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inspectrum is a tool for analysing captured signals, primarily from software-defined radio receivers.

inspectrum screenshot

Try it


  • cmake >= 3.1
  • fftw 3.x
  • liquid-dsp >= v1.3.0
  • pkg-config
  • qt5

Build instructions

Build instructions can be found here:


./inspectrum [filename]


inspectrum supports the following file types:

  • *.sigmf-meta, *.sigmf-data - SigMF recordings
  • *.cf32, *.cfile - Complex 32-bit floating point samples (GNU Radio, osmocom_fft)
  • *.cf64 - Complex 64-bit floating point samples
  • *.cs32 - Complex 16-bit signed integer samples (SDRAngel)
  • *.cs16 - Complex 16-bit signed integer samples (BladeRF)
  • *.cs8 - Complex 8-bit signed integer samples (HackRF)
  • *.cu8 - Complex 8-bit unsigned integer samples (RTL-SDR)
  • *.f32 - Real 32-bit floating point samples
  • *.f64 - Real 64-bit floating point samples (MATLAB)
  • *.s16 - Real 16-bit signed integer samples
  • *.s8 - Real 8-bit signed integer samples
  • *.u8 - Real 8-bit unsigned integer samples

If an unknown file extension is loaded, inspectrum will default to *.cf32.

Note: 64-bit samples will be truncated to 32-bit before processing, as inspectrum only supports 32-bit internally.


  • Large (100GB+) file support
  • Spectrogram with zoom/pan
  • Plots of amplitude, frequency, phase and IQ samples
  • Cursors for measuring period, symbol rate and extracting symbols
  • Export of selected time period, filtered samples and demodulated data