A CFW for the 3DS.
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mid-kid Don't build font.mono even if font.pbm is newer.
I never intended to make ImageMagick a build requirement.
Solves #71.
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This is homebrew software for the Nintendo 3DS™ that assists with patching the system's NATIVE_FIRM, thereby allowing it to perform unsanctioned operations.


A total of three (3) components are required: Python 3.x with PyYAML, devkitARM, and armips.
Ensure that the required cross compilers (arm-none-eabi-*), armips, and python3 directories are included in your $PATH system variable.
Once the environment is configured, run the make command.


  • b1|1s for the POC based on a decompilation of rxTools, porting it to spider and a lot of help when creating this. He's the guy who reverse-engineered all the info I needed for this;
  • Normmatt for the emuNAND patch;
  • TiniVi for screen de-init;
  • Roxas75 for the font and firmlaunchax on MSET (rxTools);
  • 3dbrew for info;
  • Apache Thunder for being a fearless test-kanninchen;
  • Gateway for some offsets.