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@MIchaelMainer MIchaelMainer released this Oct 15, 2019 · 8 commits to dev since this release


  • 05231d6 Update tests to consider odata.type since it is now always set
  • 518056f Planner extensions - delete cstor
  • e21e3c5 Generated based on microsoftgraph/msgraph-metadata 7ad5793
  • b021f3a Updated App Registration instructions to reference the new portal
  • 4186d84 Merge pull request #523 from microsoftgraph/mm/movePageIterator
  • 39d4408 Updated version
  • c338eb4 Merge dev into pageiterator branch
  • 36e9654 Updating tests and namespaces so that they run against production release of M.G.C
  • 94906eb Update generated files with build 1555937 (#521)
  • 0a5a312 Added nextLink and deltaLink to constants.
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  • 0a5be2e Minor fixes.
  • 63709fc Updated PageIterator to use a loop to iterate
  • c28c598 Temp: making reference to Core before PageIterator existed in it.
  • 4c699f7 Add pageiterator
  • 5aa4cef Merge pull request #508 from microsoftgraph/FA/TeamsTabExtension
  • d9496f3 Update src/Microsoft.Graph/Models/Extensions/TeamsTabExtension.cs
  • 5b79db0 Added the OdataBind property
  • e037cc6 Update generated files with build 1459552 (#506)
  • c3b8f8f Update generated files with build 1409478 (#496)
  • 5b1ff49 Tg/date time time zone (#483)
  • 30739ca Merge pull request #486 from microsoftgraph/po/vsBuildFailureFix
  • 6cc1968 Fix for response headers and status codes data in entities during update (#485)
  • c626975 Remove spaces in VersionSuffix & PackageReleaseNotes elements in csproj .
  • 8c6ffea Update generated files with build 1337676 (#484)
  • 21f771d Merge pull request #479 from microsoftgraph/po/removeCore
  • a7fe2fb Fix broken appveyor.yml
  • b7cb47f Update appveyor test
  • bb1b1f3 Remove Microsoft.Graph.Core project and tests from solution.
  • c3193b0 Add scripts to support release automation (#477)
  • fc2116b Merge pull request #475 from microsoftgraph/po/decoupleCore
  • bce4ffb Update
  • 7bef24a Add wildcard reference to Microsoft.Graph in core tests.
  • 3093ee9 Move all MSTests to XUnit tests and fix broken tests.
  • 5d31169 Merge pull request #472 from microsoftgraph/po/batchContnentNetCore2.1Support
  • 82eb2ce Move MSTests to XUnit for core library.
  • 850c6c8 Update generated files with build 1261617 (#459)
  • 0c18ee2 Keep stream open after disposing StreamWritter.
  • dc7cb09 Remove core project reference from service lib.

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