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SpectREM (Spectrum Retro EMulator)

This is a ZX Spectrum emulator written for MacOS 10.10+


  • Emulates the 48k and 128k ZX Spectrum
  • Extremely accurate Z80 core (developed by Adrian Brown)
    • Passes all emulator based tests for Z80 core accuracy including FLAGS, MEMPTR and SCF/CCF Q register
  • Cycle accurate emulation of the ULA allowing all advanced colour demos to work correctly (the ones tested ;o) )
  • Beeper emulation
  • AY emulation
  • TAP file loading and saving
  • TAP Insta loading
  • SNA 48k snapshot loading/saving
  • Z80 48k/128k snapshot loading/saving
  • Virtual tape browser
  • Debugger (Under active development)
    • Memory Viewer
    • Graphical memory viewer
    • CPU view (registers and flags)
    • Pause, Resume
    • Step In
  • ULAplus
  • Automatically restores your last session
  • Allows selection of the default 48k/128k ROM
  • Imports labels generated when compiling with Pasmo and displays them in the disassembly window
    • Automatically looks for a file with the same name as the snapshot being loaded but with a .dbg extension

Peripheral Emulation

  • SpecDrum
  • Multiface 1
  • Multiface 128


  • SmartLINK being developed by Paul Tankard. This uses an Arduino connected to a Retroleum SD card to allow input from the emulator to a real Spectrum e.g. keyboard and joystick. It also supports the ability to send what is running on the emulator directly to a real Spectrum in under 1 second.
  • Currently only works on 48k Spectrum hardware
  • Development goal is to use this as a development/debugger tool for the Spectrum

Todo list

  • SZX
  • Full debugger/disassembler
    • Step Over
    • Breakpoints
    • Break on Read/Write/Execute of a memory location
    • Screen debugger that shows what has been drawn to screen even when single stepping instructions
    • Screen debugger that can be used to show a specific memory page for 128k screen debugging e.g. look at the page updating that is going to be flipped too
    • Show on screen where the screen refresh location is for debugging colour effects


ZX Spectrum Emulator



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