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A modified rop installer for CakesFW.

Credits to zoogie for creating this.


Requires devkitPro with libnds. Run make to compile.

Custom rop and banner

  • Define DATNAME when calling the makefile to specify the dat name to be used as the default when installing NVRAM ROP.
  • Define DISPNAME when calling the makefile to specify the name to be displayed
  • Define GRAPHICS when calling the makefile to specify the graphics folder containing your grit and png files to be used as the custom banner. e.g.
make DATNAME=dat.dat GRAPHICS=data -C CakesROP  
make DATNAME=whatever/dat.dat DISPNAME=dat.dat GRAPHICS=data -C CakesROP


This project is licensed under BSD 2-Clause. See LICENSE for details.
By contributing to the repo either through pull requests or comments you're agreeing to have your content to be under the same license. If you require another license for your content please explicitly mention so in the pull request or comment.


  • zoogie for the the original patches and the patch format
  • Reisyukaku for N3DS entry
  • GW for the original ROP