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Microweber WHMCS Plugin

How to install WHMCS Plugin?

  1. Upload files from this repo in whmcs MAIN DIR
  2. Activate the Microweber Addon from Setup > Addon modules
  3. Go to general settings and set Domain Url and WHMCS System URL as https
  4. Add configurable option group "Template"
  5. Go to Addon > Microweber Addon
  6. Mark current Plans and Templates
  7. Save!

Add plugin access for users


Set the template

  1. Go to Setup -> General Settings
  2. Set the template to "Mw-sitebuilder"
  3. Visit your website


Setup your server

  • If you have cPanel & WHM you can install the plugin from here cPanel Plugin
  • If you have Plesk you can install the plugin from here Plesk Plugin
  • If you don't have cPanel or Plesk you can use the Cloud Connect setup from here Cloud Connect

How to edit the order process

If you wish to edit the order process and customize the designs, you can do it in the following way,

  1. All order forms are located in modules/addons/microweber_addon/order/ folder
  2. Copy the folder whitelabel and rename it to something else for example mybrand
  3. Open the file templates/mw-sitebuilder/header.tpl and change the embed code parameter of the style attribute for. For example <script src="{$WEB_ROOT}/modules/addons/microweber_addon/order/embed.js?style=whitelabel&target=top"></script> will become or example <script src="{$WEB_ROOT}/modules/addons/microweber_addon/order/embed.js?style=mybrand&target=top"></script>
  4. Edit your text and style on your order forms from the folder modules/addons/microweber_addon/order/mybrand


If you have any problems please post them in the issues section.

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