A slightly opinionated yet dead simple boilerplate for ReactJS, Webpack 4 and React Router v4
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A slightly opinionated yet dead simple boilerplate for ReactJS, Webpack 4, and React Router v4.

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Table of Contents

Live Demo


Pretty landing page located here


Build Process

State Management




Develop & Deploy


Getting Started

  1. $ git clone https://github.com/mikechabot/react-boilerplate.git
  2. $ npm install
  3. Launch environment:
    • Production: $ npm start
    • Development: $ npm run dev

    Available at http://localhost:3060

  4. Build assets for production:
    • $ npm run build:prod
  5. Execute tests:
    • $ npm test

Custom Configuration

Use cross-env or a comparable library/command to set the ENV_CONFIG_PATH to the path of your JSON configuration file:

$ cross-env ENV_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/config.json npm start

Note: This path is made available to Webpack only, however the contents of the file are stamped on a global variable during the build process (process.env.APP_CONFIG, see webpack.config.js), which is then accessible via the ConfigService.

If your configuration is loaded successfully, you can expect to see the following indicator during startup:

** Using custom configuration located at "/path/to/config.json" **


Using configuration file @ D\:\_workspaces\foo.json

mikec@Krait MINGW64 /d/_workspaces/react-boilerplate (master)
$ cross-env ENV_CONFIG_PATH="D\:\_workspaces\foo.json" npm start

> react-boilerplate@2.5.0 start D:\_workspaces\react-boilerplate
> npm run prod

> react-boilerplate@2.5.0 prod D:\_workspaces\react-boilerplate
> npm run build:prod && npm run start-server

> react-boilerplate@2.5.0 build:prod D:\_workspaces\react-boilerplate
> cross-env NODE_ENV=production webpack --progress --colors

** Using custom configuration located at "D:\_workspaces\foo.json" **

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