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rule no.1


rule no.2


rule no.3

follow rule no.1 and no.2

the dependencies table

commit message

  • for non-version bump commit, commit message should be like this:

      $category/$package: one line short description message
      {empty line}
      multiple lines of description about why you change this.
      if you change to fix the bug, and if there is an GitHub
      issue entry for that bug, then point the bug link here.
  • for version bump commit, commit message should be like this:

      $category/$package: version bump to $new_version

package review

  • I trust contributors that have commit rights, therefore commitors should think carefully before committing.

  • If you want to discuss your commit/patch, push to another branch or send a Pull Request and discuss in the GitHub Issue, mailing list, or talk to the maintainer directly.

  • If you are sending a new pull request, make sure it contains all necessary commits for a single contribution, e.g. don't send two pull requests for an ebuild and its Manifest.

  • Every ebuild change should not produce compile error before committing.

  • Every ebuild should be tested in every ARCH that it KEYWORDS for. if not, don't claim that you support that keyword.

  • If you are writing the ebuild for a font, and you are using stantard font.eclass to install the font, I could grant an exception for the must-tested-in-every-ARCH rule. You could use something like

    KEYWORDS="alpha amd64 arm hppa ia64 ppc mips ~s390 ~sh sparc x86 ~x86-fbsd"

    But please don't abuse this exception. It must be a pure font package.

    See wiki for some package not working