useful utilities and scripts for dealing with mdm
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see Releases for binary builds

to build from source, use the make Makefile


appmanifest takes a pkg and prints an application manifest the current version only creates the assets array.

The documentation says the metadata is required, but installs work without the metadata dict. Adding one only affects what shows up in Launchpad

appmanifest [options] /path/to/some.pkg
  -url string
    	url of the pkg as it will be on the server
    	prints the version


create and manage push certificate

# creates an MDM CSR and private key for vendor cert
# upload the created MDM CSR to enterprise portal to get a push certificate
certhelper vendor -csr -cn=mdm-certtool -password=secret -country=US

# create a "provider" or a "customer" csr. This will be signed by the vendor cert and submitted to apple to get a push cert
certhelper provider -csr -cn=mdm-certtool -password=secret -country=US

# sign the provider csr with the vendor private key
# assumes `mdm.cer` is in the folder with all the other files. You can specify each path separately as well.
certhelper vendor -sign -password=secret

# Now upload the PushCertificateRequest to

see the certhelper README for more details


send mdm push notification to APNS
see poke for usage.