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1. How to login to national clouds

  • In IntelliJ, there is a plugin setting to allow user switching between cloud easily.


  • In Eclipse, you need to:

    • Create a new file “AadProvider.json” under the following folder: <userhome>\.AzureToolsForEclipse


    • Add the following content into the file, you shall change CHINA to other cloud names eg: GLOBAL, GERMAN, US_GOVERNMENT:

          "EnvironmentName": "CHINA"
    • Save the file and restart Eclipse

2. Caused by: Cannot run program "func", error=2, No such file or directory

The root cause of this issue is described at, the intellij idea is started with empty PATH so all the plugin written in Java will not be able to execute the command in path like 'func'. The solution is to run the following script on terminal and restart intellij:

curl >
chmod +x
./ "/Applications/IntelliJ" "$PATH"

3. How to get the function core tools path

  • Windows: Please execute where func in cmd
    • If you install function core tools with npm, you may get two result with where func, please use the result with func.cmd as the function core tools path in function run configuration.
    • If you install function core tools with chocolatey, you may not able to get the path with where func, please search the func in chocolate lib folder (refer) and set the result in function run configuration.
  • Mac/Linux: Please execute which func in bash