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Microsoft Graph Community Samples & Tutorials

This repository contains samples & tutorials that demonstrate different usage patterns for the Microsoft Graph API.

Have issues or questions?

Please do not open GitHub issues for general support questions as the GitHub list should be used for feature requests and bug reports. This way we can more easily track actual issues or bugs from the code and keep the general discussion separate from the actual code.

If you have questions / issues with samples in this repository, use the issues list.

If you have questions about how to use the Microsoft Graph or any of the provided samples, please use the following locations.

Using the Samples

To build and start using these projects, you'll need to clone and build the projects.

Clone this repository by executing the following command in your console:

git clone

Navigate to the cloned repository folder which should be the same as the repository name:

cd msgraph-community-samples

To access the samples use the following command, where you replace sample-folder-name with the name of the sample you want to access.

cd samples
cd sample-folder-name

...and for the tutorials, use the following command:

cd tutorials

Follow the instructions within each sample's for how to get the sample working. This repository contains many different types of projects & technologies as well as pre-requisites so each could have a different process to get working.


These samples are direct from the feature teams or shared by the community. We welcome your input on issues and suggestions for new samples. We do also welcome community contributions. If there's any questions around that, just let us know.

Please have a look on our Contribution Guidance before submitting your pull requests, so that we can get your contribution processed as fast as possible. Thx.


Repo for community contributed samples








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