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A plugin for Plex Media Center to allow downloading/installing/updating unsupported plugins from within the Plex interface

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The UnSupported AppStore is a plugin for the Plex Media Server to ease the process of finding, downloading, installing, updating and (if need be) uninstalling unsupported Plex plugins. Please note that the plugins available here are not supported by the Plex Media Server 'Plex Online' store for a reason (possibly more than one reason). They may be unstable, unfinished, or provide access to content which may be offensive. If you are having trouble with any of the plugins available through this app, please make your best efforts to contact the plugin's author for support. The author of the UnSupported AppStore takes no responsibility for the content/stability/suitability of the contained plugins and any complaints or requests for support in relation to specific plugins will be ignored.

If you have authored a plugin and would like for it to appear in the UnSupported AppStore, follow these instructions:

  1. Setup a git repository ( for your plugin.
  2. Fork the repository for the UnSupported AppStore (
  3. Edit the plugin_details.json file in /Contents/Resources/ to add the necessary info about your plugin. All fields except the "tracking url" should be filled in.
  4. Please leave the tracking url blank. I will assign one upon merging your changes. This is to ensure that all tracking stats are centrally maintained.
  5. Add a copy of the icon for your plugin to the /Contents/Resources/ folder. Make sure it has a unique name, i.e. not the standard icon-default.png.
  6. Commit your changes with an appropriate descrition.
  7. Send a Pull Request for your changes to be merged into the master-branch.
Once the changes have been reviewed, they will be merged and your plugin will appear in the UnSupported AppStore. Please keep in mind for future development that, since the AppStore pulls updates directly from your plugins git repository that until any code changes are tested, it is best to work in a branch other than 'master'.

As a general rule, I suggest that channels be designated to work on all Plex clients unless there are known issues with a particular client-type. This will decrease users' reliance on the "Disable Capability Checking" option which otherwise opens the door for them to have more troubles with other channels (both official and unofficial). To make sure all clients are supported, just set the string value for the "PlexClientPlatforms" key to "*" in your plugin's Info.plist.

Developers, feel free to check the download stats for your plugin using the link in the plugin_details.json. The stats page for each link can be accessed by appending '+' to the URL.

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