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Clubby - Clubhouse reporting / API interaction.

Clubby is a reporting web application for the Clubhouse software team management tool. It provides some iteration and roll-up views that Clubhouse itself doesn't have (yet!)

Please note this project is not currently maintained, and uses an old version (V1) of the Clubhouse API. V2 of the Clubhouse API offers more features.

For those who are comfortable coding in Clojure it also provides a set of functions that may help you if you're writing your own code against the Clubhouse API.


This is something of an example application. I've used this 'for real' but I don't rely on it. Please don't assume it is necessarily something that will be kept up to date, but if you are looking for some extra reporting functionality from Clubhouse this might be a useful starting point for you (especially if you understand some clojure.)


(!) This is in need of clean-up clarification

As of 2016-05-20 Clubby is available as a JAR in clojars. Refer to the sample-app directory to see ... a sample app. You'll need at least the project.clj file to define your own version of the app. If you don't have lein available use the version of that in the sample app, and if you want to deploy the app as a Docker container grap the Docker file too.

To configure Clubby you need to set the CLUBHOUSE_KEY environment variable. To get such a key, go to Clubhouse, settings (the cog), 'Your Account', API tokens. You can set this environment variable in the context in which you are running the app, or if you're a little more savvy with clojure you can create a profiles.clj file in the project root and set it there.

To run a development Clubby instance from a terminal run bin/lein ring server in the sample app. Wait a few seconds and after starting the app it should launch your default browser pointing to the app (at localhost:3000)

The home page of the app (available at '/') should show a list of the projects you have in your Clubhouse instance. You can then drill down into various project views.

To run in production you have a few options:

  • Run bin/lein with-profile production trampoline run -m clubby.web. By default the app will run on port 3001, but you can change that by setting a PORT environment variable.
  • If you're more Clojure savvy you can compile an Uberjar or Uberwar and use that.
  • Finally you can use the included Dockerfile to build a Docker container and deploy that where you will

I also use various Clubby functions from a REPL.

You can further configure Clubby by setting various 'state list' variables. You'll need to do this in a Clojure profile.

I'd welcome feedback in Github, or on twitter @mikebroberts


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