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A CFW for the 3DS.
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CakeBrah @ 1efda4e Support FIRM 11.4 on N3DS Apr 26, 2017
CakeHax @ b6fb115 Add arm9loaderhax and sighax version to release archive May 19, 2017
hacks Shitty hack to allow booting on newer b9s versions Oct 15, 2017
patches Fix reboot patch for N3DS 11.4 Aug 13, 2017
standalone_patcher Support FIRM 11.4 on N3DS Apr 26, 2017
.gitignore WIP: Implemented regular FIRM patches in the new format Mar 7, 2016
.gitmodules This builds CakeBrah now Jul 7, 2015
LICENSE.txt It boots! ...with precompiled binaries, that is. May 26, 2015
Makefile Don't build font.mono even if font.pbm is newer. Jul 5, 2018 Making the font more easily editable and moving more things around Jun 10, 2016
firmurls Support FIRM 11.4 on N3DS Apr 26, 2017
icon.png This builds CakeBrah now Jul 7, 2015
linker.ld This builds with CakeHax now Jun 30, 2015


This is homebrew software for the Nintendo 3DS™ that assists with patching the system's NATIVE_FIRM, thereby allowing it to perform unsanctioned operations.


A total of three (3) components are required: Python 3.x with PyYAML, devkitARM, and armips.
Ensure that the required cross compilers (arm-none-eabi-*), armips, and python3 directories are included in your $PATH system variable.
Once the environment is configured, run the make command.


  • b1|1s for the POC based on a decompilation of rxTools, porting it to spider and a lot of help when creating this. He's the guy who reverse-engineered all the info I needed for this;
  • Normmatt for the emuNAND patch;
  • TiniVi for screen de-init;
  • Roxas75 for the font and firmlaunchax on MSET (rxTools);
  • 3dbrew for info;
  • Apache Thunder for being a fearless test-kanninchen;
  • Gateway for some offsets.
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