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R package for interfacing with Julia's GLMM library
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R package for interfacing with Julia's MixedModels library to fit generalized linear mixed-effects models.


Install the package with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Additionally, you need to have Julia installed, along with the Julia libraries DataFrames.jl, StatsModels.jl, and MixedModels.jl.

The location of your Julia installation needs to be known to the R package, either as the global option JULIA_HOME or the environmental variable JULIA_HOME. For example:

options(JULIA_HOME = "/Applications/")


Before using jglmm, you need to do initial setup with jglmm_setup(). It is necessary for every new R session to use the package.


To fit a linear regression:

lm1 <- jglmm(Reaction ~ Days + (Days | Subject), lme4::sleepstudy)

To fit a logistic regression:

cbpp <- dplyr::mutate(lme4::cbpp, prop = incidence / size)
gm <- jglmm(prop ~ period + (1 | herd), data = cbpp, family = "binomial",
            weights = cbpp$size)

To set the contrasts for a categorical variable:

gm <- jglmm(prop ~ period + (1 | herd), data = cbpp, family = "binomial",
            weights = cbpp$size, contrasts = list(period = "effects"))

Access the fixed effects coefficients with tidy(gm) and the fitted response values with augment(gm).

The available response families and their default link functions are:

       Bernoulli (LogitLink)
        Binomial (LogitLink)
           Gamma (InverseLink)
 InverseGaussian (InverseSquareLink)
NegativeBinomial (LogLink)
          Normal (IdentityLink)
         Poisson (LogLink)

Note that the first time you fit a model in a given R session it will take a while, as Julia needs to do some setup operations. Subsequent model fits will be much faster.

For more details on the underlying Julia library, see

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