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local cur_word instance_list
# COMP_WORDS is an array of words in the current command line.
# COMP_CWORD is the index of the current word (the one the cursor is in.)
# COMP_WORDS[COMP_CWORD] is the current word.
instance_list=`aws ec2 describe-instances --filter "Name=instance-state-name,Values=running" --output text | grep "^TAGS[[:space:]]Name" | cut -f 3- | awk -F"|||" '{ printf $1 "\n" }'`
# instead of using spaces for word separators, use newlines which we've included.
# this appears to be the only safe way it actually works.
local IFS=$'\n'
COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "${instance_list}" -- "${cur_word}") )
return 0
# -o filenames seems to be incredibly important here
complete -o filenames -F _ec2ssh ec2ssh