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A kubernetes controller for creating/deleting dynamodb tables based on the side8/k8s-operator

Available on Docker hub

Build docker container

$ export VERSION="0.1.0"
$ docker build . --tag "microdc/k8s-dynamodb-controller:${VERSION}" --tag "microdc/k8s-dynamodb-controller:latest"


  • An AWS user or role with admin permissions on DynamoDB. kube2iam works very well for this.
  • The operator running in the cluster with a serviceAccountName with permissions to the DynamoDB CRD, events and ConfigMaps. operator.yaml is a good reference example.

Example DynamoDB Table

To create a table using the example yaml config follow these steps.

  1. Build the container above and deploy to your cluster. It will need a role able to perform cluster updates
  2. Apply the test-table yaml config:
kubectl apply -f example/Table.yaml
  1. Check the table configuration both on the dynamodb object and the created ConfigMap:
kubectl get dynamodb test-table -o json | jq '.status'
kubectl describe configmap dynamodb-test-table
  1. Use the ConfigMap to configure containers:
    - name: TEST_TABLE
          name: dynamodb-test-table
          key: TableName
  1. Make some changes. The format mirrors the AWS API so adding more AttributeDeffinitions should be as simple as extending the array in the yaml.
$ kubectl edit dynamodb test-table
    - AttributeName: active
      AttributeType: "N"
  1. clean up
$ kubectl delete dynamodb test-table


Requires: shellcheck and yamllint Tests run at container build. test.sh can bes used for local command line testing.