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Fixed a bug with the ProxyAuthenticationHandler that was not handling proxy authentication required properly.

While ProxyAuthenticationHandler has code to try to automatically deal with proxy authentication, it did not handle the case where the status code was ProxyAuthenticationRequired (which is likely the common case for that scenario). Now, the handler tests for this, and preemptively throws ProxyAuthenticationRequiredException so that the existing logic can kick in and try to authenticate.

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.NET API Portability

This repository contains the source code for .NET Portability Analyzer tools and dependencies.

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For a quick introduction, check out this video on Channel 9:

There is a Visual Studio extension available for VS 2017 and VS 2019: .NET Portability Analyzer

Using this Repository

See our contributing guide for instructions to build and run from the source code in this repo.

Sample usage to run the analysis from the command line:

dotnet build src/ApiPort/ApiPort/ApiPort.csproj
dotnet bin/Debug/ApiPort/netcoreapp2.1/ApiPort.dll -- listTargets
dotnet bin/Debug/ApiPort/netcoreapp2.1/ApiPort.dll -- analyze -f Foo.dll -r HTML

If using bash for your shell, for convenience you may create an alias command adding the following to your ~/.bash_profile. Replace {dotnet-apiport-folder} with the path where you cloned the repo.

alias apiport="dotnet {dotnet-apiport-folder}/bin/Debug/ApiPort/netcoreapp2.1/ApiPort.dll"

This will allow you to use apiport globally from the command line: apiport analyze -f Foo.dll -r HTML



Project Description
ApiPort Cross-platform console tool to access portability service
ApiPort.Vsix Visual Studio Extension
Microsoft.Fx.Portability Provides common types for API Port
Microsoft.Fx.Portability.MetadataReader Implements a dependency finder based off of System.Reflection.Metadata. The library will generate DocIds that conform to these specifications.
Microsoft.Fx.Portability.Offline Provides access to data in an offline setting so network calls are not needed
Microsoft.Fx.Portability.Reporting.Excel Provides support for an Excel spreadsheet report for ApiPort
Microsoft.Fx.Portability.Reporting.Html Provides support for an HTML report for ApiPort
Microsoft.Fx.Portability.Reporting.Json Provides support for a JSON reporter for ApiPort


ApiPort CLI ApiPort Download
Visual Studio Extension Open VSIX Gallery

How to Engage, Contribute and Provide Feedback

Here are some ways to contribute:

Want to get more familiar with what's going on in the code?

Looking for something to work on? The list of up-for-grabs issues is a great place to start.

Related Projects

For an overview of all the .NET related projects, have a look at the .NET home repository.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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