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Ruffle 日本語対応デモ


Ruffle の日本語関連の不具合を直してみたものです。

  • noto_sans_cjk_jis1.bin
    • JIS第一水準のみのサブセット
  • noto_sans_cjk_jis1_plus.bin
    • JIS第一水準+常用、人名漢字のサブセット
  • noto_sans_cjk_jis2.bin
    • JIS第二水準のみのサブセット
  • noto_sans_cjk_jis2_plus.bin
    • JIS第二水準+常用、人名漢字のサブセット

noto-sans-definefont3.binの作成には、とりぽっぽ🚂💨さん(twitter: @toripoppo0307)に多大なるご協力をいただきました。


  • Q.本家にPR投げないの

    • A.このリポジトリには本家の開発方針的に取り入れられない暫定的な対応も含まれています。
  • Q.本家からの変更内容は?

    • A.
      • 本家のIssue#1183の修正(マルチバイト文字が含まれる場合にパニックが発生していた) →本家で修正されたのでそちらをマージして削除
      • マルチバイト文字の改行に対応(改行位置が適切ではないことがある) →本家で修正されたのでそちらをマージして削除
      • 同梱のデバイスフォントをNoto-Sans-CJK-JPに差し替え(#1099で本家の開発者様が触れられている暫定対応)
      • SWFムービーから別のSWFムービーを呼び出した際にデバイスフォントが正常に読み込まれない問題の修正→本家で修正されたのでそちらをマージして削除
      • AVM1において指定されていない引数の扱いが不正(日本語とは関係なし) →本家で対応いただいたのでそちらをマージして削除
      • useCodepageの実装(WIP)
      • WINDOWS_1252文字コードをSHIFT_JISに変更
      • 改行位置を日本語に合わせて修正

Commit Logの整理のため、以前のブランチを feature/japanese_support_old に移動しました。



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website | demo | nightly builds | wiki


Ruffle is an Adobe Flash Player emulator written in the Rust programming language. Ruffle targets both the desktop and the web using WebAssembly.

Project status

Ruffle is in the proof-of-concept stage and can currently run early Flash animations and games. Basic ActionScript 1.0/2.0 support is in place and improving; ActionScript 3.0 support is forthcoming. For more info, read the project roadmap.

Using Ruffle

The easiest way to try out Ruffle is to visit the web demo page, then click the "Browse..." button to load an SWF file of your choice.

Nightly builds of Ruffle are available for desktop and web platforms including the browser extension.

For more detailed instructions, see our wiki page.

Building from source

Follow the official guide to install Rust for your platform.

You must also have Java installed, and available on your PATH as java.


If you are building for a Linux platform, the following are typical dependencies:


  • libasound2-dev
  • libxcb-shape0-dev
  • libxcb-xfixes0-dev
  • libgtk-3-dev
  • libssl-dev
  • libxcb-xinput-dev
  • libxcb-xkb-dev
  • libxcb-cursor-dev
  • default-jre-headless
  • cmake
  • g++

Use the following command to build and run the desktop app:

cargo run --release --package=ruffle_desktop

To run a specific SWF file, pass the SWF path as an argument:

cargo run --release --package=ruffle_desktop -- test.swf

To build in debug mode, simply omit --release from the command.


Ruffle Desktop can be built from our Homebrew Tap:

brew install --HEAD ruffle-rs/ruffle/ruffle

Note: because it is HEAD-only, you'll need to run brew upgrade --fetch-HEAD ruffle each time you want to update.

Web or Extension

Follow the instructions in the web directory for building either the web or browser extension version of Ruffle.


If you have a collection of "real world" SWFs to test against, the scanner may be used to benchmark ruffle's parsing capabilities. Provided with a folder and an output filename, it will attempt to read all of the flash files and report on the success of such a task.

cargo run --release --package=ruffle_scanner -- folder/with/swfs/ results.csv


If you have a swf and would like to capture an image of it, you may use the exporter tool. This currently requires hardware acceleration, but can be run headless (with no window).

  • cargo run --release --package=exporter -- path/to/file.swf
  • cargo run --release --package=exporter -- path/to/file.swf path/to/screenshots --frames 5


  • core contains the core emulator and common code
  • desktop contains the desktop client (uses wgpu-rs)
  • web contains the web client and browser extension (uses wasm-bindgen)
  • scanner contains a utility to bulk parse swf files
  • exporter contains a utility to generate PNG screenshots of a swf file


You can support the development of Ruffle via GitHub Sponsors. Your sponsorship will help to ensure the accessibility of Flash content for the future. Thank you!

Sincere thanks to the diamond level sponsors of Ruffle: CPMStar Sébastien Bénard Crazy Games Cool Math Games The New York Times Armor Games Onda Educa Matt Roszak Doll Divine Movavi Kongregate Bubble Shooter


Ruffle is licensed under either of

at your option.

Ruffle depends on third-party libraries under compatible licenses. See for full information.


Ruffle welcomes contribution from everyone. See for help getting started.

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

The entire Ruffle community, including the chat room and GitHub project, is expected to abide by the Code of Conduct that the Rust project itself follows.


A Flash Player emulator written in Rust



Code of conduct





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  • Rust 63.2%
  • ActionScript 32.1%
  • TypeScript 2.6%
  • JavaScript 1.3%
  • HTML 0.6%
  • CSS 0.1%
  • Other 0.1%