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libinjection fuzzer

This tool is supposed to fuzz MariaDB/MSSQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle database query to find libinjection bypasses. Related articles:

libinjection: fuzz to bypass

Part 2. libinjection: different databases fuzzing


# python -h
usage: [-h] [-t {mysql,mariadb,mssql,pgsql,oracle}] -q QUERY -p
                 PAYLOAD -c CHARS [-u USER] [--password PASSWORD] -d DB
                 [-o OUT] [--log-all] [--check CHECK] [--threads THREADS]

libinjection fuzzer MariaDB, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t {mysql,mariadb,mssql,pgsql,oracle}, --type {mysql,mariadb,mssql,pgsql,oracle}
                        Database type: mysql, mssql
  -q QUERY, --query QUERY
                        Query to fuzz
  -p PAYLOAD, --payload PAYLOAD
                        Payload to use
  -c CHARS, --chars CHARS
                        Characters to fuzz
  -u USER, --user USER  Database user
  --password PASSWORD   Database user
  -d DB, --db DB        Database name
  -o OUT, --out OUT     Filename pattern (default: log)
  --check CHECK         Check value

Usage example

python -t pgsql -u pt -d test --log-all -q "select * from users where id='1{}'" -c " \"#\$%&()*+,-./1:;<=>?@[\]^_\`a{|}~!" -p "' + {} union select 'a',version() -- 1"