Creates Secrets containing random data.
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LICENSE docs: Update README Nov 9, 2018

Random Secret Operator

The random secret operator creates Secrets containing random data.

This is useful for frameworks like Django, that need a SECRET_KEY to initialise cryptography, and needs to be the same across multiple instances.

Install metacontroller

Follow the upstream guide

Start the Operator

# Create the operator
$ kubectl apply -f deploy/operator.yaml
$ kubectl apply -f deploy/code.yaml

# Wait for the pod status to be Running
$ kubectl --namespace randomsecret get pod
NAME                                     READY     STATUS        RESTARTS   AGE
randomsecret-operator-6db7d8c7cf-l8vr4   1/1       Running       0          3s

# View the random secret CRD
$ kubectl get crd
NAME                                           AGE   32s

Create the example RandomSecret Resource

# Create the example
$ kubectl apply -f examples/resource.yaml

# See the example resource
$ kubectl -n default get randomsecrets
minimal   12s


$ kubectl delete -f examples
$ kubectl delete -f deploy