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@yury-s yury-s released this 06 May 23:53
· 9 commits to release-1.44 since this release

New APIs

Accessibility assertions

  • expect(locator).toHaveAccessibleName() checks if the element has the specified accessible name:

    const locator = page.getByRole('button');
    await expect(locator).toHaveAccessibleName('Submit');
  • expect(locator).toHaveAccessibleDescription() checks if the element has the specified accessible description:

    const locator = page.getByRole('button');
    await expect(locator).toHaveAccessibleDescription('Upload a photo');
  • expect(locator).toHaveRole() checks if the element has the specified ARIA role:

    const locator = page.getByTestId('save-button');
    await expect(locator).toHaveRole('button');

Locator handler

  • After executing the handler added with page.addLocatorHandler(), Playwright will now wait until the overlay that triggered the handler is not visible anymore. You can opt-out of this behavior with the new noWaitAfter option.
  • You can use new times option in page.addLocatorHandler() to specify maximum number of times the handler should be run.
  • The handler in page.addLocatorHandler() now accepts the locator as argument.
  • New page.removeLocatorHandler() method for removing previously added locator handlers.
const locator = page.getByText('This interstitial covers the button');
await page.addLocatorHandler(locator, async overlay => {
  await overlay.locator('#close').click();
}, { times: 3, noWaitAfter: true });
// Run your tests that can be interrupted by the overlay.
// ...
await page.removeLocatorHandler(locator);

Miscellaneous options

  • multipart option in apiRequestContext.fetch() now accepts FormData and supports repeating fields with the same name.

    const formData = new FormData();
    formData.append('file', new File(['let x = 2024;'], 'f1.js', { type: 'text/javascript' }));
    formData.append('file', new File(['hello'], 'f2.txt', { type: 'text/plain' }));'', {
      multipart: formData
  • expect(callback).toPass({ intervals }) can now be configured by expect.toPass.inervals option globally in testConfig.expect or per project in testProject.expect.

  • expect(page).toHaveURL(url) now supports ignoreCase option.

  • testProject.ignoreSnapshots allows to configure per project whether to skip screenshot expectations.

Reporter API

  • New method suite.entries() returns child test suites and test cases in their declaration order. suite.type and testCase.type can be used to tell apart test cases and suites in the list.
  • Blob reporter now allows overriding report file path with a single option outputFile. The same option can also be specified as PLAYWRIGHT_BLOB_OUTPUT_FILE environment variable that might be more convenient on CI/CD.
  • JUnit reporter now supports includeProjectInTestName option.

Command line

  • --last-failed CLI option for running only tests that failed in the previous run.

    First run all tests:

    $ npx playwright test
    Running 103 tests using 5 workers
    2 failed
      [chromium] › my-test.spec.ts:8:5 › two ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
      [chromium] › my-test.spec.ts:13:5 › three ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────
    101 passed (30.0s)

    Now fix the failing tests and run Playwright again with --last-failed option:

    $ npx playwright test --last-failed
    Running 2 tests using 2 workers
      2 passed (1.2s)

Browser Versions

  • Chromium 125.0.6422.14
  • Mozilla Firefox 125.0.1
  • WebKit 17.4

This version was also tested against the following stable channels:

  • Google Chrome 124
  • Microsoft Edge 124