-01-27 Michael Medin
* #91 Added documentation about perf-config (Updated docs)
* Fixed selector filtering so all names are trimmed for spaces.
* Changed so perf config selectors use dot notation instead of no notation.
* Added support for parsing expressions with '' in performance config as well as . and some such in the keywords
* Added new utility function render_perf to render performance data in the message.
* Added new option to all commands show-default to show the default command line used when a command is invoked.
2015-01-26 Michael Medin
* Perfdata units (and others) are no longer case-sensitive
* #92 Fixed so triggered services are ignored.
* refactored fetch delayed into a function
* Added trigger start support (for real this time, honest... i promise!!!)
* Fixed missing return statement
* Fixed compiler warning about unused variable
2015-01-23 Michael Medin
* Fixed unix checks to work with new arguments
2015-01-22 Michael Medin
* Implemented empty syntax as a proper syntax string (i.e replacement variables)
* Added support for empty-state (should work now)
* Implemented ok-syntax in most checks to make the ok message a bit nicer...
* #78 removed the delayed() from ok message
2015-01-20 - MilanDadok
* flags property of PDH counter can be specified as check_pdh argumnet, but not in INI
* PDH counter with rrd buffer will return oldest value from buffer as current/actual value
* Cannot add second PDH counter to INI
2015-01-20 - brunoqc
* Fix typo in
* Return result from check_nrpe
2015-01-20 Michael Medin
* removed --format from since there is only one format
2015-01-11 Michael Medin
* Added new options to disable sslv2 and sslv3 (enabled by default in secure/safe mode)
2015-01-07 Michael Medin
* #74 Fixed check_process empty list returns ok status
* #72 Fixed issue with rate counters not working.
* #75 Fixed so modules have a version block
* Fixed so version use . not ,
* #75 Fixed error reporter information and improved the icon
* #75 Changed icon name to something more sensible
2015-01-06 Michael Medin
* #73 set legacy performance data suffix to empty.
* Added option to set suffix/prefixes to empty using perf-config.
check_pdh ... perf-config=*(suffix:none)
* Fixed missing sample from documentation
* Use the same name/desc for password (common key)
2015-01-05 Michael Medin
* #71 service name is now nsclient on both redhat/centos el6 and el7
* #70 config file no longer replaced when upgrading on linux
* Fixed issue when upgrading/reinstalling the service and certificate was already generated
* #69 service should now be compatible with chkconfig command
2015-01-04 Michael Medin
* #68 fixed spelling mistakes in command line help
* Removed json settings output as it is kind of pointless (will be readded in the form of json settings in 0.4.4)
* Removed filter (command line option) as it no longer used
* #67 Fixed command line missing from check_process
* Fixed segv when file was missing from checkfilesize realtime check
* #66 Fixed spelling mistake in build script
* #65 fixed init.d script missing on centos/redhat 6el6(.5) rpm:s
* Improved error reporting when service fails
* Removed modern commands flag since there are only modern commands in 0.4.3
2014-12-29 Michael Medin
* added ok syntax to allow having a separate message for ok states
* Versions now include linux release on redhat
* Copy all packages
* disable teston older boost versions
* Fixed redhat vagrant build issue (puppet dependency)
* Added Centos 6.5 vagrant
2014-12-13 Michael Medin
* #63 Fixed missing space in syntax
* Fixed compatibility with older version of boost
2014-12-11 Michael Medin
* Adde dependency on tcpip to service
* #50 Added _pct free to check_memory and check_drivesize
* #50 removed "ok" prefix from detail_list
* Change Checkmem legacy syntax to include details
* #50 Added %:es to CheckDriveSize
2014-12-09 Michael Medin
* #62 Fixed exception when unloading DotNEt plugin (and quite possibly a bunch of other issues as well)
* #50 Fixed CheckMem MinWarn/Crit not using free as before
* #34 Fixed issue with check_multi returning the wrong status code
* #46 Fixed issue with check_drivesize and size not accepting units.
* Change compatibility layer to use show-all instead of replicating the logic of show-all
* Fixed so "ok" hits are counted towards ok list (not just matched)
This breaks how "ok" was handled before but makes more sense I think
* Change RPM package name
* Added detail_list which shows a list with statuses to all filters
* Changed so show-all use the new detail_list instead of list.
* #50 Added option to seed extra perf data keys using perf-config:
2014-12-08 Michael Medin
* #38 Attempt to fix non upgradable installer
* Changed vagrant build script to copy packages out of VM
* Fixed debian init script
* Fixed version bump script
* Improved debian packages
* Added init.d init script (which seems to not work BTW)
2014-12-07 Michael Medin
* Tinkered a bit with process elevation tokens
* added new field error to show any error messages associated with check_process
* removed some travis deps no longer required (I think)
* removed TODO return message from py scripts
* updated docs
* Fixed some restructured syntax bugs
2014-12-06 Michael Medin
* updated docs
* Some linux package improvments
* Added support of validating counters (and loading other counters if validation fails of a single one)
* #43 improved error message when English counters fails.
2014-12-05 Michael Medin
* #45 Fixed missing %total% conversion in check_file
2014-12-04 Michael Medin
* #47 Fixed so totals are caluclated correctly when drives are not in the filter
* #47 Fixed so total is not affected by filtering
* Moved function to parse arguments into a shared function
* #59 Fixed so check_memory (both unix/win) supports both % and KMBG units.
i.e. check_memory "warn=used>30M" now works
2014-12-03 Michael Medin
* #60 Fixed no response for unknown file extensions in web server
* Whoops, wrong syntax in spec file
* Cleaned up web install output a bit #58
* added self signed cert generation to spec file
* Added command line interface to generate the self signed certificates: nscp nrpe make cert
* Fixed so self signed certificates are not CA certs....
* Merge pull request #29 from historicbruno/evtquery-error-fix
* Merge branch 'master' of
* Fixed threading issue in registry (which was single threaded by proxy before)
* Merge pull request #57 from palli/fix-typo-critcal
2014-12-02 Pall Sigurdsson
2014-09-04 Ben Brian
* Fixes CheckEventLog error handling if EvtQuery fails
2014-11-23 MickeM
* Fixed issue with arguments on some (primarily external scripts) command definitions (thank you #osmc)
* Fixed annyoing login bug in webserver
* Added caching to javascripts
* Fixed invalid date in syslog messages (now use current)
* Fixed accidental TODO in registry settings name (thank you #osmc)
* Fixed boost compatiblity issues with 1.53 (windows) and 1.48 (linux)
2014-11-16 MickeM
* Added help to command line client
* Changed so averages are used if polling failes
* Fixed installer issues
* Fixed extern script command line interface
* Fixed issue with total and check_pagefile
* Fixed some command line bugs
* Added password header for rest API
2014-11-09 MickeM
* Fixed help issues for ext-scr
* Added --wrapped to add wrapped script with ext-scr command line
2014-10-31 MickeM
* Major improvements to web UI
* Fixed issue mutex issue with predefined coutners
2014-09-23 MickeM
* Fixed annoying cmake issue
note to self: dont use macros in cmake!
* Fixed some exceptions when certificates cannot be created
* Added --define to set config options on command line
* Refactored so all paths and such are defines (and not hard coded strings)
* Started to move things to sensible places on linux
* Fixed web server install (no longer installed NRPE)
* Loading case-insensitive modules now works on cli on linux
2014-09-08 MickeM
* More build tweaks (does it ever end?)
* Fixed performance data rounding issue
2014-09-08 MickeM
* Added SSL support for mongoose and WEBServer
* Removed options when nscp <context> is used (to make -- less necessary)
* improved documentation
2014-09-06 MickeM
* Added keyword rendering to settings key descriptions
2014-09-05 MickeM
* Fixed NRPE mode selector in the installer
* Fixed installer not reading old config
2014-09-03 MickeM
* Fixed so warn/crit can be set to none
* Fixed "funky logging" if log file could not be opened
* Fixed #730 check_tasksched / most_recent_run_time not working
* Fixed debug option for filters
2014-08-24 MickeM
* Cleaned up cmake files and added internal gtest distribution
* Added support for building with shared runtime
2014-08-14 MickeM
* Fixed some documentaion issues (not using crlf on windows, lookups were wrong, alias handling was wrong, settings keys were broken, settingks keys were scoped wrong)
* Fixed so alias descriptions in external scripts are render better
2014-08-13 MickeM
* Fixed installer issues
* Added firewall exception as a separate component
2014-08-12 MickeM
* Reworked the dot-net API
Now actually works and is much much improved.
* Change the dotnetplugin.dll name to NSCP.Core.dll
* Removed all "helpers" from the API and added a separate NSCP.Helpers.dll
* All C# code is now built using cmake
* CSharpSample plugin is now included in cmake build
* Added protobuf_net and a compiled proto file to NSCP.Protobuf.dll
* Much bugfixing and tweaks and changes to dot-net plugin
* Change the directory structure of various components to make things easier to find
* Cleaned up the cmake build a bit
* Removed some old stale artifacts
* Changed name of nscapi_plugin_interface.hpp to nscapi_helper_singleton.hpp to better reflect what it is
* Fixed build on apple osx
2014-08-01 MickeM
* Major refactoring of json handling
now uses exact same messages as protobuf (compiled from protobuf)
* Added json-protobuf (library to compile protobuf to json spirit)
* Added help-pb to get help as protobuf from commands
* Removed help-csv since help-pb is better (and built-in to inventory)
* Clenaedup protobuf file and removed some unesseceary fields.
* migrated "test" client into a separate moduile (CommandClient)
* greatly extended the client interfaces (both web and console) to have new and improved commands
2014-07-19 MickeM
* Extensive additions to the WEB UI
* Console can be used much like nscp tesat
* Log view is enhaned
* Modules view added
2014-07-14 MickeM
* Fixed so all files are copied for WebServer
2014-07-13 MickeM
* Improved reload handling.
Plugins are now reloaded and if they support reload messages can do whatever they want.
* Added retry command line option to clients
* Unwrapped the macros from plugins.?pp
* Added error messages when saving HTTP settings
2014-07-10 MickeM
* Changed so plugin generator uses jinja (instead of strings)
2014-07-10 MickeM
* A rollup of all changes over the last month
* Refactored and removed precompiled headers
* Linux: referenced path is the exe file (not the current folder)
* Split documentation into a separate projects
* Bumped openssl version
* Fixed check_drivesize
* Fixed multiple return packets patch
* Fixed buffer overflow in external scripts
* Added option to install script from comand line
nscp ext --script scripts\foo.bat
nscp ext --script scripts\foo.bat --alias bar ..arguments test1
* Added command line interface to setup NRPE server
nscp nrpe -- install --help
nscp nrpe -- install --port 1234 --allowed-host --insecure
* Fixed some test failing and spli NSCA test into multiple ones
* Meged in some changes from 0.4.2
* Added support for generating certificates
* Added new option insecure which sets defaults to "legacy insecure NRPE"
* Fixed registry bug
* Much improved HTTP settings
* HTTP Settings will now refresh/reload whenever the remote file is changed (will poll every x minutes)
* HTTP Settings can now download attached files (scripts etc.)
2014-04-23 MickeM
* Added initial WebServer module
* Fixed issue with check_nt INSTANCES
* Fixed documentation bugs
* Fixed issue with checking values without units
2014-04-16 MickeM
* Added filter functions to documentation
* Fixed issue with conversion of CheckServiceState #707
2014-04-15 MickeM
* Fixed issue with aveerages and performance check_pdh #710
* Fixed issue with converting empty exclude statements for CheckService
* Fixed issue with check_taskshced and most_recent_run_time
2014-04-xx MickeM
* Added testcase for powershell scripts #709
2014-03-10 MickeM
! 0.4.2 RELEASE
* Fixed server restarting listeners on errors
2014-03-08 MickeM
* Added total object to check_files
* Fixed registry issues
2014-03-06 MickeM
* Fixed performance config order
* Fixed external script alias and support for help-csv
2014-03-05 MickeM
* Fixed crash dump issue
* Fixed memory leak in NSCA
2014-03-04 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckTaskSched and status #702
* Improved rendering of status #702
* Added some debug logging to eventlog to help diagnose issues
* Fixed default crash dump folder config issue
2014-02-23 MickeM
* Changed so uniq is default for eventlog checks (if no arguments are given)
* Fixed drives so they are more sensible
* Added drive_or_id and drive_or_name to configure the default "id" of drives.
* Fixed so legacy MaxWarn/MinWarn/MaxCrit/MinCrit are treated like >= and <= (which is the original behaviour)
* Changed so default "help" if invalid syntax is the short version.
* Removed erronouse logging when shutting down sockets
* Tweaked console output a bit
* Fixed check_uptime overflow issue
2014-01-25 MickeM
* Fixed FILEAGE check_nt command #480, #636, #642, #39 (and others)
* Fixed delayed start issue in check_service #681
* Fixed not regexp issue #651
* Fixed default service name
* Fixed issue with scan-range #683
* Fixed uptime performance alias (and added unit s) #688
* Fixed issue with CkeckCPU show-all: #687
* Fixed issue with check_ping.bat #635
* Fixed documentation for nsca hostname #690
* Fixed validation issues with lists #605
* Fixed so external script errors are reported againast the alias not the command #677
2014-01-04 MickeM
* Numerous bugfixes and compatiblity fixes
* Gone over all unit tests to make sure they run
2013-12-23 MickeM
* Added support for unique
* Fixed unique and debug flags in CheckEventLog
2013-12-20 MickeM
* Fixed issue with check_nt and units beeing reounded to nearest bg, mg, kb, etc)
* Added support for configuring performance data
2013-12-18 MickeM
* Fixed source in new eventlog
* Added truncate-message option to check eventlog to truncate the message
* Added filtering of cr,lf in eventlog messages
* Fixed performance data naming in event log
2013-12-10 MickeM
* renamed "full config" sample to reduce confusion.
* Fixed numerous issues with check_files and CheckFiles (now all CheckFiles unit test work as expected)
2013-12-09 MickeM
* Fixed a crash in handling ${status} in some filters.
* Added check_nrpe to the installer
* Changed symbol paths (in zip) now correspond to what breakpad expects
2013-12-05 MickeM - RC3
* Added suport for instances (new keyword instances) to check_pdh
* Fixed more compatiblity issues
2013-12-04 MickeM
* Added check_cpu_ex.lua script to return top consumers for check_cpu command.
* Harmonized the compatiblity layer so all commands "work the same"
2013-12-03 MickeM
* Added new command: filter_perf to filter the returned performance data
* Fixed some issues (API changes) in Lua script module
2013-11-29 MickeM
* Fixed issue with logger
2013-11-28 MickeM
* Added %() for all expressions to make esacping in nagios simpler.
* Fixed crash in check_nscp
* CheckDriveSize (compatiblity) fixed support for multiple bounds will only use "one of them" though.
* Fixed some regression issues for check_nt (disk, memory uptime, services)
* Added $ARGS$ to CheckExternalScript to add scripts with variable argument lists
* Added $ARGS"$ to CheckExternalScript to add scripts with qouted variable argument lists
2013-11-27 MickeM
* Fixed _user arguments for check:drivesize (which can be used for drives with qouta)
2013-11-26 MickeM
* Improved compatiblity for CheckDriveSize
* Added total (option) to check_drive to get/check the total size of all (matching) drives
* Fixed bounds calculation for check_drivesize
* Fixed issue with the show-all flag beeing on by default.
* Fixed issue with converting to byte units for very large/small numbers
2013-11-22 MickeM
* Updated documentation
* Added sample for most commands
* Fixed syntax issues with online help
* Fixed so PDF documentation builds correctly
* Fixed check_uptime to be more sensible (i.e. uptime is just a value not a strange date thingy)
* Added compatiblity for CheckTaskSched
2013-11-21 MickeM
* Fixed some check_drivesize perfdata issues
* Fixed check_drivesize type filter keyword
* Fixed CheckDriveSize compatiblity issues
2013-11-20 MickeM
* Added support for setting source in schedules to override hostname
* Fixed real-time eventlog defaults
2013-11-19 MickeM
* Fixed links in documentation
* Fixed bugs in documentation generator (missing sections)
* Fixed hostnames for NSCA/NRDP
2013-11-17 MickeM
* Fixed CheckEventLog compatiblity
2013-11-08 MickeM
* Improved check_nt compatiblity
* Added back lines as alias for list in top syntaxes.
2013-11-08 MickeM
* Finally fixed broken unit test on "linux" (Which was a case error as always, damn you ntfs!!)
* Fixed some dependencies in the vagrant puppet conf
* Added oracle linux vagrant profile (but doesn't seem to work :(
* Added support for external script (Linux side)
WARNING: No timeout handling (yet)
* Added test cases for external script to ctest
2013-11-07 MickeM
* Fixed issue with NSCA hostname (NSCAClient load).
* Fixed check_nt commands
* Added vagrant files to load-up machines and build NSClient++ (ubuntu)
2013-11-03 MickeM
* Fixed so lua script are now loaded with a missing .lua extension
* Fixed Lua some remaining invalid lua functio issues.
* Fixed unit test for Lua scripts.
* Fixed forwarding (for clients)
* Fixed test_nrpe (lua)
2013-10-29 MickeM
* Added json_sprit as a submodule to see if this works better.
* Changed so json_sprit now builds using their own cmake file which means it should hopefully be better ready for future versions.
2013-10-28 MickeM
* Compatiblity layer added for most "old" checks.
The way this works is that CheckCpu is the old check and check_cpu is the new.
* Fixed a lot of check related bugs
* Added a bunch of check related options such as exclude and so on and so forth.
2013-10-20 MickeM
* Added real-time checks for cpu and memory (CheckSystem)
* Refactored client handling a bit to make it simpler to create stand alone clients.
* Added check_nrpe client
2013-10-17 MickeM
* A lot of Linux fixes
* Refactored real-time stuff to make it easier to add in new places
* NSCA/NRPE fixes
2013-10-10 MickeM
* Added back CheckWMI based on new filters.
* Fixed issues with building on Linux
* Added support for WMI and float types (type 4 and 5)
2013-09-24 MickeM
* Fixed issue with performance data and byte based units
* Added total to check_pagefile
2013-09-23 MickeM
* Removed page (since it often is wrong)
* Added check_pagefile (to check pagefile usage)
* removed nobp (wince it was for NT4 and we dont support nt4)
* Removed debug symbols (since breakpad symbols work)
2013-09-19 MickeM
* Fixed issue with skipping registry
* Added page (commited - physical) memory metric
2013-09-17 MickeM
* Added support for new eventlog API.
This means NSClient++ can FINALLY! check all eventlogs on windows 2008 and windows 2012!
2013-09-16 MickeM
* Fixed NRPE issue
2013-09-09 MickeM
* Fixed check_multi
* added new options to check_multi (suffic, prefix and separator) to better control the output
* starting services (auto-start) is now a warning state.
2013-09-08 MickeM
* Brand new filters
* Modernised check_cpu
* Modernised check_process
* Modernised check_service
* Modernised check_uptime
* Modernised check_tasksched
* Merged CheckTaskSched1 and CheckTaskSched2 into CheckTaskSched
* Added check_os_version
2013-05-05 MickeM
* Fixed a bug in the check_logfile which made filtering bail-out after the first hit.
* Added default column-split as \t
2013-04-30 MickeM
* Fixed issue with negative performance data
* Added unit test for arguments and external script
* Fixet truncation issue with performance data (#624)
2013-04-27 MickeM
* Fixed bug added in build 95 regarding allowing nasty characters
2013-04-24 MickeM
* Added auto-uc to get hostname as upper case
2013-04-23 MickeM
* Added encoding option to external scripts
* Added encoding option to NSCAClient
* Added NSCPDOTNET.dll for making dot-net plugins
2013-04-22 MickeM
* Fixed an issue with % in warn and crit thresholds for CheckCPU
2013-04-21 MickeM
* Fixed issue with eventlog reset (will not rescan from the beginning if an error is encountered)
2013-04-16 MickeM
* re-added check_nt FILEAGE option.
2013-04-13 MickeM
* Fixed issue with binding to multiple interfaces (ie. machines with both ipv6 and ipv4 addresses).
* Fixed some missing documentation from core settings keys such as /settings/log and /includes.
* Added debug message warning about having $ARG??$ in external scripts wehn allowe arguments is false.
* Removed need to escape and qoute commands for external scripts (command line will now be used as-is)
* Fixed qouting issues with external scripts
2013-01-21 MickeM
* Fixed two include files issues
2013-01-19 MickeM
* Fixed Wix 3.7 and added wix to dependencies
2013-01-17 MickeM - 0.4.1 RELEASE (2)
* Added nsclient-full.ini with "all" (non advanced) available options.
* Fix for reloading settings from file from script: core:reload('settings') will not work.
Notice it still will onlya reload the settings not the modules so modules have to be reloaded manually.
* Fixed return code issue in nsclient-ini full generator.
* Added support for delayed reloading
2013-01-15 MickeM
* Rewrote so dll subsystem is not using wstrings
* Workaround for Visual Studio 2012 debugger crash
* Fixed issues with path handling in dll subsystem
* x64 build fixes as well as improvments to build protocol buffers and patch for google test
2013-01-14 MickeM
* Fixed os it builds with visual studio 2012 as well as latest version of boost
2013-01-13 MickeM
* Fixed crash when collector thread is not started.
2013-01-02 MickeM
* Fixed message dialog when loading PythonScript module without python installed.
* (re)add check_fiulesize which was accidentally removed.
* Fix for http settings
* fix for --version command line option
2012-12-28 MickeM
* Reverted default NRPE encoding to "system" (not UTF-8).
* Added new option to configure NRPE encoding:
encoding = utf8
Valid values are currently system and utf8 (and strangely enough utf7). If you need something else let me know.
2012-12-25 MickeM
* Added option scan-range to CheckEventLog.
This new option reduces the entries scanned a *lot* and can help solve memory, time and CPU issues.
The idea is that is negative we start scanning from the end and once we hit something outsiden the range we stop scanning.
There is a chanse that entries reported are "outside" the range so set range bigger then generate/written date/times (to reduce this risk).
CheckEventLog file=application file=system MaxWarn=1 MaxCrit=1 "filter=generated gt -1h AND level eq 'info'" truncate=800 unique descriptions "syntax=%severity%: %source%: %message% (%count%)"
Executes in 7 seconds adding scan-range=-5h executes in 0 seconds (yields the same result).
* Added error message when overriding a commad (ie. when alias check_cpu overrides the new command check_cpu).
Wont work (for technical reasons) for duplicate aliases ie.- alias x=foo and x=bar
2012-12-18 MickeM - 0.4.1 RELEASE (1)
* Fixed path issues in the installer
* Fixed shortcuts in the installer
* Fixed so clients can understand no prefixed arguments ie.
... -c nrpe_query -a command=check_ok host=
2012-12-03 MickeM
* Started to refactor to use newinternal structures for all legacy checks.
* Fixed issue in the installer
* Added support for not using -- for options to clients (nrpe_query)
* Merged in 0.4.1 into master (0.4.2)
* Fixed issue in settings key registration
* Started to improve descriptions a bit
2012-12-02 MickeM
* Added option to disable new alias check_cpu and only register old ones CheckCPU
modern commands=false
2012-11-29 MickeM
* Improved exception handling in server threads
2012-11-28 MickeM
* Fixed crash in NRPE server when payload was to large (#585 #582)
* Fixed issue with lua unit test
* Added payload length simulation in lua unit tests (so it returns various payload sizes)
* Added nscp.sleep to Lua scripts (but dont use as I will implement coroutines in 0.4.2)
* Fixed registry settings bug
* Fixed issue with parsin performance data with leading spaces
* Fixed issue with rendering filters
2012-11-18 MickeM
* Created nscpnobp.exe which is a version without break pad for older machines (windows 2000 and nt4).
This can only be foundin the zip file (not the msi)
* Added some missing file to zip
* Removed counters.defs since it is not used anymore
2012-11-17 MickeM
* CheckEventLog: Added debug message lisgin all loaded filters to make it simpler to detect missing once
* SimpleCache: Added keywords not-found-msg and not-found-code option to configure the outcome of "item not found".
check_cache index=foobar "not-found-code=Doch! item was not found" not-found-code=critical
* CheckProcess is no longer case-sensitive
* CheckServiceState: added support for pending states
2012-11-16 MickeM
* CheckDriveSize now supports regular expressiion filtering:
CheckDriveSize ShowAll MaxWarn=1M MaxCrit=2M CheckAll=volumes matching=.*[CD].*
2012-11-15 MickeM
* CheckFiles filter is now optional (not specifying a filter will find all files matching)
* CheckFiles no longer matching . and ..
2012-11-14 MickeM
* Added perf-unit to allow for stable performance data units (if not specified it will guess which is the current solution).
checkmem type=paged MaxWarn=80% perf-unit=M
=> 'paged bytes %'=34%;80;0 'paged bytes'=8454.04M;19629.84;0;0;24537.3
checkmem type=paged MaxWarn=80% perf-unit=K
=> 'paged bytes %'=34%;80;0 'paged bytes'=8655200K;20100963.19;0;0;25126204
checkmem type=paged MaxWarn=80% perf-unit=B
=> 'paged bytes %'=34%;80;0 'paged bytes'=8872108032B;20583386316;0;0;25729232896
checkmem type=paged MaxWarn=80%
=> 'paged bytes %'=34%;80;0 'paged bytes'=8.25G;19.1;0;0;23.96
* Fixed threadding issue related to servers (ie. check_nt causing a crash)
Dont know what I was thinking when I designed that, pretty stupid bug :(
2012-11-11 MickeM
* Fixed issue with loading performance counters (check_cpu)
* Fixed default service name (nscp)
* CheckWMI: Added support for lists of integers
2012-11-11 MickeM
* Created json module information blocks (and generators)
2012-10-25 MickeM
* Merged in changes from 0.4.1
* Fixed installer in preparation of 0.4.1
2012-10-15 MickeM
* Added support for lists in targets/destination (passive checks/channels)
* Added new --remove-defaults option when generating settings files.
nscp settings --remove-defaults --generate
* Added new module SimpleFileWriter for writing passive check results to files.
* Fixed issues here and there (mainly new filtering for CheckLogFile)
2012-10-14 MickeM
* Added support for real-time log file checks (Linux)
2012-10-07 MickeM
* Added support for real-time log file checks (Windows)
2012-09-28 MickeM
* Fixed NRPE and NSCA buffer issue: Invalid packet length: 1059 != 1036 configured payload is: 1024
2012-09-27 MickeM
* Much improved CheckLogFile with warn/crit/filter concepts (currentl no real-time support)
check_logfile debug "file=c:\\test.txt" "column-split=\\t" "filter=column1 eq '123' OR column(2) like 'bar' or column3 like 'foo'" "warn=column3 like 'foo'" "crit=column1 eq '123'"
Use "check_logfile help" for more details
2012-09-25 MickeM
* Initial version of CheckLogFile added (currentl no real-time support)
2012-09-23 MickeM
* Fixed a centos (?) linkage issue with PythonScript module
2012-09-22 MickeM
* Fixed performance data parsing for empty sections such as f=1;;;;1 will now work (and not become f=1;0;0;0;1)
* Added unit test for perfoamnce data parsing
* Added gtest unit test to ctest
2012-09-11 MickeM
* Added NSCP uptime to check_nscp
2012-09-08 MickeM
* Fixed log matching in CheckEventLog when no log was specified
* Improved command line syntax for eventlog
* Fixed return code issue in SimpleCache module
2012-09-08 MickeM
* Improved command line help texts and added global --version option.
Running nscp without options now lists all context and their use.
* settings: bool options are now case-insensitive so TrUe will now evaluate to true...
* Improved clients command line interface adding support for default command
* Improved command line syntax removing som extra printouts
* Added support for lists (int and string) to wmi checks and commands.
2012-09-07 MickeM
* Full SSL support for all server (NRPE, NSCA, check_mk, NSCP) by full I mean certificate based authentication
2012-09-06 MickeM
* Full SSL support for all clients (NRPE, NSCA, check_mk, NSCP) by full I mean certificate based authentication
2012-09-05 MickeM
* Full SSL support for NRPE (meaning certificate based authentication)
2012-08-08 MickeM
* Initial merge of 0.4.1 into 0.4.2
2012-09-04 MickeM
* Fixed config parser issue for inheriated fields
* Changed so ports in clients/servers are strings (so smtp and such should work)
2012-09-03 MickeM
* New module SimpleCache which acts as a brdge between passive and active monitoring (and other use cases)
Enables storing of results for later use
Replaces check_eventlogcache (since it does the same)
* REMOVED cache from check eventlog (use SimpleCache instead)
2012-08-26 MickeM
* Added google test and the first (of many) google test unit case
* Added SimpleCache module
* Removed caching from CheckEventLog (use SimpleCache instead)
2012-08-26 MickeM
* REMOVED global maximum age from real-time eventlog
* Added per-filter maximum age option to real-time eventlog
* Added per-filter log option to real-time eventlog (this can be set to "any" to make this match recoreds from all checked logs)
* Improved fetchdeps script which now takes an option (--msver) to set target visual studio version (currently 2005 and 2008)
* Added initial support for real certificates
2012-08-30 MickeM
* Fixed issue with NSCA and AES encryption (still broken, but broken the way it was before)
* Fixed issue with aliases in upperaase not working (#554)
* Fixed (yet more) performance data parsing issues.
2012-08-25 MickeM
* Added initial check_mk server CheckMKServer
2012-08-25 MickeM
* Added initial check_mk client CheckMKClient
* Added sample check_mk lua script
2012-08-23 MickeM
* Added initial proof of concept for the check_mk client
2012-08-21 MickeM
* Refactoring and cleanup of the lua scripting wrappers
2012-08-14 MickeM
* New experimental way to build things automagically as well as new cleanedup build scripts.
2012-08-07 MickeM
* Fixed issue with perfoamnce data overflowing 32-bit integers (#550)
* Fixed issue with CheckUptime and time rendering beein wrong (#549)
2012-08-04 MickeM
* Re implemented INSTANCES command via the new pdh exec subsystem.
2012-08-04 MickeM
* Fixed exception with "nscp service"
* Improved nscp settings so help is displayed.
* Improved nscp settings so default action (no arguments) also lists all installed services.
* Improved nscp settings to default list service nscp as well as legcy nsclientpp
* Added initial retry (default 3) when sending data.
* Fixed protocol issue in NSClientServer (should now work again)
2012-08-03 MickeM
* Hopefully fixed the "cant load counter" issue by reowrking how counters are handled.
2012-08-02 MickeM
* major improvments to the CheckSystem command line syntax:
Run: "nscp sys" to get help.
A good way to validate your CheckSystem issues are running the following:
nscp sys --validate
2012-08-02 MickeM
* Added so commandline parser will stop at .. and pass along all extra options to the module.
So now you can do: (Notice the double --log where the first is a log arg and the second is a module arg)
nscp lua --log debug .. --script foo.lua --log this-is-a-lua-argument
But perhaps more importantly you can do:
nscp lua .. --help
Which previously would always give you "command line help" and not lua help.
2012-08-01 MickeM
* Resolved issue with crypto++ on linux (introduced by buildspeedups)
* Added so running "nscp settings" will list all loaded settins context (as a tree).
Quick way to see where your settings are stored.
2012-07-31 MickeM
* Fixed issue with files not copied by default build
* Swapped graphite client to use UTC instead of local time
2012-07-30 MickeM
* Restructured settings a bit removing dead code
* Added nscp settings --validate to validate a given settings file listing all invalid (unregistered) keys.
* Added SamplePluginSimple which currently is not very rich but at least has some comments to explain some of the things.
2012-07-29 MickeM
* Tracked down a few memoryleaks when connections time-out.
* Added testcases for connection timeouts in lua NRPE test suite
* Improved the LUA module a bit
2012-07-26 MickeM
* Fixed some memoryelaks in LUAModule
* Extracted the test functions into a library
* Added lib folder as search path for lua scripts
* Tweaks and improvments all around
* Improved the build scripts a lot making files work on linux (still need to manually build the targets though)
2012-07-23 MickeM
* Added support for LUAScripts to linux enviornments (still a few warnings to sort out)
* Improved lua unit test scripts
* Added support for using member functions as handlers in Lua scripts
2012-07-17 MickeM
* Performance enhancements to build time
2012-07-11 MickeM
* LUAScript: Improved lua scripting module a lot
* LUAScript: Added protocol buffer support to lua scripts
* tests: Rewrote (halfway there) test_nrpe python script as a lua script.
* CheckEventLog: Fixed command name when submitting real-time "no action checks"
2012-07-03 MickeM
* Improved settings API with new protocolbuffers commad (available from python)
* Improved registration API with new protoclbuffers commad (available from python)
* Created new python documentation module
* Improved command line syntax so executable commands now take an optional module prefix
2012-06-21 MickeM
* Added plugin_id to settings API to allow generating documentation based on module names.
* Added option --filter <module name> to filter generation based on module name.
You can now do this to generate documentation for a given module.
nscp settings --settings dummy --generate trac --filter ExternalScripts --load-all --add-defaults --log error
2012-06-20 MickeM
* Removed some legacy settings API code
* Changed logging API to allow settings "modules"
* Removed filename from console logger (making it easier to read)
2012-06-18 MickeM
* Fixed issue with parsing in test mode
* Fixed Graphite client using wrong time for datestamp
* Added so debug NSCA logs host name
2012-06-16 MickeM
* Initial (rather crude) NRDP support.
2012-06-16 MickeM
* Merged in master branch
* Fixed almost all -Wall warnings (the rest are probably not getting fixed in the near future due to their nature)
2012-06-12 MickeM
* Improved error handling in performance counters #436
* Improved parsing of "legacy command lines"
2012-06-12 MickeM
* Added log level = off to disable logging.
* Added option in NSCAClient to hostname (auto-lc) to use lower case version of hostname. #533
* Reworked how commands are read.
If a command is defined without a section (default) no section will be added and instead a comment will be addded on how to add the section.
This should (I hope) resolve the "missing command" for good.
* Improved error messages for missing commands
* Fixed scientific notation on performance data (#)
2012-06-11 MickeM
* Fixed some gcc compile issues
* Fixed a lot of gcc -Wall warnings
2012-06-08 MickeM
* Fixed some issues with real time eventlog.
* Extended the event log unit tests to encompass the new real-time checks.
2012-06-01 MickeM
* Tweaked all servers to use the new internals and added first testcase for NSCP socket
2012-05-24 MickeM
* Reworked real time event log support to be a lot more flexible
You can now specify all options on a "filter" level.
Old syntax NOT supported (and will not upgrade) but hopefully not to many will be affected.
* Added support for ipv6 allowed hosts validation
2012-05-21 MickeM
* Sofia Born (My second daughter)
2012-05-19 MickeM
* Fixed issue with checking rate counters (such as disk idle %)
* Fixed (I think) the negative denominator counter issue
* Fixed so indexes are only converted on \\123\\ and not also \\123 hello world\\ which caused some issues with numeric counter variables.
2012-05-13 MickeM
* Take 2 on fixing the empty command parsing.
* Refactored (same as with server) client internals to be more uniform (Again, next up are NSClient Server and NRDP)
2012-05-07 MickeM
* Fixed parsin of empty sections (CheckExternalScripts) - #524
* Fixed so duplicate command are not created when both sections and shorthands are used (CheckExternalScripts)
* Added a test to see if I can resolve the negative denominator issue.
2012-05-06 MickeM
* Refactored server internals to be more uniform (This is the first step to adding more protocols like NRDP and unittests for check_nt)
2012-05-03 MickeM
* Fixed issue with parsing size-type (usch as MinCritFree=10G)
2012-05-01 MickeM
* Release 0.4.0
2012-04-26 MickeM
* Fixed issue with check-cpu sampling interval being 10seconds and not 1/10 second.
2012-04-23 MickeM
* Fixed issue with missing performance data via NSCA
* Fixed issue with hostnames beeing lowercase
2012-04-28 MickeM
* Changed how files are generated to reduce number of projcts
2012-04-12 MickeM
* Fixed so keys with parents are advanced (in favour of the parent)
* Fixed so NSClientServer uses the correct default path for its parents (ie. /settings/default)
2012-04-10 MickeM
* Fixed crash in new logger
* Fixed a few command line parsing issues (most notably test and --log-to-file)
* Changed default location for process dumps to be a non-elevated location (under common-appdata).
* Fixed (ish) check_nt issue (check_nt really really is broken... this will probably cause problems with people sending large payloads though)
2012-04-06 MickeM
* Easter break!
2012-04-04 MickeM
* Fixed issue with empty filters in active eventlog
2012-04-04 MickeM
* Resolved some issues with loggingin default set to debug.
* Fixed so --debug actually works
* Added --log-to-file and set "nscp test" to not log to file.
* Fixed typo related to allow arguments option
* Added levels to comment for log level in config.
2012-04-01 MickeM
* Fixed issue with default port for NSCA/NRPE/* clients
2012-03-31 MickeM
* Rewritten log implementation from ground up without using crappy boost library which requires DNS :(
2012-03-27 MickeM
* Removed some annoying "error" messages
* Tweaked FileLogger a bit to be more "modern"
* Changed so file-name expansion is more efficient
* Changed so modules are defaulted to 0 in config.
* Log levels are case-sensitive
* Fixed so log level is not read from ini file
* improved plugin processing from ini files
2012-03-26 MickeM
* Fixed perfoamcen data parsing issue
* Fixed external scripts performance data issue
* Fixed boolen flag handling in settings (default generated as false regardless of actual state)
* Fixed so "advanced properties" are not generated with --update-defalts
* Added some "advanced properties" here and there
* Fixed path handling for object
2012-03-25 MickeM
* Added last few features to the GraphitePlugin (which is now usable)
* Tweaked nscp settings command line syntax a bit to be more flexible and usable...
2012-03-20 MickeM
* Fixed alias/service name for real-time event log filters
* Added smtp/syslog and graphite clients to installer
* Fixed so eventlog wont crahs on invalid messages
2012-03-19 MickeM
* Fixed issue in installer and "Make file writable" by everyone now uses Users SID.
* Fixed issue in installer and "Default plugins" now correctly sets them to 1.
2012-03-18 MickeM
* Removed dependency on tcpip from the service and the installer
* Added new command to EventLog CheckEventlogCached which checks result caught by the real-time process.
CheckEventLogCACHE warn=gt:1 crit=gt:5
Requires a configured real-time checker to work.
* Added a series of keywords to EventLog check to facilitate better checking
* Added a set of aliases to make EventLog behave more like Wdinwos Eventlog viewer.
* Added a lot of unit test cases to the Eventlog checker.
* Fixed issue with default schedule beeing added as an item and not a template
2012-03-11 MickeM
* Fixed a lot of issues with the installer
* Added so the installer can generate a config file for you
* Fixed so installer uses the correct path for password and allowed hosts
2012-03-08 MickeM
* Major improvments to the WMI command line syntax.
You can now: list namespaces, list classes, list instances as well as run queries.
Means you can use NSCLient++ as a almost full featured WMI command line client.
For details use: nscp wmi --help
* Added sample python WMI script to list all classes in all namespaces
* Fixed so if python scripts does not expose init and shutdown they will not be called
* Added new option --simple to CheckWMI wmi commands to return a simple list without formatting.
2012-03-06 MickeM
* Added "back" WMI Query command line exec like so:
nscp wmi --exec wmi-query
CheckWMI Command line syntax:
Allowed options:
-h [ --help ] Show help screen
-w [ --wmi-query ] arg Query to execute
-l [ --limit ] arg Limit number of rows
-n [ --namespace ] arg (=root\cimv2) Namespace
nscp wmi --exec wmi-query --query="Select * from Win32_Process" --limit 2
2012-03-05 MickeM
* Fixed so time/date comparissons are actually done in UTC (fixed for real this time!)
* Added a series of testcases for CheckFiles (test_w32_file)
2012-03-04 MickeM
* Added new dot-net API (Which does not require any strange wrappers)
* Added brand new sample C# plugin
* Fixed issue with python unit script loading usig the wrong default options
2012-02-21 MickeM
* Added new module CauseCrash which has a single command CrashClient to allow the service to be crashed remotly
*WARNING* Dont use this command, it is for debugging and testing purpouses only
* Fixed issue with BreakPad which was disabled
* Fixed some unix issues (sorry but hudson's stopped emailing me again:( )
* Fixed service --install (now sets correct options)
* Fixed service --install (now sets description correctly)
* Fixed log level defined in protobuf (now same as rest of the system)
* Fixed some issues with the check_nscp command
2012-02-20 MickeM
* Fixed NRPE buffer issue
* Added test case for 65K NRPE buffer length as well as 1Mb
* Added support for not regexp as operator to filters (Eventlog) (#463)
* Added support for computer as filter keyword and format keyword in EventLog (#442)
"filter=computer = 'foo'" syntax=%computer%
* Improved messages rendering of eventlog messages a bit
2012-02-19 MickeM
* Added new unit context on command line for running simple unit test cases:
nscp unit --language python --script test_nsca
* Added dependency on Tcpip
* Dropped OS bit-match requirement so now you can install any version on x64 plattform.
* Added so you can specify multiple counters for CheckCounter and poll them all in one go (#387)
* Added test cases (a bit flaky) for counters.
* Added ${host} and ${domain} to hostname settings option which might be used to construct your own hostname. (#428)
Not 100% sure about domain as on my box the "hostname" is only a name ie. has no domain...
2012-02-18 MickeM
* Fixed so too long log messages are trunacated instead of discarded
* Added option to truncate logfile if to large (#358)
[/settings/file logger]
max size = 1000
* Added keyword to reload (settings) to reload settings store (ie. flushing the cache) (#249).
* Added ability to load all files in a given directory (#366)
2012-02-17 MickeM
* Tweaked a bit in regards to ExternalScripts so it works better and handles errors better (#367)
* Fixed default report mode in 0.4.0 (#290)
* Made NSCA Client handle timestamps like send_nsca (ie. ignoring local time)
2012-02-16 MickeM
* Replaced command reader with object handler
* Added support for running commands as other users (#131)
* Improved pseed oflarge buffers for external commands (ie. when you return very large outputs) (#481)
* Added limit to test interface message length (when messages are to long only first 4k are displayed)
2012-02-15 MickeM
* Fixed missing icon on nscp.exe
* Fixed missing version info on nscp.exe (#294)
2012-02-13 MickeM - 0.4.0 RC2
* Fixed installer issue (could not start service)
2012-02-12 MickeM
* Added support for specifying targets on schedules:
target = foo-host
Will re-target the NSCA (or whatever you use) towards a given target.
* Fixed is schedule manager uses new standard object reader
* Fixed some issues with reading schedule
2012-02-05 MickeM
* Added test cases for targets to NRPE
* Added test cases for targets to NSCA
* Added test cases for lenghts to NSCA
* Changed to python API sleep uses milliseconds (not seconds as before)
Makes NSCA unittests go much faster (as I can wait much less)
* Fixed a lot of bugs related to target handling.
* implemented target refactoring on all Client modules.
2012-02-05 MickeM
* Refactored the targets concept internally to be simpler to use (less code)
* Fixed issue with reloading plugins
* Fixed target handling in NRPE Client, will add NSCA client tomorrow...
2012-02-02 MickeM
* Implemented full API for LuaScript
Now "everything" (ish) works including channels, exec and query (via moderna API)
Still no protocol buffer support but not sure how to play that yet so will not be available in 0.4.0.
2012-02-01 MickeM
* Implemented full settings API for LuaScript (next RC will have to wait till next weekend)
2012-01-31 MickeM1
* Fixed issue with parsing "invalid external commands".
If parsing falies it will notify you but use the legacy split string method instead.
* LuaScript module is now modern (ie. works with 0.4.0)
Should be 99% compatbile (function needs to be defined before registration) but all old scripts should work now (I think)
* LuaScript module has been modernized
The new API is very similar to Python
Concepts are working but not all commands have beenh implementes (and no testcases either)
The old API will still work
* Fixed issue with
2012-01-27 MickeM
* Changed CheckCounter format option to take a coma separated list of keyword from the below list:
nocap100: Counter values above 100 (for example, counter values measuring the processor load on multiprocessor computers) will not be reset to 100. The default behavior is that counter values are capped at a value of 100.
1000: Multiply the actual value by 1000.
noscale: Do not apply the default scaling factor.
So format=nocap100,noscale would combine the two aspects above.
2012-01-26 MickeM
* Fixed issue with parsing multiple performance data items (internally)
* Added option to CheckCounter format=nocap100 to not cap counters at 100% (for multi cpu machines)
2012-01-22 MickeM
* Fixed help when specifying invalid options on command line
* Eradicated a potential memoryleakin the NSCA encryption library
2012-01-22 MickeM
* Fixed so NSCAClient parses address correctly
* setings exception is now derived from exception meaning it will show up more with details (instead of unknown)
* Added API for handling log level (replaces older debug flag)
* Added options for settings debug level
* Changed to --settings is a global argument (meaning you canuse it in any mode)
* Added arguments parsing to test: so you can use global arguments such as --log and --settings.
* Removed memory leak in settings parsing interface
2012-01-20 MickeM
* Fixed a race condition in the python unit test script
2012-01-19 MickeM
* Fixed some NSCA encryption bugs (of the random nature)
These are probably inherited in 0.3.x as well so if you have issues you might wannan try to upgrade
2012-01-18 MickeM
* Improved unit tests so they can be run all in sequence
* Fixed various bugs in the unit tests
* Improved the syntax and output of running unit tests
* Refactored unit tests to be slightly nicer
* Fixed error state propagation
* Added unit tests to cmake (ie make test will now run unit tests)
2012-01-16 MickeM
* Added option to both execute and query item (with a reload in the middle for installing/running unittests)
* Fixed issue in python unittest framework to handle "unload" (ie. reload)
* Fixed NRPE certificate path lookup issue
* Fixed some minor issues here and there
* Fixed issue in loader to allow loading dummy as dummy (and not only dummy://)
2012-01-15 MickeM
* Fixed installer "back" issues
* Fixed payload truncation for NRPe and NSCA
* Improved the installer target tagging functions in the python installer
2012-01-13 MickeM
* Fixed some issues with the trac configuration generator
2012-01-12 MickeM
* Fixed issue with --submit command line option erroneusly reported missing optien (when it is not supported)
* Added settings store "dummy" for people who dont want to store settings (long term use is for unit tests)
* Added new option to NSCClient --source-host for settings the host name of the caller (your machine).
* Change so enryption algorithms are case insensitevie (ie. 3DES and 3des both work)
2012-01-09 MickeM
* Fixed hostname issue in NSCAClient (hostname = auto now auto detects hostname
* Fixed some minor issues in NSCA and CLI api
* Added CLI based (exec) APIs to NSCA unit tests (now 697 test for NSCA)
2012-01-08 MickeM
* Fixed some issues in the NRPE decoder
* Added support for forwarding queries (ie. xxx_forward) mainly usefull for python(?) scripts where we can now handconstruct messages for delivery
* Added NRPE unit tests (52 of them)
2011-12-08 MickeM
* Fixed so non custom installers gets configuration UI (meaning you can configure it)
* Added WarnCount/CritCount exact bounds to CheckProcState so:
CheckProcState CritCount=gt:50 WarnCount=ne:45 svchost.exe=started
* Added embryo for Graphite plugin (
* Added WarnHungCount/CritHungCount exact bounds to CheckProcState so:
CheckProcState CritHungCount=gt:50 WarnHungCount=ne:45 svchost.exe
* Changed so Count takes presedence meaning if you specify: CheckProcState CritCount=gt:50 svchost.exe=stopped it will be treated
as (CheckProcState CritCount=gt:50 svchost.exe) hence the stopped/started is meaningless if you specify a count.
* Fixed so perfoamnce data parsin handled non escaped \:es (ie. using stupiud parsing)
* Added a lot of unittests to CheckProcState to verify that many features work properly.
nscp python --script --install
nscp client --query py_unittest
OK: 121 test(s) successfull|
2011-12-06 MickeM
* Fixed so command line client wont try to run commands in modules which does not support it.
* Changed to when no settings is found a default one is created
* Removed old "location" key from switch context and changed so it use the new number scheme
2011-12-06 MickeM
* Added python unittests to make sure threading is working properly
* Simpliefied and cleaned up the command line syntax a bit
* Now --exec is the default option for client mode (but it will notify you it thought so)
* Added "command-less" execution to PythonScript so you can do --exec --script ... (without having --exec run)
* Fixed an issue related to python threading
* Fixed Scheduler header propgation
* Fixed so all Client module use "complex" API meaning headers are propagated correctly
* Fixed scheduler alias issue
2011-11-27 MickeM
* Fixed some NSCA issues (reading from new conf)
* Fixed some linux build issues (related to refactoring)
2011-11-27 MickeM
* Major refactoring in the command line interface
* Added support for alias to many common module (command line)
so: nscp eventlog (is the same as nscp client --module CheckEventLog)
* Fixed issue with CheckEventLog message rendering and eventid
* Refactored all Client modules to all support command line, commands and submissions.
* Added uniform handling of "everything" to all Client plugins
* Fixed SyslogClient to work "as advertised" (ie. all hardcoded stuff is removed)
* Fixed utf8 issue with text strings (now have a working concept which needs to be implementd "all over the place")
* Many issues and fixes related to clients.
* Fixed so CheckEvent log (insert) works much better (added new options)
2011-11-14 MickeM
* Fixed issue with installer not saving nsc.ini when upgrading from 0.3.9
2011-11-09 MickeM
* Added initial SyslogClient module to allow syuslog forwarding (of passive checks ish)
Still requires template support and configuration options (mainly PoC right now).
* Added initial SMTPClient to allow sending messages via SMTP.
Still requires template support and configuration options (mainly PoC right now).
* Fixed unicode log issue (still not sure message format is correct)
* Renamed Message to log in internal wrapper API
* Fixed issue in settings old (regarding readin new keys, not 100% supported yet)
2011-11-06 MickeM
* Had some "vacation" so no updates for a while
* A lot of fixes to the NSCA parts (now 100% compatible with old settings file)
* Added option to read sections (to plugin API)
* Fixed issues in settings wrapper so child paths are also mapped (not just keys)
* Many fixes related to NRPE/NSCA/*
* "RC quality" expect RC within the week (only need to fix default config file somehow)
* Upgraded all unit test to use the simplified API
* Fixed a some unicode issues in PythonScript module
* Improved threading a bit
* Fixed CheckSystem (service check)
* Fixed duplicate keys (when replacing) in old settings client
2011-10-21 MickeM
* Some more threading issues in Python (works perfectly(?) now)
* Refactored the tests a bit making test suites runable from a central hub
* Fixed soo everything builds and works on Linux
2011-10-19 MickeM
* Fixed some threadding issues in PythonScript
* Still working on refactoring the unittest helpers a bit
2011-10-16 MickeM
* Fixed issue with loading zero-byte UTF-8 config files
* Fixed some issues with settings subsystem (debug log as well as createing instances for --generate)
* Added ability to set event log to real-time
* Added support for multiple eventlogs in real-time
2011-10-09 MickeM
* Real-time CheckEventLog working (still only for one, and I think application log)
* Added python tests to validfate that Real-time eventlog is working.
* Fixed som defects here and there (now builds on Linux again)
* Fixed so it builds in "debug mode"
* Fixed issue in grammar which caused infiniate loop in som cases
* Fixed so error rendering in eventlog works with "infininate number of argumnets"
* Added support for targeting execs (in API)
* Fixed some invalid return messages
* Streamlined submissions wrappers to be more inline with "other wrappers"
* Fixed a myrriad of minor python script bugs
* Added sleep command (which sometimes causes issues so use with care)
2011-10-06 MickeM
* Initial command for createing eventlog records
* Initial real-time eventlog checker
* Fixed obscure c-tor issue with filters
2011-09-27 MickeM
* Fixed many many issues all over the place as I tried to make things working for my pressention at nwc.
2011-09-24 MickeM
* Started on NSCA unit-tests in python
* Refactored channel API a bit to better suite NSCA (and how it actually works)
* Changed how headers are created (nothice this might have broken NSCP stuff, havent checked)
* Created helper lib for Python Unittests
2011-09-21 MickeM
* Renamed NSCAAgent to NSCAClient (to be consistant)
* Created a NSCAServer module (again for consistancy)
This will be the defenition of the new "channels" so keep a lookout in the next few weeks
2011-09-18 MickeM
* Implemented first version of DistributedClient and DistributedSServer which work so now we have a proper message based transport.
Still a lot of rough edges such as cookie and authentication support is hard coded.
We also need a proper two way distributed server as well as implement "all" payload types.
2011-09-11 MickeM
* Massive overhaul here and there
* Added new helper for handling "targets" (so they are the same)
* Extracted "command line handling" so all clients will work the same
* Extracted command processor to a common class to make all clients work the same
* Added initial zeromq stuff (nothing usable)
* Added an implementation layer for NSCP protocol parsing (so zeromq stuff can reuse it)
2011-09-05 MickeM
* Cleaned up some dependencies (on config.h)
* Fixed invalid data in
2011-09-03 MickeM (
* Created a protcol buffer free version of the python test script
* Upgraded to new version of simpleinin class
* Added new component for python protocol buffer library to installer
* Added installer for unittests to run like so:
nscp --client --module PythonScript --command execute-and-load-python --script
* Fixed so settings are created if not existing
* Fixed so plugins are not loaded in client mode
* Fixed so core is booting correctly in client mode
* Added new option --settings --switch <context> to allow switching context without migrating data
* Fixed unicode error on linux (settings file)
2011-09-02 MickeM
* Fixed several issues in PythonScript
* PythonScript supports loading multiple instances as well as scripts
* Added some basic channel test to script (the idea is that this will become "unit tests" eventually)
2011-09-01 MickeM
* Implemented registration of channels (so no longer faked)
* Added settings key to change the NSCAAgent channel name
* Addded proper channel handling to PythonScript module
* Improved error handling in channels API
* Rewrote wrapper API to use templates and classes instead of macros (ish)
* Improved the internal plugin wrapping API to support multiple plugin load
* Fixed so PythonScript module supports multiple plugin load (with new argument for plugin_id)
* Added API for registrying routers and handling routing (almost there now)
2011-09-01 MickeM
* Fixed issue with messages due to new API
2011-08-31 MickeM
* Added support for loading same plugin twice (in different sessions)
* Added preliminary support for routing passive checks
2011-08-30 MickeM
* Fixed uncaught exception in test client
* Added protocol buffers to source (needs to be added to installer as well)
* Added example python protocol buffer handler
* Added lib folder to python scripting (and automagicall load)
2011-08-29 MickeM
* Fixed some *nix build issues...
2011-08-25 MickeM
* Fixed some issues in the NSCPClient
* Fixed debug log issue in core
* Added support for "pushing" passive checks via NSCP
2011-08-24 MickeM
* Sever refactoring of the new API (there is now two pb files ipc for NSCP protocol and plugin for plugin communication)
* Cleaned up API helper functions
* Fixed client argument for "client mode" to allow arbitrary arguments
* Cleaned up the argument processor code now requires "mode" to be first argument
2011-08-23 MickeM
* Fixed issue in the NSCP server
2011-08-22 MickeM
* Added initial NSCP protocol implenmentation (very vrude and not really usefull yet)
* Fixed so it builds on linux
* Fixed so automagic plugin renaming add lib<LIB name> on *nix.
* Fixed so it works on linux (fixed issues with timeout)
2011-08-16 MickeM (
* Added support for remote WMI checking using target/username/password options like so:
CheckWMI target= user=\\foobar password=foobar namespace=root\\cimv2 MaxCrit=3 MinWarn=1 "Query:load=Select * from win32_Processor"
* Added support for looking up targets to CheckWMI
CheckWMI target=my_test_xp MaxCrit=3 MinWarn=1 "Query:load=Select * from win32_Processor"
Where <target> is defined under /settings/targets as well as /settings/targets/my_test_xp
2011-08-15 MickeM
* Readded allowed hosts function
* Moved default socket options to /settings/default/socket
* Added more default socket options
* Added support for target in default plugin helpers
* Added remote WMI commands
* Added target section under /settings/targets
2011-08-14 MickeM
* NRPEClient now works on linux
* Added "portable" settings map file to installer (so it will work with old installed versions)
* Rename Function to Registry in PythonScript API as well as some other function renames
* Started to clean up the helpers around the API
* Added support for execute to PythonScripts to execute commands
* BUG: just realised that static plugin instances prevent multiple instances :)
Will fix but not now as it is not important (for me)...
* Added initial support for channels to PythonScript
Core still lacks support for subscribing to arbitrary channels
2011-08-13 MickeM
* Added support for command line execution to PythonScript module
* Readded support for specifying module on command line with --client mode
* Fixed some issues with the NRPEClient module
2011-08-12 MickeM
* Finnished (rough) adding back command line exec (with modern API)
* Fixed so installer uses correct name for dll:s (now Server not Listsener)
2011-08-11 MickeM
* Started to add back command line exec (with modern API)
2011-08-10 MickeM
* Fixed linus issues and defect
* Fixed some issues in the test python script regarding how prefix is handled
* Fixed PythonScript module to actually use the correct function map :)
* Fixed so it builds and runs on linux (but parser had issues so disabled som grammar rules whichneeds to be enabled again)
* Added a lot of freatures and cleand up the PythonScript module
* Started to merge som features from PythonScript back to Lua script
2011-08-07 MickeM
* Fixed a lot of issues with PythonScript module adding suport for alias and "raw command processing"
* Fixed issue with loading plugins and aliases as well as duplicate plugin detection
2011-08-01 MickeM
* Added new module: PythonScript
2011-07-25 MickeM
* merged in all 0.3.9 changes
* refactored where filter to be "non template" to drastically reduce compile time (as well as potentially size if I ever go dll instead of static link)
* streamlined checkeventlog toi be same as "the other" where filters as well as dropped support of "old" syntax.
* Multiple fixes all over the place
* Availible modules: CheckExternalScripts, CheckHelpers, FileLogger, NRPEClient, NRPEServer, Scheduler
! Performance data is still missing (will be for a while yet)
2010-01-31 MickeM
+ Added google protocol buffers
! Changed internal handle command logic (now uses protocol buffers)
- Removed (temporarily) performance data (due to protocol buffer changes)
2010-01-19 MickeM
+ Rename NRPEListener to NRPEServer
+ Added NRPEServer to CMake build
2010-01-xx MickeM
+ Added Scheduling module
2009-10-11 MickeM
+ Added argument support to NRPE Client
This is temporarily enabled by the same options under the NRPE section. BUT this will change int he future so be ware when using them.
2009-09-20 MickeM
* Fixed alias in CheckWMI (now works)
+ Added columnSyntax to CheckWMI to allow formating of returned data (default is %column%=%value%)
+ Added columnSeparator to CheckWMI to allow formating of returned data (default is ", ")
2009-09-13 MickeM
* Fixed some more issues with the installer should not "work" on Windows 2008 as well as slightly simpler to configure.
2009-09-06 MickeM
+ Added new option to [NSCA Agent] string_length=<size> of the NSCA_MAX_PLUGINOUTPUT_LENGTH option on the NSCA server.
* Readded all the "installer configuration" crap which I accidentaly removed when I fixed the installer... *sigh*
2009-08-30 MickeM
+ Added -c and -d command line options like so:
NSClient++ -c CheckFile2 path=c:\test pattern=*.txt MaxCrit=1 filter+written=gt:2h
NSClient++ -c <command> <argument 1> <argument 2> ...
-d Is the same thing but with debug enabled.
+ Added uninstall of old client (sort of broken but works)
2009-08-29 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckFile (directory)
* Rewrote the CA:s in the installer to work "better" (hopefully) in general it should be have more like a propper installer.
2009-07-18 MickeM
* Fixed issue with no loggers available and "memory leak"
* Added "firewall exception" to installer
* Fixed an issue with the socket data buffer
* Added new option to NSC.ini [NSCA] socket_timeout=30 (timeout in seconds when reading from NSCA sockets)
* Fixed issue with NSCA socket.
2009-07-05 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckExternalScripts and script_dir: not adding the commands properly.
* Fixed issue with CheckExternalScripts and script_dir: not using relative paths (#310).
2009-06-20 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckDisk and paths not working out properly
2009-06-10 MickeM - 0.3.6
! Release the new version
2009-06-10 MickeM
* Fixed so CheckEventLog only reports invalid buffersizes once
2009-06-07 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckFileAge incorrectly working in recursive mode.
* Finalized the installer
2009-05-22 MickeM
* Fixed time_delay option in NSCA config (now uses the correct base was 1000 times to large before)
2009-05-21 MickeM
* Fixed issue with eventlog parsing and 64 bit machines (descriptions option)
* Fixed issue with "modern windows" and installing the service (should not have the correct privlaiges)
2009-05-17 MickeM
* Changed default buffer size for process enumeration (64K now instead of 1K should I hope work better on 64bit OS:es)
2009-05-10 MickeM
+ Added write support for modules to installer
2009-05-03 MickeM
* Fixed another quite serious memory leak!
And this was a hard one, took me hours and hours and hours (read weeks) to track down, but here we are!
* A lot of other fixes as I have been through much of the code looking for the memmory leak above.
2009-03-30 MickeM
+ Added new option to NSCA module for specifying report options.
report=all (report=warning,critical) etc etc to specify which kind of return datat to get default value is all.
+ Added so password and host ate stored in the installer (if changed)
2009-03-29 MickeM
* Fixed a lot of issues with the installer and added a start on exit (and donate) on the finnish dialog.
2009-03-15 MickeM
* New service name (displayname)
* New service description
2009-03-14 MickeM
* Rebuilt installer UI (still missing write config function)
* Added debug entry to log filename used by debug log metrics.
* Fixed so alias will not require the allow_nasty_metachars option set under external sripts module.
2009-03-02 MickeM
* Added catch handlers and error logging to NSCA Thread
* Fixed issue with CheckProcState and administrator login!
+ Added debug module to installer
+ Added option max-dir-depth to CheckFile and CheckFile2 like so:
CheckFile "file=c:\test\*.txt" filter-size=<24g "syntax=%filename%: %size%" MaxCrit=1 max-dir-depth=0
Will only find files on the "first level" where as max-dir-depth=1 would find all parents and children etc. (-1 is the default and means find all)
* Fixed issue with finding sub-folders and *.txt now it will always look for subfolders if they are present
2009-02-26 MickeM
* Fixed issue with debug logging (not it can be disabled again)
2009-02-23 MickeM
* Fixed build issues so NSCA now has all cryuptos available (verify with nsclient++ /about)
2009-02-11 MickeM
* Fixed so that performance data is always(?) renderd regardless of if we have bounds or not.
This was primarily to fix issues where we have might not "unexpectedly" get performance data (might still be some issues here so let me know).
2009-02-06 MickeM
* Fixed so that arguments ($ARG1$) are parsed properly for alias in CheckExternalScript
2009-02-05 MickeM
* Fixed so the error message for "to small eventlog buffer" specifies the required size.
* Changed so that event log buffer problems are "ignored in the result" (still logged in the error log).
2009-02-03 MickeM
* Added support for changing the time when using NSCA with the time_delay in NSC.ini
time_delay=+4h or time_delay=-1h etc should can now be used when system time not the same as NSCA time.
2009-01-30 MickeM
* Added support for changing name and description of service from the /install command line
NSClient++ /install [gui] [start] [service name] [description]
NSClient++ /uninstall [gui] [stop] [service name]
NSClient++ /start [gui] [service name]
NSClient++ /stop [gui] [service name]
2009-01-28 MickeM
* Slightly improved error handling around socket creation
* Fixed some pretty minor issues with the SysTray module (uncreation as well as new boost build).
2009-01-25 MickeM
* Fixed issue with checkVersion (#242)
* Fixed spelling error (#244)
* Fixed crash in CheckFile when a file was locked in exclusive mode (#254)
+ Improved error handling in all CheckDIsk/CheckFile checks. Should report errors better now.
* Updated the config file a bit: remving "beta" from a bunch of modules no longer in beta. (#270)
+ Added more filter operatos to all numeric filters so they accept eq:, ne:, gt:, lt: in addition to =, >, <, <>, !, !=, in: (#269)
2009-01-23 MickeM
+ Added better support for numerical hit matching in the eventlog module. You can now use exact and detailed matching.
You can now use the following syntax:
CheckEventLog ... warn=ne:1 crit=eq:0 ...
To generate a warning if the number of hits are != 1 and a critical if the number of hits are = 0.
Other operators available are: =, >, <, <>, !, !=, eq:, ne:, gt:, lt:
2009-01-23 MickeM
* Cleaned up the checkProcState code and it is not a lot better.
- Removed race conditions (crashes?) as well as improved perfoamnce and better error handling.
+ Added new option 16bit to checkProcState. When set checkProcState will enumerate all 16 bit processes found running under NTVDM.
* Fixed NRPE version reported "incorrectly". (Version is now takedn from NSClient++)
2009-01-21 MickeM
+ Added experimental 16 bit process support to checkProcState
2009-01-20 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckWMI when no filter was specified.
2009-01-17 MickeM
+ Added new command line option pdhlookup (to CheckSystem) to lookup index from names.
Probably not usefull to anyone but me :) Usage: "nsclient++ -noboot CheckSystem pdhlookup Antal bindningsreferenser"
* Fixed so PDH Collectors use the same exception as the rest of the PDH stuff (might give better errors when PDH breaks, but I doubt it)
* removed debug output from -noboot
+ Added new command line pdhmatch option to use pattern matching on PDH queries
Usage: nsclient++ -noboot CheckSystem pdhmatch \Process(*)\Antal trådar
* Improved error reporting in the PDH subsystem.
+ Added new module A_DebugLogMetrics.dll which can be used to generate debug info.
Enable the module and a file called process_info.csv will be created under %APP_DATA%/nsclient++/process_info.csv which contains metrics.
* Fixed handle leak in CheckExternalProcess and NRPEListsner (executing commands).
2009-01-13 MickeM
* Fixed issue with 64-bit installer (now installs under Program Files (and not x86)
+ Brand new build enviornment based upon boost build!!!
Use batch file to build (release-build.bat or modify to make your own)
* Modified /about so it now shows a lot of usefull(?) info.
2008-11-13 MickeM
+ Added truncate option to checkServiceState
2008-09-24 MickeM
* Imroved the installer (now auto-updates the version when built)
2008-09-24 MickeM - 0.3.5
* Fixed issue with CheckServiceState and CheckAll (it now works)
+ Added new check: CheckFile2 which has the same syntax as the event log filtering.
Usage: CheckFile2 file=c:\test\*.txt filter=in filter+creation=<24h "syntax=%filename% was created %creation%" MinWarn=0 MinCrit=0
2008-09-18 MickeM - 0.3.4
* Changed so "missing services" are treated as stopped.
CheckServiceState missing=stopped ShowAll
OK: missing: not found
* Fixed issue with : in service name.
+ Added some "reasonable default cheks" under [External Alias] for the CheckExternalScripts.dll module.
2008-09-17 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-6
* Added option [EventLog] lookup_names=0 to disable the evetlog name lookup (default is on)
2008-09-17 MickeM
* Fixed issue on all filters so == takes the "usual" 2 equalsigns (old still works).
* Added so tray icon can get "propper" name from core for "description".
* Added lookup of "long" eventlog names (you can now use the alias used in the event viewer)
2008-09-16 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-5
* Fixed an issue with the session launcher
2008-09-15 MickeM
* Fixed so NSCLient++ can load with "broken plugins" (before it printed an error and exited)
+ Added a very basic simple .net plugin (and a wrapper)
2008-09-14 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-4
* Fixed an issue with the session launcher
* Fixed an issue with the uninstaller (should not "fail" when problems uninstalling)
2008-09-14 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-4
* Fixed issue with OS detection (again)
* Fixed issue with plugin unloading (again)
* Fixed issue with SSL socket not unloading properly
* Fixed issue with "login" and "no session" (should work now I hope) (#222)
* Changed so all projects build under "tmp" instead of under respecitve directory. (simpler to remove all "tmp" files now)
2008-09-12 MickeM
* Thanks to everyone who listened in on my session at NETWAYS Nagios Konferenz 2008!
2008-09-09 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-3
* Improved error handling for the WMI checks.
+ CheckWMI: Added support for extracting numbers from strings
* Fixed performance data for "large float values" to be rendered without scientific notation. (#151)
* Fixed issue with & and some commands via check_nt.
* Fixed a crash on exit (which I added in Rc1).
* Added 10 "bytes" the CPU buffer: (#174)
+ Added new option to [EventLog] section buffer_size to change the size of the buffer used when scanning the evenlotg (defaults to 64k).
* Fixed error handling in CHeckEventLog so errors are repoorted properly (#184)
2008-09-08 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-2
* Fixed issue in windows 2008 with system tray (shared_session).
* Fixed installer issue (should run (i hope) service installer on install now on 64 bit os)
* Fixed issue with unloading plugins and log (causing "timeouts" when exiting some times)
2008-09-07 MickeM
+ Added sample powershell script as well as a workaround for making them run.
* Fixed an issue making powershell scripts (and possibly others) not timeout properly.
+ Added upgrade support to the installer (still need to add support for keeping .ini file so be ware)
2008-09-06 MickeM
* Improved error reporting in the eventlogchecker
* *BREAKING CHANGE* filter=new is now the default so unless you use the new filtering you need to specify filter=old instead!
I Recomend everyone to stop using the "old" filtering.
2008-09-04 MickeM
* Fixed issues with new service stuff on NT4 and W2K (should work fine now)
+ Added some DebugOutput to service handling features so if you experience tropubel try using sysinternals DebugView too se logging before the agent startes.
* Fixed a memory leak in the error formating code
2008-08-24 MickeM
* Changed NSCA "general problem" error message to be more descriptive.
* Fixed issue with CheckCPU not returning a valid performance unit (%) see issue #219 for details.
2008-08-16 MickeM
* *WARNING* A lot of new untested code here so dont run in production enviornments :)
+ Added shared session so system tray can communicate with master
+ Added new system tray handlig (via TS so FUS should work with it)
+ Added new option [System] / shared_session=0 (or 1) to enable / disable the new shared memory framework (it is for now disabled by default)
If you want to try this remember to change that option but also beware! it is dagerous and not finnished and and also there is as of now no security at all.
2008-08-09 MickeM
+ Added ChangeWindowMessageFilter so systray should maybe work on vista and beyond!
2008-07-28 MickeM
* Improved the error handling for the check proc state.
* Removed all (I think) asserts replacing them with exceptions (should I hope reduce crashes and instead leave some form of errors)
2008-07-25 MickeM
+ Built a garage at the summer house
* cut down all the reeds and shrubbs at the summer house.
2008-07-03 MickeM
* Fixed (again) issue with performance data and CheckDriveSize (when using "Min" bounds)
+ Added some more error messages for when counters are not found.
* Fixed an issue with the new namespace option
2008-07-02 MickeM
! 0.3.3 Released (take 2)
+ Added new option alias to controll the name for performance counters when using checkfile use like so:
checkfile alias=foo file=C:\boot.ini filter-written=>1000d syntax=gurka MaxCrit=1
* Fixed issue with performance data and CheckDriveSize (when using "Min" bounds)
! 0.3.3 Released (take 1)
* Fixed some issues (?) with the installer the w32 and x64 are now different components (GUIDs).
2008-07-02 MickeM
+ Fixed some issues (?) with the installer the w32 and x64 are now different components (GUIDs).
2008-07-01 MickeM
+ Added new option (namespace) to CheckWMI and CheckWMIValue use like so:
CheckWMI namespace=root\\cimv2 MaxCrit=3 MinWarn=1 "Query:load=Select * from win32_Processor"
2008-06-30 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckFile and performance data ( #156 )
+ Added option (InvalidStatus) to CheckCounter to allow other then UNKNOWN return state when counters are missing ( #167 ).
*NOTICE* this is all reasons (so if the counter is missing or some such the same will happen not just when the instance is missing)
Message will reflect reason.
* Fixed issue in the arraybuffer (one of the plit functions had a problem with multiple chars of the same) ( #190 )
2008-06-25 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckDriveSize and CheckAllOthers (#188)
2008-06-24 MickeM
+ Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckOK: Just return OK (anything passed along will be used as a message).
+ Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckWARNING: Just return WARN (anything passed along will be used as a message).
+ Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckCRITICAL: Just return CRIT (anything passed along will be used as a message).
+ Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckVersion: Just return the nagios version (along with OK status).
* Better error messages in the check service thingy.
2008-06-18 MickeM
* Fixed an issue in regards to reading the return packet in the in the NRPEClient (now it works).
Before only the first 1024 bytes were used.
2008-06-15 MickeM
* Applied patches from Jeff Goldschrafe <goldschr AT>
+ CheckDriveSize now uses "all drives" when no drive is specified.
* Fixed misspellt Container
2008-06-14 MickeM
* Fixed error message from external commands (better reporting now)
2008-05-14 MickeM
* Fixed memoryleak in the service checker.
I am really sorry I usualy write better code then this.
+ Added some "reasonable default cheks" under [External Alias] for the CheckExternalScripts.dll module.
2008-09-17 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-6
* Added option [EventLog] lookup_names=0 to disable the evetlog name lookup (default is on)
2008-09-17 MickeM
* Fixed issue on all filters so == takes the "usual" 2 equalsigns (old still works).
* Added so tray icon can get "propper" name from core for "description".
* Added lookup of "long" eventlog names (you can now use the alias used in the event viewer)
2008-09-16 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-5
* Fixed an issue with the session launcher
2008-09-15 MickeM
* Fixed so NSCLient++ can load with "broken plugins" (before it printed an error and exited)
+ Added a very basic simple .net plugin (and a wrapper)
2008-09-14 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-4
* Fixed an issue with the session launcher
* Fixed an issue with the uninstaller (should not "fail" when problems uninstalling)
2008-09-14 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-4
* Fixed issue with OS detection (again)
* Fixed issue with plugin unloading (again)
* Fixed issue with SSL socket not unloading properly
* Fixed issue with "login" and "no session" (should work now I hope) (#222)
* Changed so all projects build under "tmp" instead of under respecitve directory. (simpler to remove all "tmp" files now)
2008-09-12 MickeM
* Thanks to everyone who listened in on my session at NETWAYS Nagios Konferenz 2008!
2008-09-09 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-3
* Improved error handling for the WMI checks.
+ CheckWMI: Added support for extracting numbers from strings
* Fixed performance data for "large float values" to be rendered without scientific notation. (#151)
* Fixed issue with & and some commands via check_nt.
* Fixed a crash on exit (which I added in Rc1).
* Added 10 "bytes" the CPU buffer: (#174)
+ Added new option to [EventLog] section buffer_size to change the size of the buffer used when scanning the evenlotg (defaults to 64k).
* Fixed error handling in CHeckEventLog so errors are repoorted properly (#184)
2008-09-08 MickeM - 0.3.4 RC-2
* Fixed issue in windows 2008 with system tray (shared_session).
* Fixed installer issue (should run (i hope) service installer on install now on 64 bit os)
* Fixed issue with unloading plugins and log (causing "timeouts" when exiting some times)
2008-09-07 MickeM
+ Added sample powershell script as well as a workaround for making them run.
* Fixed an issue making powershell scripts (and possibly others) not timeout properly.
+ Added upgrade support to the installer (still need to add support for keeping .ini file so be ware)
2008-09-06 MickeM
* Improved error reporting in the eventlogchecker
* *BREAKING CHANGE* filter=new is now the default so unless you use the new filtering you need to specify filter=old instead!
I Recomend everyone to stop using the "old" filtering.
2008-09-04 MickeM
* Fixed issues with new service stuff on NT4 and W2K (should work fine now)
+ Added some DebugOutput to service handling features so if you experience tropubel try using sysinternals DebugView too se logging before the agent startes.
* Fixed a memory leak in the error formating code
2008-08-24 MickeM
* Changed NSCA "general problem" error message to be more descriptive.
* Fixed issue with CheckCPU not returning a valid performance unit (%) see issue #219 for details.
2008-08-16 MickeM
* *WARNING* A lot of new untested code here so dont run in production enviornments :)
+ Added shared session so system tray can communicate with master
+ Added new system tray handlig (via TS so FUS should work with it)
+ Added new option [System] / shared_session=0 (or 1) to enable / disable the new shared memory framework (it is for now disabled by default)
If you want to try this remember to change that option but also beware! it is dagerous and not finnished and and also there is as of now no security at all.
2008-08-09 MickeM
+ Added ChangeWindowMessageFilter so systray should maybe work on vista and beyond!
2008-07-28 MickeM
* Improved the error handling for the check proc state.
* Removed all (I think) asserts replacing them with exceptions (should I hope reduce crashes and instead leave some form of errors)
2008-07-25 MickeM
+ Built a garage at the summer house
* cut down all the reeds and shrubbs at the summer house.
2008-07-03 MickeM
* Fixed (again) issue with performance data and CheckDriveSize (when using "Min" bounds)
+ Added some more error messages for when counters are not found.
* Fixed an issue with the new namespace option
2008-07-02 MickeM
! 0.3.3 Released (take 2)
+ Added new option alias to controll the name for performance counters when using checkfile use like so:
checkfile alias=foo file=C:\boot.ini filter-written=>1000d syntax=gurka MaxCrit=1
* Fixed issue with performance data and CheckDriveSize (when using "Min" bounds)
! 0.3.3 Released (take 1)
* Fixed some issues (?) with the installer the w32 and x64 are now different components (GUIDs).
2008-07-02 MickeM
+ Fixed some issues (?) with the installer the w32 and x64 are now different components (GUIDs).
2008-07-01 MickeM
+ Added new option (namespace) to CheckWMI and CheckWMIValue use like so:
CheckWMI namespace=root\\cimv2 MaxCrit=3 MinWarn=1 "Query:load=Select * from win32_Processor"
2008-06-30 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckFile and performance data ( #156 )
+ Added option (InvalidStatus) to CheckCounter to allow other then UNKNOWN return state when counters are missing ( #167 ).
*NOTICE* this is all reasons (so if the counter is missing or some such the same will happen not just when the instance is missing)
Message will reflect reason.
* Fixed issue in the arraybuffer (one of the plit functions had a problem with multiple chars of the same) ( #190 )
2008-06-25 MickeM
* Fixed issue with CheckDriveSize and CheckAllOthers (#188)
2008-06-24 MickeM
+ Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckOK: Just return OK (anything passed along will be used as a message).
+ Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckWARNING: Just return WARN (anything passed along will be used as a message).
+ Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckCRITICAL: Just return CRIT (anything passed along will be used as a message).
+ Added new check (to CheckHelpers): CheckVersion: Just return the nagios version (along with OK status).
* Better error messages in the check service thingy.
2008-06-18 MickeM
* Fixed an issue in regards to reading the return packet in the in the NRPEClient (now it works).
Before only the first 1024 bytes were used.
2008-06-15 MickeM
* Applied patches from Jeff Goldschrafe <goldschr AT>
+ CheckDriveSize now uses "all drives" when no drive is specified.
* Fixed misspellt Container
2008-06-14 MickeM
* Fixed error message from external commands (better reporting now)
2008-05-14 MickeM
* Fixed memoryleak in the service checker.
I am really sorry I usualy write better code then this.
2008-05-?? MickeM
* BREAKING CHANGE! -- THe API function NSCLoadPlugin has been changed to take an integer to define the load-status
2008-06-?? MickeM
* BREAKING CHANGE! -- New settings API as well as new WEBConfiguration UI (nothing is finnished yet but I wanted to check things into the SVN since it is a lot of changes now :)
2008-05-14 MickeM
* Fixed memoryleak in the service checker.
I am really sorry I usualy write better code then this.
2008-05-11 MickeM
* BREAKING CHANGE! -- Changed PDH options to a more uniform design:
auto_detect_pdh and dont_use_pdh_index has been removed and instead there is a new method option that takes various values.
2008-04-03 MickeM
* Moved COM init to "core" (from WMI module)
+ Added new Check command: CheckTaskSched Use like so:
CheckTaskSched +filter-exit-code==1 ShowAll MaxWarn=1 MaxCrit=1
2008-03-21 MickeM
+ Added command line support for process checks
New option: cmdLine will toggle so full command lines are used instead of just process names.
+ Added regular expression matching to process checks
New option: match=regexp (match=strings is the default and "old" way)
+ Added substring matching to process checks
New option: match=substr (match=strings is the default and "old" way)
This is *NOT* case blind so might be hard to use, plan to add case blindness to it in the future.
: Sample command: check_nt ... -v PROCSTATE -l cmdLine,match=regexp,.*exp.* -d SHOWALL
* Ohh yeah... it is 2008 this year... not 2007, fixed a few entries in the change log :)
- BREAKING CHANGE! -- Removed TOOLHELPER API as PSAPI is simpler and toolhelp is really only useful on w9x (which I don't officially support)
2008-03-20 MickeM
+ Added host-lookupos for NSCA server (#149)
+ Added option (cache_hostname=1|0) to cache the NSCA host name (Ie. only lookup once)
* Fixed service check: check_nt -v SERVICESTATE -l CheckAll so it works as advertised (#150)
* Fixed issue with check_nt MEMUSE/CPULOAD/UPTIME if something is "broken" they will now return an error instead of "0". (#134)
Added option debug_skip_data_collection to simulate this (just for kicks)
2008-03-18 MickeM
* Added some more error messages to the NSCA module
* Added support for arguments to LUA module.
syntax: function debug (command, args) -- args is a table with all arguments
2008-03-11 MickeM
! 0.3.1 Released
2008-03-08 MickeM
* Changed so log is now in Unicode format
Hopefully this will make it simpler to diagnose PDH issues in "strange locales".
If anyone hates this let me know and I will add an option to use "old ansi log".
* Fixed so the console is logged as ANSI (properly) and all Unicode's are discarded.
This means "strangeness" in Unicode and non-us-ascii chars on the console,
so for details refer to the log-file which is proper Unicode.
+ Since log module is loaded "after" the client has booted I added a "hello" message that prints the current version
(if you find this annoying let me know, I will make it optional :)
* Fixed some issues in the registry handling
2008-03-06 MickeM
* Fixed silly ordering bug with the <> syntax.
2008-03-05 MickeM
+ Added debug to new section [Eventlog], when enabled it will (log) what lines matched what, this is a pretty big performance overhead so don't run with this one.
+ Added syntax to new section [Eventlog] used as a shorthand for the syntax to use as "default" (when no syntax=... option is given)
* Fixed an issue with eventlog and . matching.
+ Added shorthand ! for != in "all" numeric filters (eventlog)
+ Added <> (same as ! and !=) as NRPE breaks the use of ! (in "all" numeric filters (eventlog))
Try using: filter-eventType=<>warning to remove everything that is not a warning
* Fixed two spelling mistakes in the SysTray module.
* Fixed 64-bit issues with installer
* Fixed so installer uninstalls/installs the service
2008-02-26 MickeM
+ Added installer
2008-02-22 MickeM
* Fixed issues in the NRPE module (now returns the correct status)
+ Added a lot of "error log" for when the packet size in NRPEListener is not correct
(might make it simpler to diagnose problems)
2008-02-20 MickeM
+ Added new module NRPEClient that can act as a NRPE client, might be useful for testing things and
eventually for relaying events.
Usage: nsclient++ -noboot NRPEClient -H -p 5666 -c check_something -a foo bar
This is an early concept so don't expect much...
* Fixed a bug in NSCA module (now it works again :)
+ Added a command wrapper for the NRPECLient module so now it can act as a check command.
(No argument handling yet though), For a sample check out the [NRPE Client Handlers] section in NSC.ini
2008-02-19 MickeM
+ Fixed a buffer overflow in the NRPE socket handling.
2008-02-18 MickeM
+ Added proper output handling to process subsystem (now you can execute programs that return "much" data.
+ Added select support for SSL_write (now you can send "any amount of data" to the (SSL) socket.
Since check_nrpe doesn't do this it wont work in that end, but still...
2008-02-16 MickeM
+ Re factored ExternalCommand handling so NRPE and new module does the same thing.
2008-02-14 MickeM
+ Added so commands starting in host_ (NSCA Handlers) are sent as host-commands
* Fixed a copy constructor in NSCA Commands (now service checks are sent as service checks)
2008-02-13 MickeM
+ Added string_length to [Settings] as well (used internally) for all "injected" buffers.
* Fixed issue with scripts result truncated after 1024 chars
(now they return "all" output and thus you can use the NRPE settings I added yesterday :)
+ Added hostname setting to [NSCA] section (must have been when I did not add it before)
+ Added to NSCA truncates output when to long.
2008-02-12 MickeM
+ Added new option for the [NRPE] section string_length which is the length of the NRPE strings
(notice you need to recompile the check_nrpe to match this value)
* Improved exception handling in the PDH collector (hopefully less deadlocks)
2008-02-11 MickeM
+ Added encryption support for NSCA module (about half of the algorithms are available,
if someone wants to use one not available let me know, and I will try to add it)
2008-02-09 MickeM
+ New module CheckExternalScripts to handle 1, external script (similar to the old NRPE but in its own module)
- Can Check batch/vbs/programs/*
- Works with NSCA module (if you don't want to have NRPE at the same time)
- Simpler syntax (discarded old and added new section for alias)
- Started to add "sample alias" to ease initial setup and give some nice ideas (please provide me with feedback on them)
2008-02-08 MickeM
+ Added some more default catch handlers (on the "core" side of plugin-calls).
2008-02-07 MickeM
+ Added default catch handlers to all wrapped plug in calls.
2008-02-05 MickeM
* Fixed issue with checkEventLog (sometimes you got the wrong message back)
2008-02-04 MickeM
*** Happy Birthday bogi!! :)
* Fixed issues with performance counter rendering (mainly checkDisk)
2008-02-03 MickeM
+ Added encryption subsystem to NSCA module (still no mcrypt support, but at least you have "xor" and passwords)
+ Added API for scripts to register commands
+ Added command descriptions (for some modules)
* Fixed issue in NRPE that displayed a console window when running commands
* New improved "inject" dialog from the system tray
Lists available commands, and shows command descriptions and a lot of other improvements.
+ Added an internal log windows that displays log in real-time.
+ Fixed some issues with the dialog procs (should work smoother now, especially Termination)
2008-02-02 MickeM
* Might have fixed the "missing eventlog messages" problem.
+ Added %count% parameter to syntax which (when used with unique) will display the number of hits for each message displayed.
2008-01-27 MickeM
* Fixed a memory-leak in format_time
* Fixed so time/date is displayed in "local time" (not UTC) for the eventlog check
+ Added %message% to eventlog check. Will display the "proper formated eventlog message" as in the eventlog viewer.
For this to work you need to have the descriptions flag set
In short: /nrpe -H -c checkEventLog -a truncate=1024 "syntax=%generated%: %message%" descriptions=true file=System MaxWarn=1 MaxCrit=1 filter+eventType==error filter+generated=\<12h filter=new filter=all filter=in
+ Added option "unique" to CheckEventLog If this is present only unique errors will be returned.
The uniqueness is defined by event-log, event-source, event-id and event-category.
2007-12-16 MickeM
+ A lot of new features in the LUA module only "arguments" missing (as well as exposing more of the API)
* Changed some exceptions that were thrown wrong
2007-12-11 MickeM
+ Added support for index-lookups of PDH counters (hopefully *all* locale problems are now fixed (yeah right))
2007-12-10 MickeM
+ Added initial draft for LUA module
2007-12-09 MickeM
+ Added a check if the service is started when running with /test so you get a warning
+ Improved the socket thread with:
* a default-catch
* If the socket fails to start we still wait for it to shut down (no error message)
+ Added first version of the NSCA agent (NSCAgent.dll)
(no encryption support as of yet, but will come)
2007-12-04 MickeM
! 0.3.0 Released
2007-12-01 MickeM
* Fixed issue with date formating in FILEAGE
2007-11-29 MickeM
* Fixed issue with date formating in FILEAGE
2007-11-28 MickeM
! 0.3.0 RC-1
* Fixed some UNICODE issues with process-listings
+ Added an error message if the "detected" process enumeration method is not available.
+ Fixed some more Unicode issues Password encrypt/decrypt: #107
* Fixed Unicode issues with "external programs" #109
* Fixed so default string for check_nt:s FILEAGE command is "delta" is 5 minutes ago (and not absolute ie. 1970...), Issue #39
+ added support for <date strings> to check_nt:s FILEAGE command, Issue #39
append: .<date string> if you want to use a "custom date" like so: ... -v FILEAGE -l c:\\windows,Date: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" -w 5 -c 6 ...
Only the above listed %<char> works, and default to 0 so might not be to pretty but works...
2007-11-26 MickeM
+ Fixed a socket issue (erroneously reported "Could not read NSClient packet from socket :(")
* More 2k5 build tweaks
2007-11-23 MickeM
* Converted to Unicode (damn sometimes I **HATE** C++)
+ Added support for escaping " on the /test syntax so now you can do: CheckWMI MaxCrit=3 "MinWarn=1" "Query:load=Select * from win32_Processor"
2007-11-22 MickeM
* Fixed so the "default path" is correct even when running as a service (issue: #96)
2007-11-21 MickeM
* Fixed process counter so checkProcState now return the *correct* number (previously it was correct-1)
* Fixed some missing exceptions that were not caught
+ Added "AliasCol" option to CheckWMIValue to allow a column to be used as "alias" for a result set:
CheckWMIValue -a "Query=select Caption, ThreadCount from Win32_Process" MaxWarn=50 MaxCrit=100 Check:threads=ThreadCount AliasCol=Caption
will give you: "System threads: 98 > warning, svchost.exe threads: 87 > warning"
- Removed from SVN (as it is old and outdated and no longer used)
2007-11-20 MickeM
+ Added new option to CheckSystem to override detected language (force_language=0x0014)
2007-11-19 MickeM
* Fixed a minor issue in reading registry keys
+ Added -noboot option to startup used for running command line utilities without booting the client
"nsclient++ -noboot RemoteConfigruation ini2reg" for instance
+ Added fall back to try <module> and <module>.dll if the module was not loaded (when running command lines)
* Migrated 2008 project files to new name and back ported to 2005 project files.
2007-11-16 MickeM
* Fixed an NRPE issue I added when I improved the sockets_timeout (now SSL works as well :).
+ Added sample VBS script and definitions
2007-11-15 MickeM
* Improved error message when external NRPE command failles.
2007-11-14 MickeM
+ Added multi-line output support ( issue #91 )
* Improved error handling for external commands
* Fixed an issue with NRPE/NSClient socket-reading (introduced by the socket_timeout)
+ Added an English fall back if "local" language PDH counters fail.
2007-11-12 MickeM
+ Added option to configure socket_timeouts (default is now 30 seconds) should (I hope) fix issue #85
2007-11-11 MickeM
+ Added option to configure the behavior of CheckService CheckAll (#64)
2007-11-08 MickeM
+ Added CheckWMIValue to check result-values from a WMI Query
* Changed so performance values are "collapsed" i.e. 75362115584 = 70.0G (#89)
If anyone don't want this let me know and I will make an option for it.
2007-11-06 MickeM
+ Added CLI interface to CheckWMI to check queries
2007-11-04 MickeM
* Rewritten WMI handling as well as checks so things should be more useful now (cf. the wiki page for details)
2007-10-29 MickeM
* Restructured build and include to work from CLI
+ Started to add makefiles to build from CLI
+ Added Finnish counters (#98)
* Fixed performance counter issue with check_nt (#99)
2007-10-06 MickeM
+ Added auto-upda-te of versions and dates on build to make versions better updated.
+ Fixed x64 build and cleanup a bit.
2007-09-15 MickeM
+ Added better error messages (now return codes are displayed as text). Not implemented all over yet but the infrastructure is there.
2007-09-11 MickeM
+ Added Dutch performance counters to counters.defs
+ Added Spanish performance counters to counters.defs
+ Added #69 [includes] directive to INI-file to include other files
* Fixed #75 (spelling issue)
2007-06-23 MickeM
* Might have fixed #53 I was not able to get the problem locally but I have fixed the problem ias at op5 discovered at least...
* Fixed the "check memory" issues for real this time.
* Fixed problem with : in counter names #50 (anything starts with \ is considered a counter so if you use aliases with \ this will break things for you.
2007-06-20 MickeM
* Fixed #24 crash in NSClient++.exe CheckSystem listpdh | debugpdh
* Fixed #62 Problems with CheckServiceState and services with spaces.
2007-03-06 MickeM
! 0.2.7 released
2007-03-05 MickeM
* Fixed -v FILEAGE check_nt (NSClient) check.
* Added license agreement header to all files
2007-03-04 MickeM
+ Added script_dir option to NRPE section as well as some sample scripts in the scripts/
subdirectory. The script_dir will use all files in this directory as scripts for NRPE
+ Added Japanese counters to counters.defs from patch (thanx!!!)
2007-02-25 MickeM
+ Added possibility to check many memory checks in one go, just stack type options.
type=paged type=physical etc...
* Fixed a performance check bug in the last nightly.
* Fixed a potential crash when a malformed check-file-age command was issued.
+ Added support for more then and NSClient command
+ Added net mask support to allowed_hosts (try with and such)
2007-02-22 MickeM
+ Added debug output to see if the socket is bound and/or has shutdown.
* Fixed a potential bug in the thread manager.
+ Added configuration option for suppressing performance data to the NRPE section.
Set performance_data=0 to stop sending performance data to nagios
+ New (better?) (simpler?) event log checking
+ Added option to most commands (ignore-perf-data) to suppress performance data
+ Added option CheckAll for checking all auto-start services to checkServiceState.
Also an exclude=<service> to exclude checking that.
* Fixed return syntax for PROCSTATE nsclient
2007-02-21 MickeM
* Fixed "broken password check" (again) in NSClient listener (this time it is correct! :)
2006-12-02 MickeM
+ Managed to build so it works on NT 4.0 (SP6a) and W2K3
* Fixed "broken password check" in NSClient listener
2006-11-18 MickeM
+ Added support for empty NRPE checking (i.e.. chec_nrpe without a -c argument)
* Added error message when detected language is missing from counters.defs
+ Added Swedish locale to counters.defs (yes, I switched to Swedish XP on my computer :)
* Fixed : (and possibly other problems) in counters when checking from check_nt (via NSCLient protocol)
+ Added CheckAllExcept to CheckDrive to check all except the specified drives.
* Fixed a display error in the various size functions (1000-1024 byte was displayed incorrectly)
2006-10-05 MickeM
* Yayyy!!! (first fix in a looong while :)
* Fixed a W2k3 "bug" (actually just an incorrect error) but the:
"e .\PDHCollector.cpp(130) Failed to query performance counters..." is no more...
+ Added option to NRPE/NSClient section to not-cache host names (for dyndns etc.)
NOTICE this is "not safe" really in so far as someone might hi-jack your DNS and quickly gain
access to your nagios box (probably only a theoretical problem but hey! :)
NOTICE this is "slow" since all hosts in the list are "looked up" each time you get a NRPE/NSClient
request it will be "slow" but I think it is not that much of a problem really.
NOTICE I don't have the possibility to test this so feel free to report if it works and if it doesn't.
Set cache_allowed_hosts=0 to disable host cache
2006-04-04 MickeM
* Fixed a few more bugs to the INI/REG readers
2006-04-02 MickeM
* Could all magicians stop trying to kill me?
*Please* i don't like to die!
2006-03-31 MickeM
* Damn necromancers! stop 0wning my ass all the time!
2006-03-29 MickeM
+ Added API for saving/reading settings
2006-03-28 MickeM
+ Added REG/INI parsers
* *NOTICE* You need to add an option (use_file=1) to your nsc.ini file or new builds wont work.
2006-03-25 MickeM
* Oblivion f*cking roxx!
2006-03-02 MickeM
* Fixed bug in INI-file reader (memory leak)
2006-03-01 MickeM
* Fixed bug in CheckFile (now dates work correctly)
2006-02-26 MickeM
+ Added syntax option to CheckFile (%filename%, %creation%, %access%, %write%, %size%).
2006-02-25 MickeM
* Fixed Sections problem (now sections can be any size)
+ Added bind_to_address option to both NRPE and NSClient section in the INI file.
Allows you to bind the listener to a specific IP address (only dotted number not host name).
This might break things as I had to do some internal rewrite of the Socket classes so be careful :)
* Disabled default-debug logging (as things are fairly stable, you can still enable it by using debug=1 in the NSC:ini file)
* "Fixed" socket backlog to use "max responsible value" as opposed to "10" if no value is specified.
+ Added option socket_back_log to both NRPE and NSClient section that allows you to tweak the "back-log" of incoming connections to keep.
This is an advanced setting and should not be used. If you get "connection refused" when running many client this might be something you want to tweak though.
And if you then start getting "Socket timeout" you might wanna tweak the timeout value as well because larger value here means it takes "longer" to process a socket.
- I have looked into the event log problem and dates seem to work here so if anyone still have problems (use the syntax option to debug) let me know.
* Moved listpdh and debugpdh into the CheckSystem module
* Removed PDH dependencies from "core exe" means you can run NSClient++ without PDH (though you cant use the CheckSystem module)
2006-02-2? MickeM
+ Added new Interface for Modules (NSCommandLineExec that allows modules to execute things give from command line.
Syntax is NSClient++ <module name> <command> [arguments] and if a module doesn't support this it is simply ignored.
+ Added new install/uninstall command to SystemTray module:
NSClient++.exe SystemTray install
NSClient++.exe SystemTray uninstall
That will install/uninstall the system tray module this sets the "Allow Service to Interact with Desktop" flag for the service.
* Removed the "Allow Service to Interact with Desktop" flag from the /install option so that it no longer defaults to on (see commands to set this above).
* Fixed so checkProcess isn't case-sensitive.
* Added (not finished) syntax option to event log checker to format the outputted data
2006-02-12 MickeM
+ Added support for host name resolve to allowed_hosts
2006-02-08 MickeM
! Fixed filter-eventID in EventLog module (now works for all IDs regardless of severity state)
+ Added new filters to EventLog (filter-severity that can filter based on event severity success, error, warning, informational)
2006-02-07 MickeM
+ Added new filter option to eventlog filter-eventID
+ Added new operator to all numeric filters in:number,number,... etc. (for instance filter-eventID=in:123,456,789 to check for lists.
2006-02-05 MickeM
+ Added CheckFile check command
This new command (in development) will allow various file checks such as age, size, date, etc on single or multiple files.
+ Added FILEAGE support to NSClient
+ Started to convert the web page to WIKI
2006-01-21 MickeM
+ Added WMI Check module (early alpha)
This is an extremely early alpha more to see if there is an interest and how to progress with it.
To use the WMI module enable the WMICheck.dll (nsc.ini) and then run the following check:
CheckWMI MaxWarn=10 MaxCrit=15 "Query:load=Select LoadPercentage from win32_Processor"
The Max* are as every other check and sets limits.
The Query works similarly to other check commands i.e.. Query:<name>=<WMI query>
So any other WMI query should work (notice this is experimental and not stable and has virtually
no error handling so it is likely to crash nsclient if you ask anything "non working".)
I would *really* *really* like to get feedback on how to expand this concept to work better so feel free to come with feedback.
* Fixed NT4 /install (should work now!)
2006-01-02 MickeM
* Fixed ChangeServiceConfig2 on NT4
+ Added support for more then 4GB memory (8GB?)
Since I don't have this much memory this needs to be verified...
* Fixed syntax of performance data
2005-09-24 MickeM
* Fixed memory size bug (free and used were swapped)
2005-09-20 MickeM
+ Added option to debug all PDH counters /debugpdh
2005-09-17 MickeM
+ Added support for checking service by display name
2005-09-03 MickeM
* First off, sorry for lack of updates, but was on vacation :)
+ Added ShowAll=long to CPULoad
+ Added several new types to checkMem (type=paged, type=physical, type=page, type=virtual)
2005-07-31 MickeM
+ /install now sets the service to autostart
* Did some cleanup of minor code sections
* (done before but not reported i think) /listpdh option added to list all PDH counters (nsclient++ /listpdh)
+ Added service description
* Event log reworked (again) this time I hope it is better (and even useful, but syntax has changed)
2005-07-26 MickeM
+ Added support for ShowAll=long (to show long and short info, only applies to some areas, but available everywhere)
+ Extended Drive and memory check syntax to facilitate both Free and Used space checks: MaxWarnFree / MaxWarnUsed etc)
2005-07-19 MickeM
* Changed thread API to use _creatthreadex as opposed to _creatthread (works better now!)
* Fixed UNKNOWN return code (was 4 should have been 3)
2005-07-16 MickeM
* Fixed drive checks from NSClient
2005-07-11 MickeM
* *ALOT* of bug fixes and enhancements all checking code has been centralized and rewritten also my internal check scripts
have been extended to check a lot more things.
*NOTICE* that EventLog has not been upgraded yet neither has the documentation.
+ Added MaxWarnCount / MinWarnCount to checkProcState to check number of processes running
2005-06-09 MickeM
* Escapes " in NRPE commands in the NSC.ini
2005-06-05 MickeM
* Created configuration interface (not released yet)
2005-06-03 MickeM
* Created interactive installer (not released yet)
2005-06-02 MickeM
* CheckEventLog reworked...
2005-06-01 MickeM
* CheckSystem auto detects windows version and language.
2005-05-29 MickeM
* Fixed PROCSTATE and SERVICESTATE return state.
+ Added support for individual size in CheckDriveSize and CheckFileSize (size has to be specified before a drive/path)
* Fixed performance data for drives (and possibly other places)
2005-05-23 MickeM
+ Added obfuscated password support
+ Added some more debug info on commands (return code, and input args)
+ Added some more comments to the NSC.ini
+ Added central password "override"
+ Added central "host override"
+ Fixed bug with external commands always getting WARNING state
2005-05-22 MickeM
+ Added debug output for command
+ Added timestamps for log-to-file (date_mask to configure format)
+ Added support for "no password" with check_nt
+ Added log of bad password on NSClient requests.
* Some threading issues fixed (I hate threading :)
2005-05-19 MickeM
* Verified NT4 compatibility
2005-05-18 MickeM
* Fixed bug in NSC.ini (section title for Check System was wrong)
+ Added multitasking for plug-ins (now two plug-ins can handle requests simultaneously)
* Fixed some minor issues here and there
2005-05-15 MickeM
+ Added NRPE support for checkCounter
+ Updated documentation
* Make check commands ignore case
+ Added CheckHelpers module to alter the result of various check and similar things
2005-05-14 MickeM
+ Added support for Volumes (CheckDisk)
+ Added support for checking all drives of a certain kind
+ Added support for altering filter (makes it possible to check removable drives)
+ Created web page and better documentation
2005-04-20 MickeM
+ Added multitasking to socket listener (it can now handle multiple connections)
* Fixed bug in NSClientListener now "seqv" in check_nt shouldn't happen.
+ Added COUNTER support to NSClient and CheckSystem
2005-04-19 MickeM
+ Added SSL support
+ Added a lot of new options
+ Added documentation
* Renamed and restructured NSCLientCompat to CheckSystem
* *ALOT* of fixes all over
: We are now starting to get to something that is "stable"
: This means that soon you might actually be able to use this.
2005-03-28 MickeM
* Changed the Thread class a bit (mutex -> signal, and CreatThread does not return the instance)
* Moved settings "keys" fro NRPE to config.h
* Changed build options (added Distribution) which builds a zip file under ./dist (requires 7z installed)
* Minor tweaks to error/debug logging and small fixes "here and there"
2005-03-26 MickeM
+ NRPE Support (very basic, no encryption, and nothing fancy)
* Socket classes rewritten
+ Added NSCModuleHelper::getSettingsSection to the API
2005-03-22 MickeM
* Fixed NSClientListener return codes for basic commands
* Extracted arrayBuffer code into new files under /include
* Minor tweaks in the API (fixed minor issues)
+ Added some basic "tests" to a few commands (getToken, and arrayBuffer related)
2005-03-21 MickeM
* Fixed BUG in inject command (now things should "work" again, but far from stable)
+ Added NRPE return code
* Fixed some return states to NSClientListener (not verified yet, but soon they will be back in order :)
2005-03-20 MickeM
* Fundamental API changes (due to NRPE compatibility)
- HandleCommand has changed
- Inject has changed
- Most API calls have new "return codes" (typedef:ed INT to allow for return code compiler checks)
- A lot of the old return codes have changed
+ Preliminary NRPE support (can parse and execute incoming requests, cant return data yet, and no encryption)
+ New SimpleSocket in include/ will be used as base class for Listeners
* A lot of rewrite to the NSC API
2005-03-19 MickeM
* Re factored out NSCLient Listener as a separate module
+ Added initial NRPE listener module (not yet implemented only a shell)
* Changed Module API (Inject function has new syntax)
+ Added some tokenizer function to charEx
+ Added new wrapper function to inject Command
* Minor changes in relation to refactor work
2005-03-01 MickeM
* Improved thread safety in Core
+ Added exception handling and logging in PDH code
* Various fixes all over the place
+ New module for check size of files/directories
* Changed build to Dynamic link
* Added regular expression support for EventLog checker
2005-02-22 MickeM
+ Added documentation
2005-02-17 MickeM
* NSClient issues fixed
* System Tray issues fixed
2005-02-14 MickeM
* Initial SourceForge release
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