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A UI for browsing the data generated by mk-query-digest tool
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This is a simple UI to put on top of the data that mk-query-digest outputs. It let's you browse the query report in a more readable fashion. The aim is to display all the information from the report in a readable, navigable way.

This tool does not add anything to the mk-query-digest utility itself. It simply displays the data that the utility generates.

The name comes from the tool's purpose - "hunting whale queries" - and Richard Crowley's free-associating mind.


Simply create a conf.php file using the sample as a guide and copy the files into a folder served by a some webserver that knows what to do with .php files. The code was written to be as portable as possible, so it uses the old-school mysql_ set of functions and no advanced language features.



  • Mikhail Panchenko
  • Tim Denike
  • Asher Feldman
  • JS graph code by Ross Harmes
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