A collection of Amazon Echo / Alexa tools for Go development.
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go-alexa: A Go toolset for creating Amazon Alexa Skills

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The Amazon Echo, with it's voice assitant Alexa, is a surprisingly amazing tool. Having the power of voice recognition tied to the web ready at any time is quite powerful and now that Amazon has opened up a developer platform it's even more exciting!

Amazon has supplied packages for Java and Node.js (tied to the AWS Lamda platform) but I wanted to develop my skills in Go. As I moved through the process making my app work with Amazon's spec, a simple web framework that took care all the heavy lifting on security and crafting the response object formed. I'm looking forward to more Go-based tools getting created and living in this go-alexa bucket but for now the skillserver is the first tool.

Mike Flynn gave a talk about this library an conversational applications in general at the 2016 Strange Loop Conference: "Exploring Conversational Interfaces with Amazon Alexa and Go"


  • skillserver - A framework to quickly create a skill web service that handles all of the Amazon requirements.

Future Proposed Tools

  • An Amazon Echo request simulator
  • A library for Alexa responses

Original Author

Mike Flynn (@thatmikeflynn)