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Getting started with Python


These three series on Channel 9 and YouTube are designed to help get you up to speed on Python. If you're a beginning developer looking to add Python to your quiver of languages or trying to get started on data science or web project which uses Python, these videos are here to help show you the foundations necessary to walk through a tutorial or other quick start.

We do assume you are familiar with another programming language, and some core programming concepts. For example, we highlight the syntax for boolean expressions and creating classes, but we don't dig into what a boolean is or object oriented design. We show you how to perform the tasks you're familiar with in other languages in Python.

What you'll learn

  • The basics of Python
  • Common syntax
  • Popular packages



Getting started

Python for beginners is the perfect starting location for getting started. No Python experience is required! We'll show you how to set up Visual Studio Code as your code editor, and start creating Python code. You'll see how to manage create, structure and run your code, how to manage packages, and even make REST calls.

Dig a little deeper

More Python for beginners digs deeper into Python syntax. You'll explore how to create classes and mixins in Python, how to work with the file system, and introduce async/await. This is the perfect next step if you're looking to see a bit more of what Python can do.

Peek at data science tools

Even more Python for beginners is a practical exploration of a couple of the most common packages and tools you'll use when working with data and machine learning. While we won't dig into why you choose particular machine learning models (that's another course), you will get hands-on with Jupyter Notebooks, and create and test models using scikit-learn and pandas.

Next steps

As the goal of these courses is to help get you up to speed on Python so you can work through a quick start. The next step after completing the videos is to follow a tutorial! Here are a few of our favorites:


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