Utilities for reading from Apple II disks.
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Utilities for reading from Apple II disks.

August 23, 2015: I was playing around with an Apple IIgs emulator today with the hopes of writing some code with naken_asm (and eventually maybe Java Grinder) for Apple IIgs. Using this project and a small piece of code I didn't check in yet, I was able to update the HELLO program on some Apple IIe .dsk image I downloaded and got my 20 byte program running.

I used Google Go (GoLang) for this project just for the heck of it. Trying to learn something new.

The programs included here are:


Read an Apple II disk file and dump disk info, the free sector bitmap, and the "catalog" of files on the disk.


go run read_dos33_disk.go apple_iigs_java_demo.dsk


Read an Apple II disk and dump the given 255 byte track / sector.


go run read_dos33_sector.go apple_iigs_java_demo.dsk 0 12


Create a new formatted Apple II disk image and write the specified program to autorun at boot time.


go run init_dos33_disk.go apple_iigs_java_demo.dsk dos33.img apple_iigs_java_demo.bin

Note: The dos33.img is the first 8448 of any bootable disk image. I didn't include one in this repository since I didn't know if it was copyrighted. It's possible that the image doesn't need to be this big, but for whatever reason when I wrote this program I used 8448 bytes of a working disk.