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Sample and Historical submissions for Visual Doom AI Competition 2017 at CIG2017


Submissions require Docker. All images except for the host require quite recent Nvidia drivers and nvidia-docker to run CUDA.

GUI forwarding from Docker was tested only on a Linux host and it's not guaranteed to work properly on other systems at the moment.

Quick Start

./ host
./ random
./ host -w
./ random  # in a different terminal

Building and Running the Images

We have prepared two wrapper scripts which will build and run docker images with agents and the host.

To run gui on X11 properly make sure that GID and UID are the same in Dockerfile as in your host.

To build and launch given container run:

DIR=host # or any other directory with Dockerfile (e.g., random, f1, no_host, or intelact)

# Build a docker image named cig2017_${DIR}
./ ${DIR} 

# Run a docker image named cig2017_${DIR}
./ ${DIR}

Provided Images

By default, the agents connect to localhost and have the GUI window disabled. To customize this behavior change _vizdoom.cfg file and rebuild the image.

  • host - the image will be used for the initialization of the game. All agents are supposed to connect to the host. By default, the host creates a 10-minutes deathmatch for 1 player on map01 with no bots. To change this behaviour use's optional parameters:
# Sample usage (a 12-minutes deathmatch for 8 players on map 1):
./ host -p 8 -t 12 -m 1

usage: Host script for ViZDoom Copmetition at CIG 2017. [-h] [-b BOTS_NUM]
                                                        [-p PLAYERS_NUM]
                                                        [-m MAP]
                                                        [-t TIMELIMIT] [-c]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b BOTS_NUM, --bots BOTS_NUM
                        number of bots to add [0,15] (default: 0)
                        number of players [1,16] (default: 1)
  -m MAP, --map MAP     map number [1,5] (default: 1)
                        timelimit in minutes [1,999] (default: 10)
  -c, --console         enable console (default: False)
  -w, --watch           roam the map as a ghost spectator (default: False)
  • random - a random agent which connects to the host and does not do anything smart. By changing the mode to ASYNC_SPECTATOR and enabling window visibility in _vizdoom.cfg you can replace the random.
  • no_host - random agent which does NOT connect to the host - it hosts a game for itself and can add built-in bots. This image will not be used by us but may be useful for training the agents. It runs faster since it is synchronized (mode=PLAYER)
  • f1 - the winner entry of the ViZDoom Competition 2016 Limitted Deathmatch by Yuxin Wu and Yuandong Tian,
  • intelact - the winner entry of the ViZDoom Competition 2016 Full Deathmatch (track 2) by Alexey Dosovitskiy and Vladlen Koltun.

External files

Some entries were too big to be shared on github, so we provide them externally:

  • clyde - the 3rd place of the ViZDoom Competition 2016 Limitted Deathmatch by Dino Ratcliffe

  • 2017 submissions - best submissions of Visual Doom AI Competitions 2017 (both tracks)

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