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CascadeLMS - Cascade Learning Management System
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CascadeLMS is no longer under development and (as far as we know) is no longer being run at any universities. We've had a good run, but there are other solutions out there that are actively supported.

Branches and status

  • master branch is being used for development of CascadeLMS 2.0 (now in beta - ready for use) ** The with-ldap branch includes the ability to configure LDAP authentication. This is left out of the master branch to avoid having to compile the LDAP ruby module when you don't need it.
  • For older systems, the rel1.4 branch contains a stable (but no longer maintained) version

About CascadeLMS

CascadeLMS (Learning Management System) an integrated online courseware application. CascadeLMS 2.0 is a social networking based education system that also provides all the traditional aspects of learning management systems.

For Computer Science

In addition, CascadeLMS is capable of automatically grading some student computer programs (currently just in Java).

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