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Date and Time Chooser

Xojo Date and Time Chooser Project

Date: November 2020

Language: Using a mix of API 2.0 and 1.0

Author: Mike Cotrone (

Version: 3.0.7

Contributors: Mike Cotrone, Norman Palardy, Axel Schneider, Jim McKay

What is this Project?

  • This project came out of a need for a professional calendar and time chooser for scheduling

  • Supported Time Formats are 12 and 24 hour

  • Professional smooth clock hand animation

  • Single or Multi Day calendar selection capability

  • Recurring calendar selection option

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How to Use this Project?

Please read our full "How To" documentation located at:

How to Report Issues?

Please submit bug/issues at:

Whats New in 3.0.8?

Fixes and Windows received alot of love!

Whats New in 3.0.6?


  • Fixed the aesthetic issues on the calendar slots did not align well with the calendar numbers including when you clicked or mouse over (Mac / Win)
  • Fixed the same aesthetic type click highlight issue on the Time Chooser
  • Changed over to API2.0 for: array.ubound/ubound(), Str(), CDbl(), Array.Redim(), Dim
  • Making all loops more efficient by setting the Array.LastIndex to a local variable and defining the counter var prior to the loop
  • Using #PRAGMA UNUSED AREAS on paint events (Thanks Norman!)

Whats New in 3.0.5?

  • Code Refactoring by Norman Palardy: Simplified the use of this project by removing the need to type two and three name spaces deep to set settings.

  • Old: MyPicker.Date_Time_Container1.Calendar_Container1.Calendar1.StartYear = 2010

  • New: MyPicker.StartYear = 2010

Whats New in 3.0.4?

  • New Feature: Time separator flashing option
  • Fixed many bugs (Check issues for detail)
  • Adjusted the selected calendar day fillroundrect
  • Added a mouseover drawroundrect effect
  • Improved some aesthetic issues

Whats New in 3.0.3?

  • Fixed many bugs (Check issues for detail)
  • Added new aesthetic feature for optional calendar column separator lines

Whats New in 3.0.2?

  • Added the ability to have the clock start up using a custom time
  • Updated documentation

Whats New in 3.0.1?

  • New numbering train to indicate refactoring changes
  • Cleaned up code base removing all instance dependancy from MacOSlib
  • Converted all function names using camelcase naming convention

Whats New in 2.0.3?

  • Jim McKay fixed some new framework code and this project is now available for all Xojo versions

Whats New in 2.0.2?

  • Added New Feature: The ability to set a custom date for the calendar initially to open with
  • Updated documentation to reflect this new feature and added clarity to other sections
  • Bug Fixed: #8 When you select 24 Hour time the SelectedTime event doesn't reflect the correct format
  • Bug Fixed: #7 This was a bug fix that turned into a feature(see above)

Whats New in 2.0.1?

  • Added Portuguese Localization
  • Improved the separator alignment on the Date_Time_Container
  • Added Cancel and Submit buttons to the DateTimeWindow for easier implementation
  • Added #IF Target statements to properly display Cancel/Submit button arrangement for Windows/Mac
  • Force a show DateTimeWindow after every demo option selection for a smoother demo experience

Whats New in 1.9?

  • Added the ability to use a Gradient fill for the Date/Time Chooser Window
  • Added a color wheel to allow custom window color selection
  • Resolved the lack of native feel when choosing / using the Clock time chooser
  • Updated the "Demo Window" to reflect the Gradient fill feature

Whats New in 1.8?

  • Added a "Recurring" option to the time chooser

Whats New in 1.7?

  • All Bug Fixes

Whats New in 1.6?

  • Added Next / Previous Calendar Day Focus Feature.

    • When you click on the greyed days on either the previous or next month that month will then come to focus on the calendar
  • Added the ability to toggle on/off multiple day selectionc capability

  • Restructured additional Demo Window / DateTime Window to detach dependencies on windows while keeping dependencies on the main DateTimeContainer

  • 24 hour bug fixes

Whats New in 1.5?

  • Added Localizations for: English, Afrikaans, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Jim McKay spent alot of time restructuring the containers to clean up alot code flow
  • Jim McKay was able to render the Clock Hands flawlessly in v1.5
  • Jim McKay added the method to Sync the clock on startup with the Current Time
  • Jim's Clock face is now a cool 12/24 hour clock face
  • 24 Hour Mode
  • Clock Hand Color Choices via Color Picker
  • Streamlined Clock Faces
  • Added an Antique Clock Face
  • Many bug fixes