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@@ -4,12 +4,7 @@ Adding Features
# Recommended reading
- The [LXML tutorial]( covers the basics of XML etrees, which we create, append and insert to make XML documents. LXML also provides XPath, which we use to specify locations in the document.
-- The [OpenXML WordML specs and videos]( (if you're stuck).
-<a href="">The OpenXML ECMA spec in particular</a>
-is the main file you care about.
+- If you're stuck. check out the [OpenXML specs and videos]( In particular, the is [OpenXML ECMA spec] [] is well worth a read.
- Learning about [XML namespaces](
- The [Namespaces section of Dive into Python](
- Microsoft's [introduction to the Office (2007) Open XML File Formats](
@@ -105,3 +100,5 @@ First, determine whether Word can recover the files:
- Use element.append(makelement()) to add that element to your tree
- Open the doc in Word and see if it still works
- Repeat the last three steps until you discover which element is causing the prob
+[OpenXML ECMA spec]:

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