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A Sencha Touch 2 Dual Storage Proxy
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A Sencha Touch 2 Dual Storage Proxy

A dual storage remote caching proxy. Caches the responses from remote requests in HTML5 Local Storage in order to reduce the number of HTTP requests that need to be made.

Includes extended versions of the default Sencha Touch 2 server proxies (Ajax, JsonP and REST) embellished with the caching functionality.


Clone the repository or download it using the "Zip" button above.

Place the ux folder in the root of your application (in the same folder as your index.html and app.js). Folder structure should look like the following:



Within your Model / Store, require the class you wish to use. For example if you wish to use the Ajax proxy with added caching, add the following:

    requires: 'Ext.ux.proxy.AjaxCache'

Then set the type as 'ajaxcache'

    type: 'ajaxcache'

Your Model / Store should look similar to:

    requires: 'Ext.ux.proxy.AjaxCache',
    config: {
        proxy: {
            type: 'ajaxcache',
            cacheTimeout: 30,
            cacheKey: 'myData',
            url: '/url/to/api/',
            reader: {
                type: 'json'

Note the addititonal options that can be set:

  • cacheTimeout: 30
    • The amount of time until the stored repsonse expires and is cleared automatically from the cache.
    • Required: No
    • Default: 1 hour (value in seconds)
    • This may also be a function. If the function returns false it will invalidate the cache.
  • cacheKey: 'myData'
    • The key to use for localStorage. Allows you to seperate each store into a different local storage item.
    • Required: No
    • Default: 'proxyCache'

Included "type" values are:


For a complete example of this plugin, please see the included "example" folder.

Using in your own Custom Proxy

If you wish to use the caching functionality within your own custom proxy, add the following code to your class (it must extend or a derivative).

    mixins: {
        proxyCache: 'Ext.ux.proxy.ProxyCache'

For more information please take a look at one of the following classes and read the comments:



Adam Duncan follow me on Twitter

Tommy Maintz

David Collom


Licenced under the New BSD License

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