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Hiring research interns for neural architecture search projects:

Cream of the Crop: Distilling Prioritized Paths For One-Shot Neural Architecture Search

This is an official implementation for our Cream NAS work presented in NeurIPS'20.

[Paper] [Models-Google Drive][Models-Baidu Disk (password: wqw6)] [Slides] [BibTex]

In this work, we present a simple yet effective architecture distillation method. The central idea is that subnetworks can learn collaboratively and teach each other throughout the training process, aiming to boost the convergence of individual models. We introduce the concept of prioritized path, which refers to the architecture candidates exhibiting superior performance during training. Distilling knowledge from the prioritized paths is able to boost the training of subnetworks. Since the prioritized paths are changed on the fly depending on their performance and complexity, the final obtained paths are the cream of the crop.

Environment Setup

To set up the enviroment you can easily run the following command:

git clone
cd Cream
conda create -n Cream python=3.6
conda activate Cream
pip install -r requirements

# (required) install apex to accelerate the training, a little bit faster than pytorch DistributedDataParallel
cd lib
git clone
python ./apex/ install --cpp_ext --cuda_ext

Data Preparation

You need to first download the ImageNet-2012 to the folder ./data/imagenet and move the validation set to the subfolder ./data/imagenet/val. To move the validation set, you cloud use the following script: [todo]

Put the imagenet data in ./data. It should look like:


Checkpoints For Test

For quick test, we have stored the checkpoints of our models in Google Drive (or Baidu Disk (password: wqw6)).

Just download the checkpoints from Google Drive (or Baidu Disk) and put the checkpoints in ./experiments/workspace/ckps/.

Then you can do the test right now (as described in the following Quick Start, III. Test).

Model download links:

Model FLOPs Top-1 Acc. % Top-5 Acc. % Link
Cream_14 14M 53.8 77.2 Google / Baidu (password: wqw6)
Cream_43 43M 66.3 86.7 Google / Baidu (password: wqw6)
Cream_114 114M 72.8 90.8 Google / Baidu (password: wqw6)
Cream_287 287M 77.6 93.3 Google / Baidu (password: wqw6)
Cream_481 481M 79.2 94.2 Google / Baidu (password: wqw6)
Cream_604 604M 80.0 94.7 Google / Baidu (password: wqw6)

Quick Start

We provide search, retrain and test code of our Cream NAS algorithm as follows.

I. Search

To search for an architecture, you need to configure the parameters FLOPS_MINIMUM and FLOPS_MAXIMUM to specify the desired model Flops, for example, pick up a value from 0 to 600 MB Flops. You can specify the Flops interval [FLOPS_MINIMUM, FLOPS_MAXIMUM] in the YAML configure file: ./experiments/configs/train/train.yaml.

Line 51:FLOPS_MINIMUM: 0 # Minimum Flops of Architecture
Line 52:FLOPS_MAXIMUM: 600 # Maximum Flops of Architecture

After you specify the Flops of the architectures, you can search an architecture now by running:

python ./tools/ train ./experiments/configs/train/train.yaml

II. Retrain

We also give the architecture we searched. To train those architectures, you need to configure the parameter MODEL_SELECTION to specify the model Flops. To specify which model to train, you should add MODEL_SELECTION in ./experiments/configs/retrain/retrain.yaml. You can select one from [14,43,114,287,481,604], which stands for different Flops(MB).

MODEL_SELECTION: 43 # Retrain 43m model
MODEL_SELECTION: 481 # Retrain 481m model

After specifying the Flops, you need to choose the config settings in ./experiments/configs/retrain/retrain.yaml. The config files are in ./expperiments/configs/retrain


After adding MODEL_SELECTION in retrain.yaml, you need to use the following command to train the model.

python ./tools/ retrain ./experiments/configs/retrain/retrain.yaml

The trained model and log file will be saved in ./experiments/workspace/retrain. You can configure the SAVE_PATH in ./experiments/configs/retrain/retrain.yaml to specify a path for saving the model and log file.

III. Test

To test our trained of models, you need to use MODEL_SELECTION in ./experiments/configs/test/test.yaml to specify which model to test.

MODEL_SELECTION: 43 # test 43m model
MODEL_SELECTION: 481 # test 481m model

After specifying the Flops of the model, you need to write the path to the resume model in ./experiments/configs/test/test.yaml.

RESUME_PATH: './experiments/workspace/ckps/43.pth.tar'
RESUME_PATH: './experiments/workspace/ckps/481.pth.tar'

After adding MODEL_SELECTION and RESUME_PATH in ./experiments/configs/test/test.yaml, you need to use the following command to test the model.

python ./tools/ test ./experiments/configs/test/test.yaml

The test result will be saved in ./experiments/workspace/test. You can configure the SAVE_PATH in ./experiments/configs/test/test.yaml to specify a path for it.

Test Rank Correlation

To perform a correlation analysis, we randomly sample 30 subnetworks from the hypernetwork and calculate the rank correlation between the weight sharing performance and the true performance of training from scratch. Unfortunately, training these subnetworks on ImageNet is very computational expensive, we thus construct a subImageNet dataset, which only consists of 100 classes randomly sampled from ImageNet. Each class has 250 training images and 50 validation images. We can generate the imagelist by running the following script:

python ./tools/

Thus we get the subImageNet in ./data/subImagnet. The class list is provided in ./data/subclass_list.txt. The images list is provided in ./data/subimages_list.txt


The top-1 accuracy on ImageNet. Our method achieves very competitive performance, being superior to the recent MobileNetV3 and EfficientNet-B0/B1.


  title={Cream of the Crop: Distilling Prioritized Paths For One-Shot Neural Architecture Search},
  author={Peng, Houwen and Du, Hao and Yu, Hongyuan and Li, Qi and Liao, Jing and Fu, Jianlong},
  journal={Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems},


License under an MIT license.


[NeurIPS'20] Cream of the Crop: Distilling Prioritized Paths For One-Shot Neural Architecture Search




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