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forked from PRayno/CasAuthBundle

Basic CAS (SSO) authenticator for Symfony 3

Updated Aug 29, 2016


A markup-testing tool to use with the Middlebury Course Catalog.

Updated Aug 25, 2016

HTML 0 0


Storage of CSS, JS, HTML, and images shared across Middlebury's websites.

Updated Aug 11, 2016


Integration script for pushing activity to Slack from Kanbanize.

Updated Jul 4, 2016


This Course-Catalog is a project to develop a web front-end for searching and browsing course information stored in Banner.

Updated Jun 30, 2016


GO is a shortcut and redirection application that allows users to maintain the destination of links to resources.

Updated Jun 30, 2016


A small caching web-proxing service that fetches cached URLs on a schedule.

Updated Jun 22, 2016


This small program looks at data in data sources (such as Elasticsearch) and can generate an IP blacklist suitable for ingestion into a firewall, such as the Dynamic Block List (DBL) supported by Palo Alto Networks' PAN-OS 5.0.

Updated Jun 16, 2016


Provides an interface to examine settings across multiple WordPress Multisite installations.

Updated Jun 14, 2016


Our Midd-created scripts to synchronize the https://www.flickr.com/photos/middarchive/ Flickr photos to the Wall CMS in the athletic center. Also includes scripts to help curators validate the data.

Updated May 24, 2016

Ruby 0 0


A Chef knife plugin that provides a report of which recipe-versions were deployed to a node and what their status is.

Updated May 17, 2016


Create recurring cards in kanbanize from a cron job.

Updated Apr 20, 2016

Shell 0 0


This package includes helper scripts for pulling sites down incrementally from production to development for big and unwieldy WP installations.

Updated Apr 18, 2016


Moodle Adaptive Quiz Module

Updated Apr 18, 2016


Updated Apr 11, 2016

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Static HTML to display when sites are offline for scheduled maintenance.

Updated Apr 11, 2016


This project is a simple web-interface for allowing user-managed group creation in an Active Directory.

Updated Apr 7, 2016


forked from eturino/KanbanizePHP

PHP Kanbanize API

Updated Mar 10, 2016


MiddMedia is a web-based file-management tool that allows users to upload, delete, preview, and get embed code for media files. MiddMedia is designed to work along-side Adobe's Flash Media Server (FMS) to handle media management duties.

Updated Feb 29, 2016


A fork of the CategorySuggest mediawiki extension, with fixes for MediaWiki 1.18 compatability and a few other improvements.

Updated Feb 25, 2016