Data Fusion & Conflict Resolution tool for Linked Data
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###Data Fusion and Conflict Resolution tool for Linked Data

LD-FusionTool is a standalone tool (and a module for UnifiedViews ETL framework) executing the Data Fusion and Conflict Resolution steps in the integration process for RDF, where data are merged to produce consistent and clean representations of objects, and conflicts which emerged during data integration need to be resolved.

Please visit the official page of LD-FusionTool for more information about what LD-FusionTool is, how it works and how you can download it and run.

Building from sources

In order to use LD-FusionTool, download the sources, build them with Maven (run mvn clean install in the sources directory of the project). Locate the built binaries in sources/odcsft-application/target and execute
java -jar odcsft-application-<version>-executable.jar <configuration-file>.xml. Running the executable without parameters shows more usage options and sample configuration files can be found at examples (file sample-config-full.xml serves as the working documentation of the configuration file).